Bouncing Back -95

This year , so far, it has not been very great in terms of my health. Had to go through some ups and downs and finally when I thought the worst is over, I feel I am falling ill again ( nothing too bad- don’t worry).

Last two days esp. has been a roller coaster. I feel very scared for few minutes imagining all possible ways things could go wrong, then somehow I console myself that this is nothing and I am just wasting my time worrying over something trivial.

I am trying to bounce back to normal, of course it takes lot of effort and energy but I am trying . Pain whether it is physical or emotional, messes your brain. And to convince your brain that it is over-imagining things and things are not that bad as it ‘feels’, takes effort . Today I am happy that I am atleast trying and I am partially successful.

“Because when you are imagining, you might as well imagine something worth while.”
L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables




Om Shanthi

Some days are just so lazy that all you want to do is to sit and stare.

I have 5 cupboards to clean, 1 blog to write, 15+ blogs to read , many comments to reply to , I have been browsing for some simple kurtas since morning, I have selected also but not purchased yet , 1 great book to read, I wanted to make tutti frutti cake, hot cocoa and so many other things  but I am simply sitting.

I don’t know what I am bored of. I am trying to recall what I was thinking about since morning but my mind is blank now. I could go sleep now as I didnot sleep well last night but I am not doing that either.

No, this is not a cheat post. I am really confused. May be I am just sad that the weekend is almost over? mmmmm..

Volt will wake up anytime soon then there will be no time even to sit. So I think all my mind wants now is to sit, with no other thoughts. I will just do what it says..

Have a great week people!!!

Another strange dream

When I have strange,weird dreams and tell my mom about that she always finds a connection between any recent activity in real and the dream , even if I dream about using a crane to dig a huge hole underground to park my car! But yesterday I had a very different dream and I could not find out any connection . There were lot of people, people from my school, college, relatives – none of them I am close with. They are just some people I know , no close interaction. And there were people and things from very different timelines.

Around 2 Am I woke up to check volt and realized I had a very different dream. It started like this. I am in a class room with a girl from my 10th standard class whom I have not seen/spoken to since 10th standard.We stare at each other for sometime and suddenly I get up and go to a room, the room resembles one of my relatives’ place. I am trying to assemble a breast pump there. Then one of my distant relative whom I have seen only once in reality comes and asks me to explain how the pump works. I explain everything and he goes away. I realize I am late for a class and my college HOD is taking that class.

Since I am late I decide to skip the class and stay back, when I try to pack the breast pump in its box, I find the piston missing. The relative has stolen it I think. Then again I decide to goto class anyway and when I ask the professor if I can come in , the professor now  is Actor/comedian Sandhanam! He asks me to stay outside and  laughs about it as if its a joke. I stand confused when I feel a hand on my back.When I turn its one of my best friend(the only person in this dream whom I am close with, talked to recently in reality). Then many girls from my college come running and they are all hugging her and I am just standing watching.

I know the dream continued after that but I am not able to recall now. When I was putting volt back to sleep at 2, I purposefully tried to recollect the dream so that I will remember in the morning.I managed to remember 75% of it I think.

What is surprising me is the people and things in this dream, shuttling between different times and majority of the people in this dream are almost forgotten in reality. Why did my brain pick up random things and connected them ? What triggered all these?

Human brain is a mystery!

Updates on eye infection

My eye infection is still there. Yesterday I was travelling by train and with the strong wind or I don’t know what , in the evening my eyes were heavy blood red and irritating. We went to see doctor but he was on vacation and it was already late so we came home. I slept off.

Morning it was better but I still wanted to check with the doc once as it is 1.Eyes 2. happneing second time 3. First time was a really bad experience 4. its been a week since this redness started.

