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Day 12 – I can talk Engleesh, walk engleesh

In the terrace

Volt: Amma Have you seen a “Ladder” (Give as much stress as you can to the word ladder)

Me: No da. Can you show me one?

Volt drags me and takes me near a ladder and shows

Volt : Amma.. Idhan Ladder

Me : ohooo

Volt: Engleesh la Yeni

Me : 😯

We both were watching someone playing veenai on TV

Volt: Amma what is that they are playing (she asked in Tamil)

Me: Veenai

Volt: Illa. Adhu Piano

Me: Illa ma. Its veenai. Piano looks different. It has ..( gives boring details)

Volt: No. Engleesh la idhu Piano

Me: 🙄

She knows two sentences  in English is What ees your name and what ees this

Now these questions pop up often

Volt At me: What ees your name

At her father: what ees your name

At the TV: what ees your name

At the table: eiii what ees your name

basically each and every object faces this question

and also

Amma, what ees this color (pointing at a color)

Amma, what ees this pencil (pointing a pencil)

Amma, what ees this appa (pointing appa)



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Day 7 – The crow story *

There was a small crow called Maya.She was very thirsty. Wherever she went she could not find even a tiny drop of water. She became sad .One day when flying she found a small shop.

She went to that shop and knocked the door. Tok tok. RajniKanth came out (Yes , superstar Rajni .Magizhchi)

He said hello to maya and asked what she wanted. She told him that she was verrry thirsty. He asked her to come in and gave her pomegranate juice, lemon juice and apple juice. She drank everything and told him “Thank you Rajniiiii” and flew away happily.

With that the story is over.

*volt version


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Day 6 – Baby talk

Volt is in that phase where kids observe each and everything and say things exactly when you least expect it.

Whatever we say, we get it back sometime later .

She will be playing with me suddenly she will say ” Ayayo, andha velaya marandhe paitene”

(Ayayo, I completely forgot that task)

Source: My Mom

” Iru iru, konjam time kudu” (give me some time)

Source : Me

“Oru meeeeesham” (One minute)

Source: Me again

“Two meeeets” (2 minutes)

Source: ME again 🙄

Most times the words come out in its crude form. There won’t be any emotion attached to it. But for us, it would be a complete shocker as in, we will be asking how can a kid talk like this!

For eg. Once my FIL asked her what she was doing. She said “Edho Panren” (I m doing some(stress a lot here)thing)

When an adult says it, often it means that he/she is bugged with that question and does not want to answer it.But Volt did not mean it that way . She simply meant she is doing just something.

Another time, again with FIL (poor FIL) he asked her to do something. She said “Panrene” (I am doing it right!). All she meant was she is doing it. No emotions attached. She was probably mimicking my tone 🙄 But again the same word and tone when an adult uses, it would mean that “why are you telling me when I am already doing it”. But she didn’t mean it that way.

During these times I had to explain the adult that she did not mean it the way we think. She is not disrespectful as it sounds. Just understand the meaning, ignore the emotion 😀 . But the shock in the adults’ face would be priceless every single time.

If she does not want to take bath, she will simply say “Ennala kulika mudiyadhu“. It just means that she does not want to take bath.That’s all. It does not mean she is protesting or waging a war against bath/you.

Actually I forgot lot of such one liners she uses which when said by an adult or teenager would invite a bomb blast at home.

“Naan enna sollirken” (What have I told you)

“Yen thiruppi thiruppi panra nee” (Why are you doing it again and again)

“Na un kuda pesa maten un pechu ka” (I wont talk to you)

“Na en friends ah rommmba miss panren” (I miss my friends so much) – I am 100% sure she has no idea about what she is talking here. She is mimicking a line from some kids show.

“Enakku idhellam pudikadhu” (I don’t like all these)





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Amma kaanummm*

Ammmaaaa…kaaanummmm  (Lets play hide and seek)

I will close my eyes only for 0.75 seconds and then I will start peeking.OK. Its been too long. Let me find out amma.

Ah! She is not there in that place where she hid last time. Let me check the place where she hid last to last time.Not there too.

This lady will never understand the game..ufff.Lets ask appa where she is.

Appaaaaa..Ammaa kaanummm  😯

Appa gives hint..I see Amma..But let me continue the drama a bit longer..

Paaati.. Ammmaa kaanummmm.. aah aaah  😯  😯  achucho Ammaaa kaanummm

Everyone has to play along. Paati also acts shocked.

OK.Lets end this. Finds amma with a shock on face. Ammmaaaaaaaa..

I win.

Lets play again.

