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Day 3 – thoppai sundari

I am a futuristic person. I always make sure that I save enough for future. What if there is an emergency! If my requirement is 1800kcal I eat 2800kcal just in case if I don’t find food tomorrow.

Result is a well advanced tummy obviously (pun intended). They say no, ‘yanai varum pinne mani yosai varum munne’ .I shouldbe SS varum pinne aval thoppai varum munne.

But for mother and grandparents you are always a size -1 figure. Every time they see you they say that you are malnourished .

I eat more than required. But still there is often a fight with my mom.

You are a working woman,eat well.

Vayatha patni podatha ๐Ÿ™„

Naleku vela seyya mudiyathu. Enna sapadra ni.

Believe me in the last six months alone 2 ppl have congratulated me for my pregnancy, 3 ppl asked if it’s a boy or girl, 1 congratulated volt for a baby brother ๐Ÿ™„ and one ola can driver advised me not to travel by bus in this condition .

But my mom has answers for everything. Every time I complain she has an answer.

Amma I have a big thoppai.

Chey it’s nothing.

Ma I have big tummy

It’s been there since your birth. It’s called baby thoppai

Mom I have big thoppai

You just had a baby 30 months ago. It’s baby thoppai

Ma..Don’t overfeed me I have big thoppai.

Shut up. A growing child needs good food.

(Remembering all those embarrassing congratulatory questions) ammmmmmaa you too.

Thoo. I meant you. You are my growing child.. forever.

Mmkm. Only sideways!

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Amma kaanummm*

Ammmaaaa…kaaanummmm ย (Lets play hide and seek)

I will close my eyes only for 0.75 seconds and then I will start peeking.OK. Its been too long. Let me find out amma.

Ah! She is not there in that place where she hid last time. Let me check the place where she hid last to last time.Not there too.

This lady will never understand the game..ufff.Lets ask appa where she is.

Appaaaaa..Ammaa kaanummm ย ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

Appa gives hint..I see Amma..But let me continue the drama a bit longer..

Paaati.. Ammmaa kaanummmm.. aah aaah ย ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ย ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ย achucho Ammaaa kaanummm

Everyone has to play along. Paati also acts shocked.

OK.Lets end this. Finds amma with a shock on face. Ammmaaaaaaaa..

I win.

Lets play again.

Ammaaaaa Kaaanummmmmmm

*Amma missingggg

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I came here many times but there were just too many thoughts in my head that I could not write a single coherent post. Then I thought – enough is enough – took deep breath, sat in silence for 17 minutes gathering all my thoughts and came here to tell you guys that how the word “coherent” (and its synonyms) have no meaning at all in Summerscript’s space.

Too early to say but since I believe you guys won’t kannu potufy ( act of sending very harmful waves through vision and thoughts) and all, I will just say it. My little bro seems to be getting really close to finding a partner. Families have started talking. Nothing is official yet. But I don’t know what got into his brain..he is asking ME for relationship advice to talk to girls n all. Since people very rarely ask my advice, the dam just burst open. Hope he doesn’t follow any of it.

Volt is good. I will write a separate post because I really want to.

When someone tells you a secret, do you have this strong urge to tell that secret to ten other people with a warning of course “sshh top secret I am telling only you because I know you buddy” making deep eye contact and all. You do ๐Ÿ˜€ ?I have a secret now. And I have already told that to few of my friends, cousins, friends’ friends, my mother. But its a secret. I can tell you guys but its a secret.. please just wait for one more week ok? exactly a week. Then the secret will be out.** ย If you are even thinking about pregnancy I will find your address and come with chappathi kattai. **

After 1 year I have started going to office and its a good change. I mean I can eat pastries, parathas, variety of chocolate stuff anytime I want. And I have a perfect company there .Feels really good you know.

These days I go into deep sleep almost immediately. No fun dreams nothing. Yesterday B came at 930PM woke me up just to ask where the dinner is as he could not find anything on the kitchen platform. I was blank for few seconds. I didnot understand a word he was saying. All I could hear was “where is food” where is food” . And after first few seconds my mind could recognise just one word food ” food food food food..rice ? rice is food..I had food” Then I think he shook my shoulders – I can’t say for sure but I came back to my senses. I picturised an over dramatic B with big eyes shaking my shoulders vigorously asking “where is my food SS? where is my food? what did you do?” Looks like I didnot come back to my senses fully. A sudden jerk and told him “Dosa..wait I will make” and ran away. Poor thing. He told me that I could have prepared and kept.I think he got pretty scared.