When I had it last july, I went to a hospital and they said I could have some lethal disease which could cause eye infection. That eye doctor (Appaa I am getting so angry even today), she had to explain me about some dangerous disease, instead of talking to me she had a couple of people inside her consulting room along with me and was chit chatting with them. Now and then she looked at me and said ‘you might be having this this’ I asked  in tears ‘Is it confirmed, what shall I do now, any medicine?’.She was busy talking to her guests and then she turned and said ‘ Get all these tests done and consult your family doctor’. My family doctor also treats us like a guest only ok but never ever he had talked to us when there is a patient talking to him. We are not even allowed inside.

Me and my mom were terrified and next two days were hell. We ran around , got few tests done and finally showed it to our doctor and he said I am perfectly fine! And then I consulted another eye doctor and he said that I have some allergy and gave me medicines! phew!

After six months again my eyes are red, irritating and itching. I got tensed ,prayed and went to another new eye doc suggested by my FIL. One look and he said I have some allergy. What a relief! .He gave me drops. Now the biggest problem is nobody can tell me what I am allergic to. I have to find it out by myself. I used nothing new in last 6 months. I don’t know how to figure this out.My eyes are OK now. But I have to find out the source to stop it from happening again.What should I not use/do to stop this! God help me.

I am going to try these for now.

1.Not to use kajal

2. To take care that shampoo or soap does not get into my eyes.

Lets see.

Warning :- unttendended


Yesterday night I was travelling. Result -> I am too sleepy.I called my friends for dinner instead of lunch.That sleepy.

And the universe is against me.After yesterday’s post I thought I will have ideas for five days. It will be easy. Seems like it is not.

Generally the conductors refuse to give me change. Most of the mornings there will be some irritating event in bus. I thought I will write about today’s event . But but the conductor called me and gave the change though we were 15 kms away from my bus stop!!! One idea gone!

Next I thought I will take a pic of the food I cooked today morning and make it guess it post. But but the idlis came too nice, soft and fluffy.Thanks to MIL.She prepared the maavu. Another idea gone.

Wanted to take a pic of sunrise but it was a cold day today and no sun wonly!

And no interesting conversation in bus.Can you believe it!

Yesterday I had been to a Siva temple and saw some interesting paintings. Now I want to read stories about Siva. Please can you suggest some book?. This is not a cheating post. I really want to know.

I would also like to read Myth=Mithya by Devdutt. How is it ? Any idea?

Ponniyin Selvan reading is going good. Even in that sleepy state I read it in bus today.

I am again travelling tomorrow and then day after tomorrow and full next week. There are two weddings ! Hope I have fun!

I have developed eye infection again. It happened few months ago and I had to go through lot of stressful things.I will do a separate post on it. Now my right eye is red again. Pray for me! It should heal soon.

Six minutes of joblessness

Start :-

1. I have to respond to the comments.I have not done yet.

2. I have to complete my project line item this week. I have become so lazy.

3.What ringtone is that? Sounds cute Smiley

4. *cling cling* sound?  Someone is having breakfast at desk.

5. Teammate G looks cute today 🙂

6. Is my manager looking at my screen? Smiley

7. itching Smiley

8. Upma was good.Not sure if I am fully full.Should have taken more Smiley

9. Hope it doesnot rain today.Forgot to bring my umbrella.

10. Need to make something simple for dinner tonight Smiley

11. who is coughing Smiley

12. My stomach is aching.

13. Wow I am getting so many ideas for this 30-day marathon blogging Smiley

14. Team lead asking something Smiley

15. Responding Smiley

16. I am thirsty

17 . I am scared of cabs suddenly Smiley

18. No. 18

19. I should reduce chocolate intake.

20. Oops I left half a bar of bournville in chennai. Hope no one finds it.

21. *looking around*

22. Someone is pressing spacebar continuously Smiley

23. 😦 I don’t have any topic in mind.How am I gonna write continuously for 30 days! Smiley

