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Day 7 – The crow story *

There was a small crow called Maya.She was very thirsty. Wherever she went she could not find even a tiny drop of water. She became sad .One day when flying she found a small shop.

She went to that shop and knocked the door. Tok tok. RajniKanth came out (Yes , superstar Rajni .Magizhchi)

He said hello to maya and asked what she wanted. She told him that she was verrry thirsty. He asked her to come in and gave her pomegranate juice, lemon juice and apple juice. She drank everything and told him “Thank you Rajniiiii” and flew away happily.

With that the story is over.

*volt version


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Day 6 – Baby talk

Volt is in that phase where kids observe each and everything and say things exactly when you least expect it.

Whatever we say, we get it back sometime later .

She will be playing with me suddenly she will say ” Ayayo, andha velaya marandhe paitene”

(Ayayo, I completely forgot that task)

Source: My Mom

” Iru iru, konjam time kudu” (give me some time)

Source : Me

“Oru meeeeesham” (One minute)

Source: Me again

“Two meeeets” (2 minutes)

Source: ME again 🙄

Most times the words come out in its crude form. There won’t be any emotion attached to it. But for us, it would be a complete shocker as in, we will be asking how can a kid talk like this!

For eg. Once my FIL asked her what she was doing. She said “Edho Panren” (I m doing some(stress a lot here)thing)

When an adult says it, often it means that he/she is bugged with that question and does not want to answer it.But Volt did not mean it that way . She simply meant she is doing just something.

Another time, again with FIL (poor FIL) he asked her to do something. She said “Panrene” (I am doing it right!). All she meant was she is doing it. No emotions attached. She was probably mimicking my tone 🙄 But again the same word and tone when an adult uses, it would mean that “why are you telling me when I am already doing it”. But she didn’t mean it that way.

During these times I had to explain the adult that she did not mean it the way we think. She is not disrespectful as it sounds. Just understand the meaning, ignore the emotion 😀 . But the shock in the adults’ face would be priceless every single time.

If she does not want to take bath, she will simply say “Ennala kulika mudiyadhu“. It just means that she does not want to take bath.That’s all. It does not mean she is protesting or waging a war against bath/you.

Actually I forgot lot of such one liners she uses which when said by an adult or teenager would invite a bomb blast at home.

“Naan enna sollirken” (What have I told you)

“Yen thiruppi thiruppi panra nee” (Why are you doing it again and again)

“Na un kuda pesa maten un pechu ka” (I wont talk to you)

“Na en friends ah rommmba miss panren” (I miss my friends so much) – I am 100% sure she has no idea about what she is talking here. She is mimicking a line from some kids show.

“Enakku idhellam pudikadhu” (I don’t like all these)





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Day 5 – of Jodi no. 1 during travel

These are my most favourite Jodi s during travel . They all take no. 1 position.

Idli smeared generously with idli podi and sesame extra plain idli to balance the spice level.

Soft dosai smeared generously with idli podi and sesame oil

Soggy not crisp yes soggy pooris with aloo masala placed strategically between two pooris

Soft chappathi with spicy tangy thick tomato chutney

Vaai la pota vazhukara# curd rice tempered generously with mustard seeds and urad Dal ,with a spoonful of mango thokku on top of it. By the time you eat the essence of thokku will be all over that curd rice and gulp * gets carried away*

#put it in your mouth and it just slides into your tummy before you know it

* Returns after 5 minutes*

Puliodharai with fryums and curd

Idli with coconut thogaiyal with a small piece of banana leaf separating the Jodi

Food and myself

* Extra points if the food is packed in banana leaf. It is an art I Tell you! An Art!!

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Day 4 -of leaves and flowers

Till I was in school, we used to have a nice garden at home. Lemon, mango , banana,coconut, hibiscus, many rose plants , don’t know their English names flowering plants, jasmine, crotons, tomato, snake guard, snakes pretending to be a plant .So many we had. Garden used to e my study area.

We also had fencing with plants. Which meant you have book in one hand and a stick,stem , leaf or flowers in other. the peace those plants would bring cannot be compared.

Moved to the city and we completely lost that feeling. I tried to grow plants in pots but frequent travel spoiled everything. And believe me you get attached to your plants pretty quick that when you see them dying it hurts bad.

My mother always says that plants are a huge responsibility.

Last month , getting inspired from one of our friends we kick started our gardening project again. 4 pots. Tomato brinjal ladys finger and coriander.

After a week of singing and watering the babies came out. Then I realised that I have made a big mistake. I have planted too many seeds in a pot.

I don know how to shift the saplings without causing damage. Any experts out there, need your help please.

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Day 3 – thoppai sundari

I am a futuristic person. I always make sure that I save enough for future. What if there is an emergency! If my requirement is 1800kcal I eat 2800kcal just in case if I don’t find food tomorrow.

Result is a well advanced tummy obviously (pun intended). They say no, ‘yanai varum pinne mani yosai varum munne’ .I shouldbe SS varum pinne aval thoppai varum munne.

But for mother and grandparents you are always a size -1 figure. Every time they see you they say that you are malnourished .

I eat more than required. But still there is often a fight with my mom.

You are a working woman,eat well.

Vayatha patni podatha 🙄

Naleku vela seyya mudiyathu. Enna sapadra ni.

Believe me in the last six months alone 2 ppl have congratulated me for my pregnancy, 3 ppl asked if it’s a boy or girl, 1 congratulated volt for a baby brother 🙄 and one ola can driver advised me not to travel by bus in this condition .