Ammaaaaa Kaaanummmmmmm

*Amma missingggg

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Phase/Face full of Expressions

Two years back my niece was exactly in that phase where she would show 1000 expressions in 60 seconds, talks non-stop in full fledged mazhalai, sings , dances ,hugs and kisses without any problem. Now volt is in such phase.

Be it happiness, anger or sadness or shock, everything is shown on face . That too it is amplified and shown at jyothika level. If I drop a vessel in kitchen she will come running and shout “achucho” with full shock. When she does something naughty she has this very mischievous smile on her face. She shows that she is feeling shy when we ask her to repeat something. And she manages not to show any expression when we scold her. She maintains a plain face and when we are done she tries to change our mood by doing goofy stuffs. I don’t know where she learns all this.

Also she repeats what everyone says at our house. Mostly it will be gibberish but in the exact same tone. She sings if someone sings on TV. She dances for her favourite tunes. Yesterday she said my maid’s name and my maid became super happy on hearing that. She kept on asking in bengali but we were too shy to repeat.

She is also becoming more social these days. Before she used to cry so much when someone comes to our home. Now as long as they don’t touch her she is fine. She plays. She calls them mama if guy..akka/mami if a girl.

I am not recording any of her baby talks or expressions in my phone or camera. It all happens at unexpected times and we don’t even think about recording these. I will make use of this blogathon and try to record some atleast.


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Happy 2016 and Good Night

I felt like someone was moving the chairs and then realized that people are bursting crackers to welcome 2016. I was drifting back to sleep but noticed that volt was turning And twisting, basically unable to sleep .  I prepared muscle for a long night.
As expected she started crying..  First she said she was doing su su.. I told her that it was ok as she was in diapers.. Then she said the following@ in the next 5 seconds
Ammaa paal (milk)
Ammaa lala ( that she wants to sleep in her thooli)
Ammaa bbye (we will go tomorrow morning kanna)
Ammmaa caaar
Ammmaa no beep beep.. Ammmaa pom pom

Then she started crying aloud.. I asked her what she wanted she said she wanted to see photos 🙄 i showed her few and she went on commenting like aiiii amma.. Wowww appa while the real  me and b were staring at each other unable to  comprehend what was going on. We three shook hands formally and wished happy new year.
In ten minutes we reached our
destination lala and i gave her her stuffed elephant to hug.. She wanted me to sing her favourite elephant song.  Now, 1:15 AM is generally not the time when my shruthi is properly set and all.  So i didn’t want to risk it.  I told her that i will sing that in the morning and now i will just do the magical sleep inducing music..
I started doing that magical music.. 10 minutes into that, I had a major realisation..  This sound which i make closely resembles the sound that house lizards make and recently i noticed that there are more lizards in my house.. Is that possible that those lizard guys are mistaking my music to be their.. Err.. Call and increasing their population?.. I stopped immediately and modified that sound hoping that it should not match the sound of cockroach..  I  don’t t even know what noise these cockroaches make..  So many problems!!!
But the real problem was not solved.. She was still awake.. There were dogs shouting and she was telling me ammaa thotho lollol ammaa thotho lollol ammaa thotho lollol..  Then she wanted to see the moon.  I tried to explain the concept of ammavasai but she did not get it.  So i simply told her that the moon went to sleep.. We xan see sun in the morning..  1 hr 10 mins.. Now finally she started sleeping…
But i am unable to.  There is just one thought in my stomach.. Whether to start the new year with badam halwa or a nutty chocolate?? ** walks into kitchen quietly **

Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year!!!!

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Tamizh Pulavi Volt*

Note: When you read the words in bold, give one jerk and stress the last letter/syllable as much as you can!

Paa  -> Paattu ..meaning play songs/rhymes

Paapi -> Kaapi .. ypou are drinking coffee

Paal -> Milk which I will ask but won’t even touch it

Paai -> Mat

Achaaaa.. Achaaa <screaming> -> I did su-su. Somebody help! or I will start patting/splashing

Nanni -> thanni..meaning water

Inneee -> Feed me amma..NOW

phooo -> Poova poonum sollalam.. pushpam nu sollalam.. neenga solra mariyum sollalam.. Meaning Flower

shfoo -> Shoe..meaning I want to go out NOW

aan aan aanaahn aaahn -> small talk

aaahn <pause> aaahn <pause> aaahn <pause> aahn -> I am praying. Be ready, next second I will snatch the krishna photo and run away.

paatti, thatha -> grandma..grandpa

Ammaaa -> First time calling you

mummeee -> I did something wrong..trying to distract you now

Ammmaaaaaaaa -> Second time calling

mummeeyov -> what is so important to you amma.. Will you come here or not!

