I thought of skipping the blogathon today, felt little exhausted and also monday blues had started early. With these online classes, 50% of the work is done at home and on top of that baby Joule gives us another set of homework. Anyways I was just feeling meh by evening.

I made groundnut chutney and was having dosai with volt. Everytime a new dosai came in I stacked it on top of the one I was eating. Volt was doing the opposite, she was inserting the dosai beneath the current one. While I was trying to save my plate from baby Joule (who was trying to kick the plate with her legs at the same time snatch it with her hands- very confusing yet powerful martial arts), volt noticed this and asked me why I am doing the opposite. I told her that I liked to eat hot so the new ones went on top while she liked it cold.

There is nothing much in this conversation but instantly it put my mind at ease.

Then my mom called. On my mom’s side there is a problem. I guess their memory cells are like stack. To call one name, they have to dig out and call all the other names and finally they get the right one. For eg, to call me she will say “Visha, FV, Tharani, Indu, Seema, Chaithra, Ani..Summerscript” and to call Tharani “Visha, FV, Indu, Seema, Chaithra, Ani, Summerscript ..Tharani”

She did the same in front of Volt . Volt started laughing and started investigating about why my mom did that .

Volt: “Why did she call summerscript, Joule and then volt?” “Is it because we were sitting in that order??” (we were sitting in a circle btw)

Then we were watching super singer and Shankar Mahadevan and Hariharan were singing. My mom called volt..
Mom: See volt , how nicely they are singing
Volt: mmhmm
Mom: See how talented they are.
volt: mmmm
Mom: They have got so many awards.
Volt: mmmhmm
Mom: And they know so many languages… English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi…
Volt: Do they know NaaNaa language ? (Remember Jemnaa ?)
My mom did not say a word after that.


  1. Oh my god! My grandmother does the exact saaame thing like your mom!! 🤣
    Need updates from Volt on Jemnaa 😬😬

  2. Tharani says:

    Lol. I mix up names of my kids too. I am just hoping I dont call the husband with some other name.

  3. anisnest says:

    Lol.. That dosa conversation is so deep 🙂

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