The force within you – 93

There are days when you feel restricted by some inexplicable force, you feel that something is pressing you hard,squeezing you , suffocating you.Unable to breathe you struggle.

That force is very restrictive, never goes away,be it morning or afternoon or evening… Evenings are the worst!

You rack your brain to get rid of that force , but brain just shrugs and tells “I am clueless boss”…and then and then feeling depressed you accidentally look down and tadaa… you find the origin of that very annoying restricting squeezing suffocating force. Your protruding belly!!!

Now that you found the cause, you ask your brain how to fix this. A normal brain would have thought of unnatural solutions like jogging, crunches, <beep> diet <beep>

But meh…

The quick fix is to steal husband’s tshirt and wear it and the immediate relief !! ahaa. Thank God he is still bigger than me.

But beware, if you have a daughter around, the first thing she will do as soon as your husband enters home (and before you close the main door) is

“APPPAAAAA. Amma is wearing YOUR SHIRT”



Nenje Ezhu*…

I don’t know what got into B.He was OK till last week.This week he suddenly installed an app,took out his shoes and started his morning walk!!! He even carries a water bottle. Too much I say! As if that is not enough,he along with my mom are forcing me to go for a morning walk. What is wrong with these people.

I know I loved those days when wherever I went my legs would be the first thing to enter that place instead of my stomach.But walking? in winter?Please No.

B: I have installed an app in your phone.It motivates you.

Me: It will only drain my battery.

B: You can charge it again.

Me: I can easily cheat that App.

Me: Smiley

Me: Amma you take care of volt the whole day.Atleast in the morning you should take a break.Not fair.So what if I don’t walk.I feel guilty ma.
Smiley Smiley

Amma: Its her nap time.Go away

Me: Smiley

I switch on that stupid App and play some inspirational songs like “nenje ezhu” from mariyan and vetri kodi kattu from padaiyappa.

I walk exactly like dhanush in nenje ezhu.Slow,unsteady,sad face.

After 20 minutes it starts drizzling ..what if I catch cold and die..No way.I go into the car parking area and when I am about to reach the lift B comes out (on his way to office).

B: Done? So soon?

Me: Drizzling

B: ok.ok.Good.Walk in the parking lot.

Me: Smiley

Bored I check the app which is still running and it shows 40 kcal.

First Reaction- Whatttt ONLY 40??? Come on.I walked faster that that uncle who was standing near A block.

On Second thoughts – Hmm..40? 40!No idea how to interpret this?Too much?Too less?

Suddenly my brain starts understanding everything.OK.How much does the Marie biscuit packet say for 100gms how many calories..Quick Quick Quick..OK Lindt dark chocolate..calories per serving..Ok… hmm Dove dark chocolate with almonds,,… ok ok ok ok..(A+b) the whole square…cos theta by tan theta…. OK OK OK!!!!Smiley

So if I walk one more round I can eat 1 extra lindt chocolate and two more Dove (chocolate)! Yess!!!!!!! Smiley


Moral of the story: Motivation comes in different flavours and servings.

Credits: Smileys from

* This song

Anything can happen friday**

**Big Bang Theory has this theme “Anything can happen thursday”,every third thursday of the month where they do something else than the stuff they do normally , going off from their routine activities.

I told you yesterday that since I work from home all I care is if my stomach is full. I don’t worry about my looks.To go off from my routine today I did something different. I did this topsy turvy ponytail and stayed like that the whole day.

My hair is frizzy,curly,thin and short.No.I don’t hate it. None of the fancy hairstyles work for me.My hair can have just one look.That’s all.And I don’t like to do chemical experiments on my already non-existent hair. So you can see me in a simple ponytail most of the time and I am comfortable with it.

Since I wanted to try something new which is easier which also does not involve any “treatments” I tried this. Its too simple, works on all hair.And I liked it 😀

Want to try something new today? 😀 Don’t forget to share 🙂

P.S. This is not exactly a tag. But if you like the idea and want to do something totally new once in a week, feel free to take this as a tag.

Liebster Award….

Tadat tadaaa…. Liebster Award… Tadat tadaaaa…

Thank you Prachee for the award. You are very sweet 🙂

I will answer all 11 questions asked by her.But on one condition. you have to read all my answers, I will ask questions in my next post !! ** Gives a stern look **

1. What made you start blogging? How is blogging different than keeping a diary for you or is it the same?

I didnot start blogging to record my personal life.I was reading RM, SnS and Tharani and many more insteresting blogs very seriously and they always managed to bring a smile on my face. I wanted to try my hand in blogging and with Tharani’s encouragement I started it.

