Money tank and water bank

Yesterday volt was folding clothes. Smaller ones like towels, kerchief, pillow covers etc. She was doing a decent job. I appreciated her. She stopped whatever she was doing and told me in a matter-of-fact tone

“Amma you didnot teach me to fold clothes ok. My school teacher taught me. My SCHOOL XYZ taught me. You didnot OK. ”

I can never take credit for the good stuff I guess.


We were going by an auto and she spots a big overhead water tank. She stared at it for a minute and asked me

“Amma did you go to this tank today morning?”

With a puzzled look “Eh! NO, why”

“Did you go to THIS TANK to get money”

BANK became TANK in her head and our auto ride ended with a smile so wide which we couldn’t hide (ok I will stop before you chop) (Ok reeaalllyy stopping) 😀




Suspicious Summer Menu

We are at grandparent’s place and it is summer holidays. Double damaka for volt.

Its been only 2 weeks and she is already bored. Not knowing what to do, she is trying all crazy stuff. Yesterday I saw her sweeping the floor with her hair. ** Pausing for a minute here so that you can imagine the sight **

Her favourite timepass so far is to steal real stuff from kitchen and prepare some really innovative dishes.

For the curious minds, here I am sharing the recipes

Kheer :-

This kheer is unlike any other kheer . You would have never tried this one. Once you know the recipe you would never want to try this one. This kheer is made with very premium quality kitchen tissue. Soak 1-2 tissues (Premium quality is a must, otherwise it won’t dissolve properly ). Close the lid properly and occasionally keep stirring vigorously.

Mask for your face is a must.

Very Questionable Mosambi Juice :-

Take handful of urad dal, mix a glass of water. Do a vigorous stirring. Strain off the water carefully and (the most important part) keep the glass very close to Appa’s real mosambi juice. It was a lucky day for Appa, he narrowly escaped.

Other dishes which are in trial stage for now involve ingredients like groundnut shells, elaichi skin etc. We will share the recipe soon.

We are looking for volunteers who can try and taste these dishes and give their generous feedback. Free life insurance for first 10 volunteers. Hurry!!!


One-डर-fool Start of the Year

Day one in office in 2018:-

Long back I had accidentally dropped my office work laptop and there was a dent in it. It worked fine and all so I did not think much about it though I had little fear about what would happen when I have to return it. But since it worked fine, I forgot the cosmetic problem.

Today morning I heard from my manager that they are using a microscope to check for problems in the laptop when we return it and we have to bear the cost for any problem in it.

Wonderful!!! Mine is a macbook pro that means I have to change the whole panel with retina display that means I have to spend a bomb. I am skipping lunch and dinner from today to save money guys!

My boss called everyone for an impromptu meeting today. Today being first work day in office, some kind soul had got banana and jack fruit chips. We all took a handful (I took two hands full) and entered the meeting room. Now , me being careful and all sat just behind my boss and was happily munching. He was telling something and I was just stuffing half a dozen banana chips in one go like a fool and suddenly he turned and looked at me.

Both my eyes and mouth(stuffed with half a dozen chips,of course) were wide open and it must have been truly a beautiful sight to behold. As you should know by now that food does not embarrass me that easily I just went on with the process of crunching and munching my chips.

Wonderful start – isn’t it ?

All India Radio – Day 74*

*I simply skipped the less happy days to catch up with you guys

All these events happened in a span of an hour. I am paavam.

I am not supposed to lift anything heavy and also not my kid. My daughter understood it soon enough but I was the one sulking , saying nonsense stuff around the house ” How can one mother not lift her own child boohoooo” and all those drama.

On the eventful day, I really forgot. She was standing on the cot and I lifted her. I forgot. She remembered. She was very happy. She told me ” Amma ni enna thookitta ” with a wide grin (Amma you lifted me). Before you go “Awww”, listen to the full story. She went and told everyone at home.

Too many glares and stares at me. I kept saying everyone that she misunderstood , i was only hugging her and she jumped from bed on her own , just my hands were on her (nonsense!). But she kept repeating “Illa Amma enna thookitanga” (No Amma really lifted me). phew.. Had to hide in the bathroom till the storm subsided.