While we are on the topic, I feel hungry again, will just take a walk around the pantry OK? ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

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Random Ranganayaki 7

Since I have a lot of work but nothing seems to be working I took a break and came here. I am just going to blabber really random stuff for next few minutes.Feel free to Not ignore!! Come on..its friday!

Too many mosuitoes… hot weather .. windows open at night..too many mosquitoes. Since these doctors told us not to use any mosquito repellent creams/machines etc for baby…Every night for 30 minutes I play tennis with mosquitoes (the mosquito killer bat). The bat which we have is a very user friendly one because as soon as you switch it on it starts making “pata pata” sound before even spotting a mosquito! Customer Satisfaction- amam !!! So mostly I end up killing the mosquitoes by hitting and squeezing them with the bat.

We have this net and all but no matter what I do there is always a family of mosquitoes inside that net.Frustrated and having none of the techniques working for me I came up with this brilliant idea. I lured the mosquitoes towards me by showing off my legs. No I don’t have legs like Deepika Padukone and all.I think I just have lot of blood (And thats why I look fat , OK) and tried to attract the mosquitoes towards me instead of the baby. And it worked.Morning when I checked volt she didnot have any new red bumps..

Me? mmmm *still scratching *

OK. I am tired of typing “mosquitoes”.

After a long time I got a bizarre dream but I don’t want to talk about it because someone choked in the dream and the way she was saved was almost similar to unclogging a kitchen sink. So yeah ..lets not talk about it.

Volt is growing up so fast.. so so fast..I decide to work every night after she sleeps but so much drama happens trying to put her to sleep that I get tired and doze off sometimes before she does.

Hope you all are doing fine. Take care.. Have a good weekend.

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Nenje Ezhu*…

I don’t know what got into B.He was OK till last week.This week he suddenly installed an app,took out his shoes and started his morning walk!!! He even carries a water bottle. Too much I say! As if that is not enough,he along with my mom are forcing me to go for a morning walk. What is wrong with these people.

I know I loved those days when wherever I went my legs would be the first thing to enter that place instead of my stomach.But walking? in winter?Please No.

B: I have installed an app in your phone.It motivates you.

Me: It will only drain my battery.

B: You can charge it again.

Me: I can easily cheat that App.

Me: Smiley

Me: Amma you take care of volt the whole day.Atleast in the morning you should take a break.Not fair.So what if I don’t walk.I feel guilty ma.
Smiley Smiley

Amma: Its her nap time.Go away

Me: Smiley

I switch on that stupid App and play some inspirational songs like “nenje ezhu” from mariyan and vetri kodi kattu from padaiyappa.

I walk exactly like dhanush in nenje ezhu.Slow,unsteady,sad face.

After 20 minutes it starts drizzling ..what if I catch cold and die..No way.I go into the car parking area and when I am about to reach the lift B comes out (on his way to office).

B: Done? So soon?

Me: Drizzling

B: ok.ok.Good.Walk in the parking lot.

Me: Smiley

Bored I check the app which is still running and it shows 40 kcal.

First Reaction- Whatttt ONLY 40??? Come on.I walked faster that that uncle who was standing near A block.

On Second thoughts – Hmm..40? 40!No idea how to interpret this?Too much?Too less?

Suddenly my brain starts understanding everything.OK.How much does the Marie biscuit packet say for 100gms how many calories..Quick Quick Quick..OK Lindt dark chocolate..calories per serving..Ok… hmm Dove dark chocolate with almonds,,… ok ok ok ok..(A+b) the whole square…cos theta by tan theta…. OK OK OK!!!!Smiley

So if I walk one more round I can eat 1 extra lindt chocolate and two more Dove (chocolate)! Yess!!!!!!! Smiley


Moral of the story: Motivation comes in different flavours and servings.