Bujappa -> My appa

Munimmaaa -> When I need my mother’s attention immediately

lollee -> Lorry

There is more. Mazhalai** mazhai*** will continue ….

* Tamil poet volt

** Baby talk

*** rain

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Something is happening –

– no I am not coming out – cry who pulled me out – cry – feeble – first kiss – appa stare – where is milk – sleepy – carry me – sleepy – where is milk – time pass cry – gas – sleepy – carry me – I hate bath – more gas – guests – something’s moving – fan – light – curtains my first love – sleepy – where is milk -I hate bath – gas grrr – better vision – where is amma – sounds – outside – bath not that bad – day and night – fan – curtain love still strong – where is amma – rhymes – smile – everyone smiles – appa – how to turn my bum – help i am stuck – rotate – revolve – milk – ammaaa – vaccine – doctor – pain – cry – amma – milk – train- rolled over – naice view – toys – red bag on the mat out of reach – can’t move – pull the mat and grab the bag – smarty – kanji – milk – laugh – tv – rhymes – red bag out of mat out of reach – move move oh no no not backwards – evening walk – kids – toys – sleep – milk – apple – move forward – pull up – clap – steady steady steady thudd – cry – pull up on all four- steady thudd – vaccine – train – cold – medicine – doctor villain – stethescope give it to me – pull up on all four steady – move backwards not again! – kanji – carrot – milk – move forward yay – rooms – pooja room – bell – lick – food no – crawl rash driving – thud – new room – bathroom – yay bath – ammeeetha tha – appppppa – crawl – CPU light – bell – lick – floor lick – bathroom yay – sofa pull up – thud – up up up – naice view – balcony – TV touch – kitchen – dogs love – toys no – cow love –  train – carrot – kanji – potato no – floor lick – bum dance – outings love – lift love too much – sleep no – aaaaa – drrrrrrr – tha tha ammma – train – milk – vaccine – doctor villain – cry – teeth – bite – lick – crawl rash driving – stand – fall – outside love – dogs love – cow love – lift too much love – bath extreme love – pooja room play area – sleep nooo – rhymes – where is amma – bum dance – stranger anxiety – ear piercing – where is my hair – cry too much – crowdophobia – infection – doctor villain – stethescope snatch – hold and walk – thud – steady steady – where is amma – bite – lick – kitchen play area – godzilla walk – clap – wave – smile – dance – crowdophobia – walk thud – godzilla walk no support – kisses – temple – play – guests come- cry – crowdophobia – cake – tastes good – photo – cry – balloon – guests leave – laugh – play – I am ONE !!!!!

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Pongal o pongal

Is what people at my house asked me to say when white bubbles came out of a funny looking vessel. They all shouted in chorus staring at my face. Realizing that they are expecting me to make the same noise and not wanting to disappoint my fans I uttered a cool “yaiyy yaiyy yaa” . Everyone smiled.
I took bath early today and wore a new frock… While amma and paati were time passing in kitchen I took my appa and went down . Together we gave a tabla performance using a car as our instrument. When we came back I was too sleepy and took a nice long nap of 2 hours.
When I woke up my mom looked really happy… the glow on her face and the pot belly told me that she had an uninterrupted heavy lunch after long It’s ok . There is always a next meal.

Then in the evening I wore my new pavadai sattai that my appa got for me. People praised me. Amma kept staring at me. I know what she was thinking. She was thinking how to put a chindu on my head and fix some flowers on it. Realizing the danger,I quickly distracted her by peeing all over the hall.
I got to taste my first chakkarai pongal. Paati gave me two grains. I am yet to decide if I like it or not but my amma seemed to like it a lot . Many times I saw her with a bowl full of it.

So all in all a wonderful day. Going for another short nap now. See you guys..

Happy maatu pongal to all.

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Did you notice..

..that I make different sounds at different times now? Here is the handbook for your reference.

I am just going around the house and exploring things:

pappaah pappaaah paah pappaahh..appaaaa..apppaaa.apppaaaa

Chilling out :


I am laughing:

ehehehe ehehehe

I am angry:

thithibbithii… thithipbbttt..pibthibbtttiii

I am disappointed..what is

hoonhhh hunnhhh hunnhhh with wrinkled nose

I am crying:

Ammmiiiiiiiii… ammmiiiiii

Seems like my casual “appppaa” has something to do with my Appa Smiley He is on cloud nine ever since I started making that sound.