Definitely different than a diary.

Diary : There are too many diaries.

Blog : Just this one.

Diary : After first page it is always empty.

Blog : Thanks to all the commenters it is still alive.

Diary : Don’t know where it is now. I have to search.

Blog :  I can still type my blog URL without doing a google search.

Diary : Contains some samayal kurippu (cooking tips) and expense info now.

Blog :  Has everything except those two.

Diary : Has my name in first page.

Blog : Anonymous ( Don’t feel like it anymore)

2. Do you have a pet? If yes, which one? And if not, why?

No. I love elephants. But I don’t have one as Amma said No. She often says “Yaanaiku theeni pottu kattupadi aguma”. She repeats so often that sometimes I get this feeling that she is talking about me.

3. Which city do you think is the best to settle down in India? And why?

During my long stay in Chennai (for delivery) I really fell in love with the city. So Chennai it is.

4. What is the one thing that you ordered in a restaurant and it turned out to be totally yuck and expensive?

Garlic Naan. Sigh. I was craving for a buttery garlic naan. I was literally drooling on the way to the restaurant.It was horrible. Till today my whole gang of friends including B tease me. For example if I tell them that I am really craving to eat a delicious chocolate cake now they ask me to stop talking about it or else it would turn into a garlic naan story.

5. If you see your enemy (or simply somebody you dislike) in a helpless situation, will you go forward and help them? Or leave them and enjoy mercilessly?

Enemy or not, I am 100% sure I can never enjoy mercilessly. I will try to help.

6. Have you ever been caught by your parents doing something totally inappropriate for your age?

And the most “Chamathu kutti” (Good girl) award goes to …ME ME ME

7. What is that one thing that you criticize publicly, but do the same in private?

I really don’t know…I will ask B today.

8. Do you like water sports? Which one?

I have tried only one till now. River rafting in Beas river. I will never forget it in my life. The water was so cold .Every time it splashed on my body/face I shivered. After few minutes my feet and hands became numb . When my instructor asked me to leave the rope I could not open my hands as it was numb, they were clenched so tight. And why I can never forget it is because …wait for it… I didnot take a changing dress. I was in my wet jeans for almost 5-6 hours. I might have died that day if the nearby (not so near) Gurudwara did not have a shop that sold woollen pants. The pics taken in that 5-6 hours time were so bad.I looked like chandler in those as i was freezing…


9. Have you ever thought (or actually did ) of harming somebody very badly in order to get back at them? How?

Yes…. Many times….In my head…everytime when someone behaves badly in bus..

10. Do you fart and behave like the other person is guilty of the crime?

Yes.Post Pregnancy.I have told B that Volt did it Smiley

11. Have you ever been caught by the police ( or worst locked up)? For what reason?


Nominate eleven bloggers with less than 500 followers.

Everyone I know has already done this I guess.But but Red Ruby I know you are trying to start a blog. If it helps you can take this tag and start your blog 😀

P.S. Thanks all for the comments and support in previous post. I felt bad when you said you cried reading that post. So Sorry.


Thanks to Maya , the crows in my area are really very angry , as I have been shouting ” da da da..” for quite sometime now giving a tough competition to their ” kaa  kaa ” sound.

I did a google search and found this song . I have never heard this song before, just checked once  if it starts with a da. Thankfully it does.


Next in line is darling GB  👿  Being nice and all (actually expecting a batch of this from GB) , I am not giving her “da” . So GB…take the “ma” and continue ma!!!

I have to do two tag posts – One from MM, another one from SnS.Today I will do MM’s tag.And before I start I have to say this “Vaazhga MM, Valarga ungal Sevai! “

1. Are you named after anyone? 

No.Nahi. Someone tried to but thankfully my parents stopped.

2. When was the last time you cried?

One week back when I was really hungry.My mother had to stuff kuzhi paniyaram in my mouth to pacify me 😀

3. Do you have kids?

Not yet.

4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?

Of course, yes. As it is easy to befriend  her(err me). All I have to do is buy a hot molten choco lava cake for her.

5. Do you use sarcasm a lot?

No. I think I cannot mainly because I can’t understand sarcasm first of all.

6. Will you ever bungee-jump?

Yes. I will.

7. What’s your favorite cereal?

None. They look so small compared to idli/dosa, so no interest.Plus they never seem to fill my stomach as much as idli/dosa/upma does!!