After 15 minutes, I am frantically searching for my watch. I misplaced it. and I know that if my mom gets to know she will start from”How forgetful am I” to “How I am causing environmental pollution”. Daughter comes and asks and I tell her (Big mistake) She goes and tells everyone. “Amma lost her watch.. All of you form teams and search”. Now my house members form teams like Theeran adhigaram onru and everyone is searching all over India. My fil is tensed. Again lot of unwanted glares and stares. I hide in my cupboard. My mom finds the watch. My kid snatches it and puts it under sofa, goes around the house shouting “watch ah kaanum watch ah kaanum”(watch is missing two times). Then crawls under the sofa and obviously finds the watch and shouts “I got it”. Now except my mom everyone stares and glares thinking how can anyone misplace a watch under a sofa. As I said I am paavam ya.

Next I go into kitchen to fill water in my bottle and the lid is missing. I never learn OK. I go and ask my daughter is she took it. Now replace the word watch in above paragraph with bottle lid. Thankfully by this time everyone gets the hang of it and what started out as Gaptun’s chatriyan(serious cop movie)  finally ended as Gaptun’s Narasimha(seriously funny cop movie). What fun! I am paavam though.

Enga vitten – yes 91 it is

We are learning English. We are learning new words.

Word of the week is Delicious – pronounced as Dell-ish-shiousss

dosai with molaga podi – Dell-ish-shiousss

Idli with rasam – Dell-ish-shiousss

chocolates – Dell-ish-shiousss

icecreams – Dell-ish-shiousss

imaginary food – Dell-ish-shiousss

water – Dell-ish-shiousss

hot water – super Dell-ish-shiousss

so you get it right?

But one day , we heard the word and everyone stopped doing whatever they were doing for a minute…

because.. …ahem ..

Madam was in the toilet and thought that was the right place to practise her new word !

P.S. Nothing bad happened and we all recovered from shock and things started moving (pun intended)!!

Day 3 – thoppai sundari

I am a futuristic person. I always make sure that I save enough for future. What if there is an emergency! If my requirement is 1800kcal I eat 2800kcal just in case if I don’t find food tomorrow.

Result is a well advanced tummy obviously (pun intended). They say no, ‘yanai varum pinne mani yosai varum munne’ .I shouldbe SS varum pinne aval thoppai varum munne.

But for mother and grandparents you are always a size -1 figure. Every time they see you they say that you are malnourished .

I eat more than required. But still there is often a fight with my mom.

You are a working woman,eat well.

Vayatha patni podatha 🙄

Naleku vela seyya mudiyathu. Enna sapadra ni.

Believe me in the last six months alone 2 ppl have congratulated me for my pregnancy, 3 ppl asked if it’s a boy or girl, 1 congratulated volt for a baby brother 🙄 and one ola can driver advised me not to travel by bus in this condition .

But my mom has answers for everything. Every time I complain she has an answer.

Amma I have a big thoppai.

Chey it’s nothing.

Ma I have big tummy

It’s been there since your birth. It’s called baby thoppai

Mom I have big thoppai

You just had a baby 30 months ago. It’s baby thoppai

Ma..Don’t overfeed me I have big thoppai.

Shut up. A growing child needs good food.

(Remembering all those embarrassing congratulatory questions) ammmmmmaa you too.

Thoo. I meant you. You are my growing child.. forever.

Mmkm. Only sideways!

Amma kaanummm*

Ammmaaaa…kaaanummmm  (Lets play hide and seek)

I will close my eyes only for 0.75 seconds and then I will start peeking.OK. Its been too long. Let me find out amma.

Ah! She is not there in that place where she hid last time. Let me check the place where she hid last to last time.Not there too.

This lady will never understand the game..ufff.Lets ask appa where she is.

Appaaaaa..Ammaa kaanummm  😯

Appa gives hint..I see Amma..But let me continue the drama a bit longer..

Paaati.. Ammmaa kaanummmm.. aah aaah  😯  😯  achucho Ammaaa kaanummm

Everyone has to play along. Paati also acts shocked.

