Refreshing – 90

Today was all about




Long drive

Good food



It was a refreshing day filled with love.


Day 4 -of leaves and flowers

Till I was in school, we used to have a nice garden at home. Lemon, mango , banana,coconut, hibiscus, many rose plants , don’t know their English names flowering plants, jasmine, crotons, tomato, snake guard, snakes pretending to be a plant .So many we had. Garden used to e my study area.

We also had fencing with plants. Which meant you have book in one hand and a stick,stem , leaf or flowers in other. the peace those plants would bring cannot be compared.

Moved to the city and we completely lost that feeling. I tried to grow plants in pots but frequent travel spoiled everything. And believe me you get attached to your plants pretty quick that when you see them dying it hurts bad.

My mother always says that plants are a huge responsibility.

Last month , getting inspired from one of our friends we kick started our gardening project again. 4 pots. Tomato brinjal ladys finger and coriander.

After a week of singing and watering the babies came out. Then I realised that I have made a big mistake. I have planted too many seeds in a pot.

I don know how to shift the saplings without causing damage. Any experts out there, need your help please.


*Acts cool and starts blogging as if she had been blogging without any break*

One of our friend had a super cool wedding recently in his own garden, distributing plants , seeds and lot of green ideas as gifts. We had got tomato, brinjal and ladies’ finger seeds.

I had some methi seeds and coriander seeds at home.We decided to start a min garden and headed to a plant nursery. It was a huge one with acres and acres of plants outside the city. Seeing all the plants, immediately my daughter shouted ” Wow..Zooo, Have we come to a Zoo?” 🙄

We got 3 4 basic pots and some organic manure and soil mix. Volt had super fun mixing the soil and tried real hard to sprinkle water. It went all over the place except the pot.

Fast forward two weeks. Now we have baby plants peeking out curiously. Every morning and evening Volt and I “sprinkle” water. She on me and I on the plants.

She knows the order of the pots and today morning I saw her introducing all the plants to her grandpa.

“This is thakkali (tomato)”

“This is vendekkai (ladies finger)”

“This is kathirikkai (brinjal)”

“This is Geetha” *pointing at methi /coriander*

Fil: Aaaan?? 😯

Me: Keerai Keerai (Greens)

Will you judge me if I tell you that I spoke and sang to them when I was worried after a week of sowing the seeds that nothing came out. 😀







Few days back, we were watching TV and it was a rainy day. The rain had just stopped I think – I don’t remember exactly – when B got up and went into the room to take something and on the way back he stopped near the balcony and called me. What I saw there was breathtaking. It was a rainbow- a FULL one just in front of me.

I have seen many rainbows. But mostly the top portion is visible or just one half or 3/4th of it. This time it was fulllll. End to End. We were so excited. I have never seen one full rainbow like this. And most of the time I see only red,orange, yello and mix of blue and green. This was the first time I could see almost all colors clearly. Violet and Indigo I have never seen . I saw it . We saw it for 15 long minutes.

Wait wait. There was not just one but two. It was a double rainbow . The second was very faint and the colors were in reverse (which I noticed only later in the pics that B took, actually I did not find it by myself, he told me ) .


We quickly ran to the terrace and started taking as many pics as possible.Here is one to enjoy ! It was so big to capture the whole thing in one shot.



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