8. What’s the first thing you notice about people? 

May be hair? I don’t know. Actually it takes me a while to remember a face.So more than physical features, I concentrate on how they talk, easy or show off.That is what stays in my mind. #one _urupudiyana_answer

9. What is your eye colour?

It has white, some brown and black, sometimes red when I am hungry.

10. Scary movie or happy endings?

Happy Endings.

11. Favorite smells? 

hehe.. petrol, kerosene, marudhani, paint, nail polish, freshly baked anything , chocolate , tea, new clothes…right now it is arisi upma (getting ready in kitchen)

12. Summer or winter? 

Can I say Rain??? But not in the city where all kinds of water gets mixed up. May be where there is no garbage on roads and nobody spits on road, drainage does not mix with rain water.There!

13. Computer or television? 


14. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? 

I went to a land where you can walk at 45 degrees inclination once in my dream. Scientists are still finding it out and yet to name it. Till then we will call it as SSPuram,ok.

15. Do you have any special talents?

I am a fire fighter who can carry 3 adults in one go from a burning house,  I can dig big huge holes underground  with bare hands just to park my vehicles if the talents revealed while dreaming counts!

16. Where were you born?

*read slowly* The lush green town on the banks of river Cauvery was bustling with activity.The sun was rising slowly showing all its thirty two teeth, women and children got up, took bath, wore their best dresses ,people were running around to decorate that small town. At the center of that town was a small building which was busy like never before.The nurses and doctors were running around. A beautiful young woman with nice curly hair and cute button nose  bearing all the pain was waiting for that biggest event…was waiting for the little angel to arive… then..exactly at 7:35 AM the miracle happened. kuvaa! kuvaa! SS – the little one- arrived at the hospital !!

I thought little bit of drama is OK!

17. What are your hobbies? 

Annoying B mostly.

18. Do you have any pets?  

No. But my long time wish is to befriend an elephant. I will name him as Gaja may be.

19. Favorite movie? 

Can’t say one.Depends on my mood too.

20. Do you have any siblings? 

No. But all Indians are my brothers and sisters .

21. What do you want to be when you grow up?

To not worry about calories/diet and eat happily.

How is married life?

Till sometime back I used to  ask each every married person the most important question – how is married life?even if it had been a year since the person got married. That used to be my conversation starter. Now after getting married I realized that neither the asking party has any interest in that question nor the answering party. The keyboard automatically responds back as GOOD. Since I am  on the receiving end too now ( yes i have not stopped asking the question yet ) I decided to come up with a better answer than the plain old ‘good’.

First, my mother was not well last 3 months. After lot of check ups , doctors, tests, surgery , tension and more tension , she is better now. Back in Bangalore she is feeling much better now. Recently we went to a doctor and he was shouting at my mother and the reason – he asked my mother to take some tests which she had taken a week back. My mother said o will just check with my daughter once and then give. And he got irritated and started shouting that ‘ what is your doc mobs program something why should you ask her. She must be an engineer doing Google search and telling you things’ . All my mother wanted was a moral support and for a person who has been taking tests after tests for 100 days it is important. Why so angry I ask. Even if I want to try my own medical advice on someone it won’t be my mother, hello!. Now thinking about it I know whom to try those on  👿 . And you should not shout at a patient . You should be patient with a patient that is why we call them patient right? Really, right?

Baj is doing good. Sometimes people ask me ‘ hey do you guys fight’ . I don’t know which is a cool answer, to say that we fight a lot or to say oh we don’t fight at all. And when we fight i cannot keep thinking that oh next  time when someone asks i should say we fight big time because you know o am already busy fighting. So what do we do.If I am angry I take him in our bike in the name of practice on a life threatening ride around our packing lot.  And he in turn asks me to put centre stand in activa ten times. I don’t understand how that thing works. But poor guy he explains me with the help of all physics basics starting from Newton’ s law to sheldon’s law. But even after standing on two legs on that stand, it refuses to move. I think I must be Rajni’s daughter or something. No physics law applies  to me hee haw 😀

I am the most samathu-est child in my family.Many of my relatives have told me that when I was a kid they took me to markets and all and I have never asked for anything. I never ask them to buy me chocolates or balloons and throw tantrums and all. I was always a very very samathu girl. You thought I will say good things about myself and in bracket will say that I have exaggerated a bit. Ha ha. No! 👿 Anyway where were we? Yeah I was the most samathu-est girl in the world. But after college I started throwing tantrums. I keep asking my mom that I want this-that. But amma is strict she will say no and I will go home with a grumpy face. Baj is not that strict. But he has a plan. I go on like oh! I want this, I want that, I want this and that.Being the samathu child I ask him too to buy something nice for himself. His immediate response would be ‘No I already have lots I don’t want anything now’. This line will stop me for a few milliseconds. That’s it. That is the time to quickly drag me out of that Cloth shop and put me in some coffee shop with nice big chocolaty stuff in front of me 🙂 I am a samathu girl 😀