OK.Lets end this. Finds amma with a shock on face. Ammmaaaaaaaa..

I win.

Lets play again.

Ammaaaaa Kaaanummmmmmm

*Amma missingggg

I came here many times but there were just too many thoughts in my head that I could not write a single coherent post. Then I thought – enough is enough – took deep breath, sat in silence for 17 minutes gathering all my thoughts and came here to tell you guys that how the word “coherent” (and its synonyms) have no meaning at all in Summerscript’s space.

Too early to say but since I believe you guys won’t kannu potufy ( act of sending very harmful waves through vision and thoughts) and all, I will just say it. My little bro seems to be getting really close to finding a partner. Families have started talking. Nothing is official yet. But I don’t know what got into his brain..he is asking ME for relationship advice to talk to girls n all. Since people very rarely ask my advice, the dam just burst open. Hope he doesn’t follow any of it.

Volt is good. I will write a separate post because I really want to.

When someone tells you a secret, do you have this strong urge to tell that secret to ten other people with a warning of course “sshh top secret I am telling only you because I know you buddy” making deep eye contact and all. You do 😀 ?I have a secret now. And I have already told that to few of my friends, cousins, friends’ friends, my mother. But its a secret. I can tell you guys but its a secret.. please just wait for one more week ok? exactly a week. Then the secret will be out.**  If you are even thinking about pregnancy I will find your address and come with chappathi kattai. **

After 1 year I have started going to office and its a good change. I mean I can eat pastries, parathas, variety of chocolate stuff anytime I want. And I have a perfect company there .Feels really good you know.

These days I go into deep sleep almost immediately. No fun dreams nothing. Yesterday B came at 930PM woke me up just to ask where the dinner is as he could not find anything on the kitchen platform. I was blank for few seconds. I didnot understand a word he was saying. All I could hear was “where is food” where is food” . And after first few seconds my mind could recognise just one word food ” food food food food..rice ? rice is food..I had food” Then I think he shook my shoulders – I can’t say for sure but I came back to my senses. I picturised an over dramatic B with big eyes shaking my shoulders vigorously asking “where is my food SS? where is my food? what did you do?” Looks like I didnot come back to my senses fully. A sudden jerk and told him “Dosa..wait I will make” and ran away. Poor thing. He told me that I could have prepared and kept.I think he got pretty scared.

While we are on the topic, I feel hungry again, will just take a walk around the pantry OK? 😀 😀

Random Ranganayaki 7

Since I have a lot of work but nothing seems to be working I took a break and came here. I am just going to blabber really random stuff for next few minutes.Feel free to Not ignore!! Come on..its friday!

Too many mosuitoes… hot weather .. windows open at night..too many mosquitoes. Since these doctors told us not to use any mosquito repellent creams/machines etc for baby…Every night for 30 minutes I play tennis with mosquitoes (the mosquito killer bat). The bat which we have is a very user friendly one because as soon as you switch it on it starts making “pata pata” sound before even spotting a mosquito! Customer Satisfaction- amam !!! So mostly I end up killing the mosquitoes by hitting and squeezing them with the bat.

We have this net and all but no matter what I do there is always a family of mosquitoes inside that net.Frustrated and having none of the techniques working for me I came up with this brilliant idea. I lured the mosquitoes towards me by showing off my legs. No I don’t have legs like Deepika Padukone and all.I think I just have lot of blood (And thats why I look fat , OK) and tried to attract the mosquitoes towards me instead of the baby. And it worked.Morning when I checked volt she didnot have any new red bumps..

Me? mmmm *still scratching *

OK. I am tired of typing “mosquitoes”.

After a long time I got a bizarre dream but I don’t want to talk about it because someone choked in the dream and the way she was saved was almost similar to unclogging a kitchen sink. So yeah ..lets not talk about it.

Volt is growing up so fast.. so so fast..I decide to work every night after she sleeps but so much drama happens trying to put her to sleep that I get tired and doze off sometimes before she does.

Hope you all are doing fine. Take care.. Have a good weekend.

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