Explain german technology please

Ad film making is a serious business. These days understanding ad films is also a serious business.

Let’s take the German technology. OK boss. I agree german technology is famous and all. But from tea powder to toilet cleaner, from sedan cars to sambar powder everything seems to be following german technology now. Cow ghee produced by German technology it seems. I prepare ghee at home. My neighbourhood cow and I are seriously offended by this.

Next the guessing game. There are ads, no matter how many times you watch, you have to keep guessing which product they are advertising about. At the end you will always lose. There is one ad for some electronics shop where two people come and dance with a trumpet. First of all they hold the trumpet wrong, secondly there is not a single electronic item displayed even in the blurred background.

If I discuss this with my MBA friends, they say that ‘hey you keep talking about this ad no, that is their strategy’.. Zzz 🙄

And there are ads which will leave you just dumbstruck.. The legend saravana stores 😉


One-डर-fool Start of the Year

Day one in office in 2018:-

Long back I had accidentally dropped my office work laptop and there was a dent in it. It worked fine and all so I did not think much about it though I had little fear about what would happen when I have to return it. But since it worked fine, I forgot the cosmetic problem.

Today morning I heard from my manager that they are using a microscope to check for problems in the laptop when we return it and we have to bear the cost for any problem in it.

Wonderful!!! Mine is a macbook pro that means I have to change the whole panel with retina display that means I have to spend a bomb. I am skipping lunch and dinner from today to save money guys!

My boss called everyone for an impromptu meeting today. Today being first work day in office, some kind soul had got banana and jack fruit chips. We all took a handful (I took two hands full) and entered the meeting room. Now , me being careful and all sat just behind my boss and was happily munching. He was telling something and I was just stuffing half a dozen banana chips in one go like a fool and suddenly he turned and looked at me.

Both my eyes and mouth(stuffed with half a dozen chips,of course) were wide open and it must have been truly a beautiful sight to behold. As you should know by now that food does not embarrass me that easily I just went on with the process of crunching and munching my chips.

Wonderful start – isn’t it ?

Happy New Year – Day #No Number

I took a break last week from work and we had some calm time in Chennai. Loved the weather. It was so pleasant throughout with a very light breeze all day. Half the time I spent under the Ficus religiosa ( 😀 ) tree in our apartment with the kid.Met some cousins and their super fun kids and saw Gautham Menon in that restaurant. Tried really hard to eavesdrop. All I could hear was “Take the hemanika case”.

Since last night volt has been shouting “Happy New Yearssss” in loop, for all the new years to come. Morning I had a deep discussion with B regarding what I want his new year resolutions to be and what he wants mine to be. After some time we realized that discussion is a waste, decoction is must and had our coffee and postponed our resolutions to pongal thirunaal.

Then I logged in to twitter to see how the world is dealing with its resolutions and what has changed so far in the last 11 hours of 2018. A female actor’s pic as usual had received lot of derogatory comments from random people obviously about her body. So , yeah, nothing has changed. Good luck 2018!

To tell you the truth, I do have some resolutions this year but I am not going to discuss about it now. Lets see how well do I fare.

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2018!!!


Healthy Mind – 66

Some of the recent past events have made me realize repeatedly how much a healthy mind is important for physical well being.

I have seen some medications/methods working for me only when I completely believe in it.

I have seen doctors working for my mom, only when has some kind of trust in them

I have seen that physical pain gets horribly worse if you are mentally not so well, if you are feeling low.

When you are going through some crisis, there may be people around  giving advice, helping you in many ways and asking you to calm down.


But unless you put your mind on it, will you ever calm down? Even if there is help, unless your mind is open to accept it, trust it, you may never use it.

There are times when I think I could have solved a problem much faster/easier if only I had the right frame of mind.

Better late than never. Each struggle comes with a lesson. The most important lesson for me this year is to take care of my mind too. To keep it healthy.

For some, meditation is a way to relax the mind, for some chocolate or a book is a way, for some yoga/exercise, for some nature watch. Whatever works. But it is most important I feel, to take time , to give due importance for ones mind health too.


Books -67

I had some ebook balance in Amazon that is valid till December 31. SO yesterday I purchased lot of kindle books from their monthly deal.Each book was either Rs.29 /39/129.

I bought ..

Wayward Pines trilogy

Forgotten Files Series

Lady Hardcastle series

and one H P Lovecraft book

oohh. Happy Happy …la la la


Thankful – 69

It is very short post today. I am tired. It is short but it means a lot.

I am immensely thankful to my mil. She gets knee pain of she works for long hours. Today being karthigai festival and my kid’s annual day there was hell a lot of work. Thanks to the weather here, today is a painful day for me.

But she never complains. She totally understands my pain. With the knee pain she did 90% work today. She thinks what all I can do without aggravating my pain and then only asks pain.

I am thankful.. Profusely thankful for her

I am waiting – 70

It is raining . non. stop.

Our road(?) is special , it gets slippery when there is even 1 mm rain in neighbouring state. It is raining non stop since midnight . Now thanks to some gas company, they have dug the road and all those 10 stones which protected us from skidding has gone inside earth and fresh loose soil is on top.

It is like 3 kms of multani mitti facepack(road pack!) on road . I went to pick up my kid and to avoid skidding , we took short cut. I made her jump the compound wall and asked my MIL to catch her on the other side. I could not jump thanks to my back, took the longer multani mitti route (Don’t see any glow in my feet though), got drenched in rain. What? Umbrella? Ya. Because you see there is wind above, mitti below. And in between if you have to balance your umbrella… you will end up with a face/bum pack for sure.So I didnot take one.

I am waiting for some angel to knock at my door and get me a super moist warm chocolate cake to make this a happy day.

Angel..dude …if you are listening..come flying OK.. Don’t even attempt to walk on our road. Andha chocolate cake bathiram!

Mothers! – 71

Yesterday I had to take my mom to the hospital for a follow up. She was at her place. I tool bus and we met each other at a point and started walking towards the hospital. It was a good 1.5 km walk.

My mom had got two hot samosa for me to eat it on the way. Usually the doctors in that hospital are late by an hour. She thought since I would have left home as soon as finishing my work , I wouldn’t have had any snacks and brought those hot samosa. And she was right. I was hungry and super happy on seeing those samosa

No person in this world can ever think like a mother does !!!

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