Yesterday on road I saw two different incidents where people were fighting on road as one vehicle hit the other. Fight means physical. I was asking Baj f I take my bike out tomorrow and hit someone, will they hit me even if I ask sorry. Since I didn’t get a convincing reply I wanted to plan everything out. The moment I hit someone even if it is barely two vehicles touching each other , I will immediately fall down with a fake ‘Ahhh I am fainting now’ expression. Yes that is the only way to escape ! But Baj thinks when I take the bike out the whole world will run for their dear life lock themselves up in their home. The Positive Me thinks that way we get a solution for our traffic problem too 😀

OK that’s it for now.

If you feel you dint understand anything in this post and feel as if your brain is blank now then congratulations! Its good to have an empty brain on a Monday morning  as you know empty vessels can hold more food than the already full ones. A week full of load is on the way, be ready Have fun ! 😀

Beat the Heat

OK Children.Now I will share some awesome tips to beat the summer heat. Listen carefully.

Enthu guy from the audience:- Hello Hello Stop! Who asked you to give us free tips??

Huh! Who has to ask. Boss Half of my name is Summer. I am super qualified to give summer tips. And these are all tested OK tips. Please Listen.

The first one, is, ‘Spend time with Kids’. Now you should be careful when you select the kids. If you select anyone above 4 years they will call you “Aunty/Uncle” and that’s not cool. That’s the opposite of cool. That is like sun stopping by earth and doing gangnam style dance on your head. Not cool.Play with small kids. Ask them to tell stories in their mazhalai(baby talk) voice. The cute thing about their stories is they will include the same characters from your story which you had told them a day back and for an hour they just keep on adding characters and the story will end with some great moral like ” summerscript you are my thotho kutti(puppy in tamil baby language) or I am your kaakaa kutti(baby crow) . But once this activity starts you cannot stop it unless the story teller falls asleep in a magic way.

Second one is, go out at 1030 PM, get an icecream and start eating. What’s so cool about it you may ask. Don’t eat it like a boring adult. Let it stain your clothes. Let it  melt and drip. At the end flash a wide grin at your staring husband. Believe me you feel so cool!!

Third one is some serious stuff. Take bath only when the sun is not visible. If you could not, and if it’s past 10 AM, then open the hot water tap and take bath. The water from your storage heater is much much cooler than the one coming from the overhead tank.

Open your fridge, put your head inside the veg basket and pretend search for veggies for a longgg time.

Watch popular hollywood movies  dubbed in your mother tongue. One hour of guaranteed laughter.

Drink rosemilk,Nannari sarbath, lemon juice and eat lot of yellow yellow mangoes. (What! I told you this is a serious talk full of genuine tips)

Stay cool guys! Agni nakshatram is not far, follow these and stay cool!




And I ran…

Last sunday was my first Marathon. Two weeks back I got to know about it but since this was the first time I needed a company.I asked my friend and she agreed.

It was a 5KM run. At first I thought I will run daily in the morning and get some practice and all that. But I never got time (ok, I overslept everyday). And on saturday I got cold and Baj said ‘Go only if you are ok’. I was too excited for this and decided to give it a try though I had no practice.

We both started running, though we could not run the full 5 kms we walked in between and ran, walked, ran walked and finished the 5 KMs. We would have run atleast for 3 kms which itself was surprising. I didnot expect at all. At the end we both were happy and the biggest surprise was there was no pain – nothing .We felt completely OK.

We had an awesome breakfast and came home.The whole day I was talking non-stop explaining Baj how my body is in such a good condition that even after running for about 3 kms I don’t feel tired at all and all nonsense 🙄  He asked me to take rest but I was too active to sleep. He was patiently waiting for the evening to come.

Evening little pain started near my ankle.I ignored it. I was too proud to tell him. 😛

Next morning when I jumped out of bed I felt like someone has taken away part of my legs. There was too much muscle pain. Everytime I tried to get up from sitting position, it was so painful 😦

And my darling friend also had same problem. Everytime we got up in office we looked at each other and laughed so much ! 😀

Today I am completely OK. I am very happy that I tried.

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