The wedding shopping and the Nilam effect

The biggest part of wedding shopping is – buying silk sarees! There will be some 8 best shops to buy silk in your city, and each shop will confuse you with some 80 varieties of silk and then they will have some 800 sarees and on top of it there will be 8000 people standing in the shop . All you have to do is select 4-5 sarees -one for each event during the wedding. You will search for an hour , some you will reject for color, some for its design and some will be rejected by your relatives and few good sarees will have black zari- so automatic rejection. Finally when you get hold of one beautiful saree, you will be holding one end of it and when you are about to flash a victorious smile ,someone will snatch the other end of saree and directly goto the billing counter ,pay for it and take it home . All these will happen before you realize that the saree is not in your hand anymore.

Best part is, you will buy sarees for 8k, 10k, 15k and won’t even wear it for full 15 mins. Then permanently it will go and sleep in the cupboard for years.One day it will come out , see some sun shine and then will go back to hibernation again. Atleast this is what I have seen in my cousins’ wedding.

I finished my wedding sarees shopping in 1 hour. I went to 1 shop and saw only 9-10 sarees. The shop was great and I liked 6 sarees out of 10. It was just a lucky day. 😀

Saree shopping was the only shopping I did for my wedding.Rest all were taken care of by amma 😀

Chennai had an awesome weather, almost the whole november was nice.

I gave my blouses for stitching in october, thanks to my cousin I found an awesome tailor. After few days the trial blouse came,it was perfect. IN a month all the blouses were ready but when I tried they were all tight. 1 week for wedding and blouses are tight!! And it was diwali time.During diwali, the tailors are the most busy people on earth. There is no chance of me losing weight in a week that too with a wedding – no way 😛

But amma found a mobile tailor ( chennai is too good I say) at our street and gave all the blouses. In an hour, they were all ready again. I was happy and then the nilam cyclone came. My amma got fever first.she had 103 degree for 2  days. When she got up ,it was my turn. I had 102 when I got my facial and mehendi done. Amma was worried about applying henna when I had fever. So I went to the hospital in the morning, had two injection and then had mehendi. Thinking about it now, sounds funny.

On the wedding day, I wore my blouse – one by one.Every single blouse was loose . The Nilam Effect!!!  😀






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