All India Radio – Day 74*

*I simply skipped the less happy days to catch up with you guys

All these events happened in a span of an hour. I am paavam.

I am not supposed to lift anything heavy and also not my kid. My daughter understood it soon enough but I was the one sulking , saying nonsense stuff around the house ” How can one mother not lift her own child boohoooo” and all those drama.

On the eventful day, I really forgot. She was standing on the cot and I lifted her. I forgot. She remembered. She was very happy. She told me ” Amma ni enna thookitta ” with a wide grin (Amma you lifted me). Before you go “Awww”, listen to the full story. She went and told everyone at home.

Too many glares and stares at me. I kept saying everyone that she misunderstood , i was only hugging her and she jumped from bed on her own , just my hands were on her (nonsense!). But she kept repeating “Illa Amma enna thookitanga” (No Amma really lifted me). phew.. Had to hide in the bathroom till the storm subsided.

After 15 minutes, I am frantically searching for my watch. I misplaced it. and I know that if my mom gets to know she will start from”How forgetful am I” to “How I am causing environmental pollution”. Daughter comes and asks and I tell her (Big mistake) She goes and tells everyone. “Amma lost her watch.. All of you form teams and search”. Now my house members form teams like Theeran adhigaram onru and everyone is searching all over India. My fil is tensed. Again lot of unwanted glares and stares. I hide in my cupboard. My mom finds the watch. My kid snatches it and puts it under sofa, goes around the house shouting “watch ah kaanum watch ah kaanum”(watch is missing two times). Then crawls under the sofa and obviously finds the watch and shouts “I got it”. Now except my mom everyone stares and glares thinking how can anyone misplace a watch under a sofa. As I said I am paavam ya.

Next I go into kitchen to fill water in my bottle and the lid is missing. I never learn OK. I go and ask my daughter is she took it. Now replace the word watch in above paragraph with bottle lid. Thankfully by this time everyone gets the hang of it and what started out as Gaptun’s chatriyan(serious cop movie)  finally ended as Gaptun’s Narasimha(seriously funny cop movie). What fun! I am paavam though.


Phase/Face full of Expressions

Two years back my niece was exactly in that phase where she would show 1000 expressions in 60 seconds, talks non-stop in full fledged mazhalai, sings , dances ,hugs and kisses without any problem. Now volt is in such phase.

Be it happiness, anger or sadness or shock, everything is shown on face . That too it is amplified and shown at jyothika level. If I drop a vessel in kitchen she will come running and shout “achucho” with full shock. When she does something naughty she has this very mischievous smile on her face. She shows that she is feeling shy when we ask her to repeat something. And she manages not to show any expression when we scold her. She maintains a plain face and when we are done she tries to change our mood by doing goofy stuffs. I don’t know where she learns all this.

Also she repeats what everyone says at our house. Mostly it will be gibberish but in the exact same tone. She sings if someone sings on TV. She dances for her favourite tunes. Yesterday she said my maid’s name and my maid became super happy on hearing that. She kept on asking in bengali but we were too shy to repeat.

She is also becoming more social these days. Before she used to cry so much when someone comes to our home. Now as long as they don’t touch her she is fine. She plays. She calls them mama if guy..akka/mami if a girl.

I am not recording any of her baby talks or expressions in my phone or camera. It all happens at unexpected times and we don’t even think about recording these. I will make use of this blogathon and try to record some atleast.


Happy 2016 and Good Night

I felt like someone was moving the chairs and then realized that people are bursting crackers to welcome 2016. I was drifting back to sleep but noticed that volt was turning And twisting, basically unable to sleep .  I prepared muscle for a long night.
As expected she started crying..  First she said she was doing su su.. I told her that it was ok as she was in diapers.. Then she said the following@ in the next 5 seconds
Ammaa paal (milk)
Ammaa lala ( that she wants to sleep in her thooli)
Ammaa bbye (we will go tomorrow morning kanna)
Ammmaa caaar
Ammmaa no beep beep.. Ammmaa pom pom

Then she started crying aloud.. I asked her what she wanted she said she wanted to see photos 🙄 i showed her few and she went on commenting like aiiii amma.. Wowww appa while the real  me and b were staring at each other unable to  comprehend what was going on. We three shook hands formally and wished happy new year.
In ten minutes we reached our
destination lala and i gave her her stuffed elephant to hug.. She wanted me to sing her favourite elephant song.  Now, 1:15 AM is generally not the time when my shruthi is properly set and all.  So i didn’t want to risk it.  I told her that i will sing that in the morning and now i will just do the magical sleep inducing music..
I started doing that magical music.. 10 minutes into that, I had a major realisation..  This sound which i make closely resembles the sound that house lizards make and recently i noticed that there are more lizards in my house.. Is that possible that those lizard guys are mistaking my music to be their.. Err.. Call and increasing their population?.. I stopped immediately and modified that sound hoping that it should not match the sound of cockroach..  I  don’t t even know what noise these cockroaches make..  So many problems!!!
But the real problem was not solved.. She was still awake.. There were dogs shouting and she was telling me ammaa thotho lollol ammaa thotho lollol ammaa thotho lollol..  Then she wanted to see the moon.  I tried to explain the concept of ammavasai but she did not get it.  So i simply told her that the moon went to sleep.. We xan see sun in the morning..  1 hr 10 mins.. Now finally she started sleeping…
But i am unable to.  There is just one thought in my stomach.. Whether to start the new year with badam halwa or a nutty chocolate?? ** walks into kitchen quietly **

Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year!!!!

