Anything can happen friday**

**Big Bang Theory has this theme “Anything can happen thursday”,every third thursday of the month where they do something else than the stuff they do normally , going off from their routine activities.

I told you yesterday that since I work from home all I care is if my stomach is full. I don’t worry about my looks.To go off from my routine today I did something different. I did this topsy turvy ponytail and stayed like that the whole day.

My hair is frizzy,curly,thin and short.No.I don’t hate it. None of the fancy hairstyles work for me.My hair can have just one look.That’s all.And I don’t like to do chemical experiments on my already non-existent hair. So you can see me in a simple ponytail most of the time and I am comfortable with it.

Since I wanted to try something new which is easier which also does not involve any “treatments” I tried this. Its too simple, works on all hair.And I liked it 😀

Want to try something new today? 😀 Don’t forget to share 🙂

P.S. This is not exactly a tag. But if you like the idea and want to do something totally new once in a week, feel free to take this as a tag.


Thanks to Maya , the crows in my area are really very angry , as I have been shouting ” da da da..” for quite sometime now giving a tough competition to their ” kaa  kaa ” sound.

I did a google search and found this song . I have never heard this song before, just checked once  if it starts with a da. Thankfully it does.


Next in line is darling GB  👿  Being nice and all (actually expecting a batch of this from GB) , I am not giving her “da” . So GB…take the “ma” and continue ma!!!