But my mom has answers for everything. Every time I complain she has an answer.

Amma I have a big thoppai.

Chey it’s nothing.

Ma I have big tummy

It’s been there since your birth. It’s called baby thoppai

Mom I have big thoppai

You just had a baby 30 months ago. It’s baby thoppai

Ma..Don’t overfeed me I have big thoppai.

Shut up. A growing child needs good food.

(Remembering all those embarrassing congratulatory questions) ammmmmmaa you too.

Thoo. I meant you. You are my growing child.. forever.

Mmkm. Only sideways!

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Day 2 -Volt and kathirikkai

She is 2.8 now. She can tell where I work. But when B asks where he works, she will say “kathirikkai(brinjal) semiconductors”. What an interesting company!

She dances for only one song. Dance means that song. That song means she has to dance. And the song is …”kantha sashti kavasam” by sulamangalam sisters. Every evening at 6:05 this song is played in a channel and her dance starts. She knows when an interlude music will come and for every music she has a step. For the non artistic eyes, it will look like a kathirikkai jumping vigorously.

For scissors she can’t say kathirikol . She says kathirikkai.

Kathirikkai and brinjal are totally two different things for her.

That is all about kathirikkai except that it is my least favourite vegetable but loads to talk about little volt. I will use his blogathon to register those stuff.

Have a good week!


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Day 1 – 2017

Vanakkam Vandanam!

2016 is over. I still think that between 1996 and 2016 there were only 10 years! (Young at heart ! young at heart!). 2017 it is!

2016 saw lot of emotions. Lot of tough moments.

First half was relatively very bad. I believe in the power of God as well as Nature. 2016 showed me multiple times how powerful these two forces are when you have faith in it!

One time I sat in a temple not knowing what to ask. I was so exhausted mentally that I did not know how to ask help. A 2 year old child who was playing nearby suddenly came to me and hugged me tight. Both me and the child’s father were surprised for one whole minute. Then I too hugged her tight.

I was sitting when this kid came to me, I was at her eye level. She has never seen me .Still she hugged ..for two minutes. The relief I felt after that cannot be expressed. I felt hopeful.

Food wise – a good year . I ate a lot..a loootttt. Separate post on that.

Work was OK.

Overall 2016 was a year where I felt as if I was on a roller coaster ride. At many times the whole world seemed to be a Maya but there were some Bingo moments too.

Wish you all a happy and healthy 2017 !

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*Acts cool and starts blogging as if she had been blogging without any break*

One of our friend had a super cool wedding recently in his own garden, distributing plants , seeds and lot of green ideas as gifts. We had got tomato, brinjal and ladies’ finger seeds.

I had some methi seeds and coriander seeds at home.We decided to start a min garden and headed to a plant nursery. It was a huge one with acres and acres of plants outside the city. Seeing all the plants, immediately my daughter shouted ” Wow..Zooo, Have we come to a Zoo?” 🙄

We got 3 4 basic pots and some organic manure and soil mix. Volt had super fun mixing the soil and tried real hard to sprinkle water. It went all over the place except the pot.

Fast forward two weeks. Now we have baby plants peeking out curiously. Every morning and evening Volt and I “sprinkle” water. She on me and I on the plants.

She knows the order of the pots and today morning I saw her introducing all the plants to her grandpa.

“This is thakkali (tomato)”

“This is vendekkai (ladies finger)”

“This is kathirikkai (brinjal)”

“This is Geetha” *pointing at methi /coriander*

Fil: Aaaan?? 😯

Me: Keerai Keerai (Greens)

Will you judge me if I tell you that I spoke and sang to them when I was worried after a week of sowing the seeds that nothing came out. 😀






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Amma kaanummm*

Ammmaaaa…kaaanummmm  (Lets play hide and seek)

I will close my eyes only for 0.75 seconds and then I will start peeking.OK. Its been too long. Let me find out amma.

Ah! She is not there in that place where she hid last time. Let me check the place where she hid last to last time.Not there too.

This lady will never understand the game..ufff.Lets ask appa where she is.

Appaaaaa..Ammaa kaanummm  😯

Appa gives hint..I see Amma..But let me continue the drama a bit longer..

Paaati.. Ammmaa kaanummmm.. aah aaah  😯  😯  achucho Ammaaa kaanummm

Everyone has to play along. Paati also acts shocked.

OK.Lets end this. Finds amma with a shock on face. Ammmaaaaaaaa..

I win.

Lets play again.

Ammaaaaa Kaaanummmmmmm

*Amma missingggg

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Om Shanthi

Some days are just so lazy that all you want to do is to sit and stare.

I have 5 cupboards to clean, 1 blog to write, 15+ blogs to read , many comments to reply to , I have been browsing for some simple kurtas since morning, I have selected also but not purchased yet , 1 great book to read, I wanted to make tutti frutti cake, hot cocoa and so many other things  but I am simply sitting.

I don’t know what I am bored of. I am trying to recall what I was thinking about since morning but my mind is blank now. I could go sleep now as I didnot sleep well last night but I am not doing that either.

No, this is not a cheat post. I am really confused. May be I am just sad that the weekend is almost over? mmmmm..

Volt will wake up anytime soon then there will be no time even to sit. So I think all my mind wants now is to sit, with no other thoughts. I will just do what it says..

Have a great week people!!!