Whatever works! Whatever!

If you bring me a list of DON”Ts in parenting , I think I would tick most of the items as “Totally doing it”.

I don’t believe in perfect parenting,text book parenting. Not too long ago I was discussing this with Maya. I believe in “whatever works as long as its good for you and family – parenting style”. But today I feel that I am standing on the other side of the tunnel, thinking. The more I think the more I feel bad about my parenting “style”. I let her watch TV/cartoons/favourite rhymes. I feed her by showing rhymes. We read not-so-often.All of these a complete no no any parenting book/website would say.

Why am i blabbering so much today? Because Volt is refusing to eat. Its been more than a month since she stopped eating fruits/vegetables. Today its NIL not almost nil..its NIL. Since last one week even normal food is rejected, neglected ,spat down, thrown off.

I know that

1. This is a phase

2. I should not force feed

3. I am away most part of the day

4. My mother is doing a great job feeding her

5. This will change

But none of this is convincing me. Yesterday when I went home and heard that she didnot have proper food the whole day I tried force feeding her. I shouted. She cried. When I started eating I could not. I was feeling guilty. Guilty because I made her cry feeding forcefully, guilty because here I was sitting with a plate stacked with hot dosai whereas she has not eaten anything properly, guilty because I am scared may be I am doing everything wrong.”Whatever works” sounded great when everything was going as planned. I cannot say it now because I am under pressure and I don’t see it working. If I do it bad at 15 months , how will I do it right at 15 years.

ppoohh.. wait.. inside my brain I am actually shouting as I am typing..need to relax.. 2 secs..

Later I sat with her, asked her to bring her books one by one, read with her, played with her and went to sleep. God, children forget and forgive us easily. Only I am not able to forgive myself.


Random Ranganayaki 7

Since I have a lot of work but nothing seems to be working I took a break and came here. I am just going to blabber really random stuff for next few minutes.Feel free to Not ignore!! Come on..its friday!

Too many mosuitoes… hot weather .. windows open at night..too many mosquitoes. Since these doctors told us not to use any mosquito repellent creams/machines etc for baby…Every night for 30 minutes I play tennis with mosquitoes (the mosquito killer bat). The bat which we have is a very user friendly one because as soon as you switch it on it starts making “pata pata” sound before even spotting a mosquito! Customer Satisfaction- amam !!! So mostly I end up killing the mosquitoes by hitting and squeezing them with the bat.

We have this net and all but no matter what I do there is always a family of mosquitoes inside that net.Frustrated and having none of the techniques working for me I came up with this brilliant idea. I lured the mosquitoes towards me by showing off my legs. No I don’t have legs like Deepika Padukone and all.I think I just have lot of blood (And thats why I look fat , OK) and tried to attract the mosquitoes towards me instead of the baby. And it worked.Morning when I checked volt she didnot have any new red bumps..

Me? mmmm *still scratching *

OK. I am tired of typing “mosquitoes”.

After a long time I got a bizarre dream but I don’t want to talk about it because someone choked in the dream and the way she was saved was almost similar to unclogging a kitchen sink. So yeah ..lets not talk about it.

Volt is growing up so fast.. so so fast..I decide to work every night after she sleeps but so much drama happens trying to put her to sleep that I get tired and doze off sometimes before she does.

Hope you all are doing fine. Take care.. Have a good weekend.

Apologies for not posting regularly.

Volt discovered something new and I wanted to share with you all.

Now and then she does this….



or this

abc (1)It is not exactly waving because she does not understand the concept yet.

She just does it randomly and it looks very funny because her tiny hands are so stiff and it looks almost like she is blessing/stopping someone/something.

Three days back when we got down from train, we met a friend in the station and when myself and B waved her a bye volt raised her hand and did her blessing pose.We all were shell shocked and before we could celebrate and she turns to a moving train and again does a blessing.It was so cute and is still in my memory 😀

Few more discoveries:-

She is holding every piece of furniture and pulls herself up and then bites it.

She stood holding the tv table and switched it off yesterday. I never knew there was a button there till yesterday.

I make her stand in a bucket and bathe her these days. She tries to drink the water from the other bucket, thankfully she has no idea how to hold the water in her hands..yet.

She laughs when I flutter my eyes fast.