24. Office is calm today

25. I don’t like this guy x.

26. I am sleepy Smiley

27. 3 more days for weekend . yay! Smiley

28. I miss the sound of opening and closing a pencil box. I want pencil box.


Since I did not have any organized thought I just wrote down the thoughts that came in my mind for the last 6 minutes. Now I have a topic for tomorrow and day after. huhaha 🙂


Smileys from

Abnormally normal

1. Sometimes in bus, I hear people talking loud. Talking loud (in a language I can understand) about their personal problems/opinion on something. Some of these talks sound so different/funny/interesting to me that I immediately feel like blogging about it. But when I come and sit down, a doubt enters my mind – “what if they accidentally land up on my blog and find out their that their personal stuff is made public! – I think think and think and at the end sometimes I write,most of the times I skip.

2. I have had a weird dream (occurred 2-3 times) .In that someone who blogs sees me in a bus doing something stupid (control your thoughts eh) like for eg the other day I fell on someone’s lap . Someone (who does not know me)notices it and finds it funny and blogs about it. And I “accidentally” land up on their blog read about myself and in comments section I type “That was ME ME ME” and we become thick friends. 🙄 After the dream I usually get up and think (sigh!) what if I had done something wrong and they blog angrily about me. Will I type “ME ME ME” in comments section or will I just say “Huh Its soo wrong at many levels ,just kill her I say!”

These two thoughts come and go,but not often.Rarely.Now tell me ..

Am I normal??? Thinking Smiley

Am I Normal???? Confused Smiley

Tell me I am Normal!!! Praying Smiley



Thanks to

Sense of Humour – Limited Edition!

Last night I was simply looking at the ceiling and thinking about..err..myself , you know about the good qualities bad qualities…I was thinking about the greatest “bulb” moments of my life and during this recap session, one incident came into my mind.It happened long back in college. A very few innocent people in my college used to call me witty and in order to maintain that “image” I used to repeat the same jokes again and again to many people.One day it went little too much and I got caught!!

One thing led to another and suddenly my mind was filled with so many such incidents where I had to repeat the same joke multiple times just to maintain the image . On further investigation I found that these kind of events happened mostly under these two circumstances.

Sense of Humour- when it is limited at the giving end:-

You are talking to a friend, suddenly you crack a joke and the friend (culprit!) praises you (too much!)

Everything gets into your head and you get into repeat-mode

With every new compliment,you end up telling the same joke again and again to each and every person and it reaches a saturation point

Sense of Humour – when it is limited extreme – at the receiving end

First time:

Modulation(in which you tell the joke): Similar to a small kid who is reciting rhymes in full mood

3rd,4th time:-

Modulation: Similar to a small kid who is reciting rhymes in a slightly cranky mood

After a couple of times:-

Modulation : Similar to announcements made in railway station

Saturation Point:

Modulation : Similar to a child reciting 958th thirukkural in a “Reciting all 1330 thirukkural” competition

As I was buried deep in my investigation thoughts (still staring at the ceiling), my amma came and turned off the lights. I switched off my brain and went into snoozeland!!!



Credits :- All cartoons were created using

Do not complain when you are sleepy!!

Afternoon around 3 o clock,I am super frustrated..I ping a friend in office chat tool..

Me: Hoiii.. You there?

F: Yep

Me: I am exhausted.. I don’t know how to do this..its eating my brain.. I am getting headache!! I want to sleep.. Arggggg..

(no reply from friend.. instead I receive a call)

Me: hello

Other end : Hellooo SS! what happened??

Me: !!!! hello … TL? what? mm nothing happened!! just working..why asking?

Other end : No you just said that you are frustrated!!!

Me: (in mind) what !!! Hw did he know that I am not happy? Did my friend tell him? No way…..With all these thoughts I take a look at my chat window and realize that I pinged my TL , not my friend!!!!! 😯 😯 😯

Me: (on phone) ah.mmm no no TL ..this task.. mmm..I just I just thought that it was my friend!!

Other end: **Loud Laugh**


Have a happy weekend!!! 😀

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