Credits: Smileys fromย

* This song

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My very own Personalized alarm clock

6 AM.
It’s little cold. (Chennai can be cold in the mornings. Now close your mouth please)
I check volt as usual her blanket is nowhere to be seen. I grab it and praying all Gods slowly put it on her.
Two little legs rise by 90 degrees and a head slowly turns .
I close my eyes tight and pretend to be sleeping. Not sure how much time I have in my hands now.
Aavvavv vaavvv…yaiyyy ya
The litte devil touches my face.
Still motionless.
Slowly I can feel the kutti monkey getting up and climbing on me. She lies down on me.
When I think that she will just lie down quietly on me..
She bit my nose. Now how can someone resist this alarm clock ๐Ÿ™‚

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I am thankful….4

Date was decided , tickets were booked for our return to Bangalore after 6 months stay in chennai. We wanted the house to be clean as we were coming with a small baby, so I called our maid and asked her help. I have to say she did a very good job. The house looked clean when we came back.

She used to call me often when I was in chennai asking about volt and about wmy return. When we finally decided the date I called and told her . But she had plans to go to her hometown at around the same time. She was leaving exactly on the same day we were coming and she said she would be gone for 15 days. I was little worried.

Usually when she takes long leave she asks her sister to help us.This time when I asked she told me that her sister was also going with her.Though my mom and MIL would be there to help I was a bit worried about how we are going to manage everything with Volt being new to Bangalore and all.

But our maid being sweet asked one of her relatives to help us when she was gone. That new lady is very silent , comes on time everyday and finishes everything. She is of great help. My maid has not come back yet .I thank her from the bottom of my heart for making such an arrangement.It makes my day easier.

Thank you H . And thanks to the new lady too ๐Ÿ™‚

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My To-Do list

I want to try more in cooking department.Forget other cuisines, there are so many dishes which my mom amd mil are very very good at. I want to try those first. Mor kootu,pulikachal,aviyal things like that. Most importantly pachamaavu podi upma and mor koozh.These two are my favourite. The sour taste and the smell of mor milagai…mmmm… heavenly ๐Ÿ™‚ . I tried once.It was such a flop that now I am strictly prohibited from trying ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I want to make different varieties of sambhar and rasam.I feel like I know only 3-4 types. My mom makes so many different types of rasam.I want to learn.I want to try.I want them to smell and taste exactly like my mom’s or mil’s, I mean when they prepare you feel hungry automatically.I want to be good in that.

I want to learn two-wheeler. I started learning few months back, but stopped. I want to start again. I want to drive with confidence.

I want to try a new hair style. Knowing my hair, it can never be styled . But I want to take risk and try once Smiley this ?? Smiley or this ??

I want to take out my violin and learn sincerely. I am sure I am not going to join any class again. I want to just learn by myself.There must be something on internet to help you learn right?

I want to decorate my home. Right now it has essentials.Nilkamal chair to sit, a cot to sleep, kitchen to cook, TV for time pass. But I want to add little more. Few photographs , few wall hangings , a comfortable sofa. Just little bit more.

I want to fill this sentence very badly – I am good at _________. No!! Eating does not qualify!!!!

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Random Ranganayaki -3

-> I am really bad in consoling others. When my friends tell me how bad their situation is or their problem , I manage a bit if I am talking in person. But strangely if it is on chat, I keep saying that ‘soon ย things will be OK, something better is coming up’ . I feel guilty that I am not helping them much.

-> I will be perfectly myself when I am with B or amma. I never even think what I am doing in front of them. B mostly laughs or gives me few kicks when I act silly -ya ya real ones ๐Ÿ™‚ The fact that he enjoys makes me do even more funny stuff. My amma is exactly the same with me. She talks and does funny stuff and we both laugh,The fact that I am enjoying her antics makes her more happy.

->My tone changes when I am talking to close ones. People say it sounds ย very kiddish ๐Ÿ™‚ , something I don’t do intentionally,don’t even notice.

-> Colleagues in office have heard my stomach growling in hunger.ย 

-> Most of the times just telling my problem to either B or amma makes me feel relaxed. They don’t even have to give me a solution.

-> My amma’s gas stove which is years older than mine looks much cleaner and shiny though I clean mine everyday.Moms!

-> Today my mom asked me to call maid and ask her to come early. I called her but she was really not well. First sentence is real and second was in my dream during afternoon nap (saturday boss).

-> I like people who smile to themselves when lost in thoughts , noticed in bus many times.

-> I want to share more random stuff but I am afraid that I will run out of ideas and need them to fill another post ๐Ÿ™‚