She has a special mocking smile and it always happens when B makes fun of me.It is as if she understood the joke and gives me that smile.It has never once happened when I try to pull B’s legs.Daughters 🙄

She loves lift – old or new, bright or dark , with led display or no..she loves it. You can stand at any floor near the lift and can make out if she is inside the moving lift because she will be giggling inside 😀

OK. She woke up..bbye




My very own Personalized alarm clock

6 AM.
It’s little cold. (Chennai can be cold in the mornings. Now close your mouth please)
I check volt as usual her blanket is nowhere to be seen. I grab it and praying all Gods slowly put it on her.
Two little legs rise by 90 degrees and a head slowly turns .
I close my eyes tight and pretend to be sleeping. Not sure how much time I have in my hands now.
Aavvavv vaavvv…yaiyyy ya
The litte devil touches my face.
Still motionless.
Slowly I can feel the kutti monkey getting up and climbing on me. She lies down on me.
When I think that she will just lie down quietly on me..
She bit my nose. Now how can someone resist this alarm clock 🙂

Lesson Learnt

I have been to restaurants 4-5 times with volt. Twice she slept off, so I ate without any problem,other times we managed somehow. Today I had to go out to buy some stuff and one of our favourite restaurants was nearby.We decided to eat there.It is a very small restaurant and is never crowded but we love the food over there. Infact we don’t even check the menu as we know our favourite dishes.

Today the restaurant was occupied almost 50-60% and the moment we entered Volt started crying. Feeding, rhymes, singing nothing pacified her.This time also we quickly ordered our favourite without wasting time but she was OK for a moment and crying next second and we were completely clueless.We even thought of packing the food and eating it at home. But food started coming in, so we decided to eat there itself.

Me and B took turns and took her out while the other one ate.In between I had major doubts like what if they clean the table by mistake when B comes out and asks me to take my turn in eating !!!

Somehow we managed to eat We came out and in few minutes the little bum started smiling 😀 I still don’t know why she cried.But only after seeing her smile we realized that the food was delicious though it was consumed in a hurry with breaks in between.

All the time she was crying there was just one thought in my mind (Not food duh). That I will never ever judge another parent who is trying to console a crying baby. Never.

P.S. Today morning I was complaining to Maya and Tharani that I have nothing in my mind to put up in a post today. Dear God, if you are telling me now ‘see how I created an opportunity for you to post’, I appreciate you with whole heart but please no,not like this.

Volt at eight months

Everyone at home are on their toes as volt has started crawling.Last few weeks saw so many changes.First she started “swimming” and then she tried to sit with her hand as support, then she started lifting her bum and slowly started crawling. Now Madam goes room after room to explore things, sits often on all corners where there is very less space , tries to pull herself up if something is insteresting on the sofa like a phone or a TV remote.
And she falls so often. Even though she can sit, often her balance is not that good and she wants to look at things in all different angles.As a result she loses balance quickly and falls down. Some falls are okay, she cries a bit and goes on with her work.But sometimes she falls hard that she cries for few minutes with tears running down her cheeks.After some distraction she becomes normal. It breaks my heart to see her fall that often. My mom doesnot remember me falling so often. I think since she has just started she is falling so often.May be she will get better in balancing in a few days. Right?
It hurts to watch her fall and cry with tears and all.

Big change in her sleeping pattern. She sleeps very very less these days. And the process of putting her to sleep has gone from difficulty level 3 to difficulty level 9. First we put her inside her thooli(palna).She cries for few minutes.Then we put her favourite rhymes.She stays quiet.But one should not look at her, we should always stare at the ceiling or at some distant object. Because if you look at her, first she will start with a tiny smile at the corner of the mouth. She patiently waits for a response from us but once you give in she will start laughing aloud shaking her tiny bum and little legs. The thooli will go in all random directions as the little bum is shaking so much inside with laughter.Finally when you accept your defeat and lift her up,she will come out with such a proud look as if she has passed her IAS exam with flying colours. She will look at everyone in the room and give one big smile.I love this whole drama.

She got cold and throat infection, poor thing could not eat properly. We gave antibiotics and that caused diaper rash. Nothing works better than a plain coconut oil I tell you for diaper rash. Even during initial days when I had cracks only coconut oil helped me.None of these fancy creams helped.

We click pictures and share it in whatsapp with some close ones and her thatha paati.They love it,get excited every time we send a picture.Infact they got smart phone just for this one single purpose 🙂

For the past few days her sleep is disturbed. She cries two to three times in between and nothing works except putting her on my lap and feeding.Not sure if it is due to teething.Her bottom two teeth are coming out fast fast by the way 🙂

Mornings are the best.Volt wakes up before us and immediately she goes into her tiger mode and starts babbling.She tries to wake us up by rolling on us or by pulling her appa’s bedsheet.She has this habit of scratching/touching everything with her index finger.You go near her, she will extend her index finger first to touch you. Sometimes in the morning you will wake up to this tiny finger scratching you 🙂 🙂

I will come back with more 😀

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