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And she’s back..

Amma: The kitkat has changed

Me: *still looking at the computer * Yes ma. Tastes good. Bit costly but love the chocolate.Tastes rich!

Amma: I know right. Don’t look for it in the fridge OK *walks away*

Me: *stares in disbelief*


Amma: Are you giving a treat for your friends in Bangalore for Volt’s birthday?

Me: I am thinking. They are asking. Will invite them home may be. May be not. Not sure ma.

Amma: I think you should.

Me: mmhmm?

Amma: Yeah. And don’t keep it on this sunday or next to next sunday. I am out both weekends.  *walks away*

Me :  *stares in disbelief*


Amma : I want a new phone for my birthday

Me: ok ma…

Amma : Not costly though

Me: OK ma. Do you want data pack so that I can send pics n all?

Amma: No thats unnecessary.

Me: hmm..ok

Amma. But get one with hotstar so that I can watch the 7 pm serial in bus/train

Me : *just stares*


Me : * Mosquitoes..disturbed sleep..woke up in not-so-good mood *

Amma : why you val val-ling like a dog today?

Me: I don’t know ma.. I am just irritated,feeling angry for no reason.

Amma:  * comes and stands near me and in a very soft voice*  Volt is just one.

Me : * gives a puzzled look *     Einnn?

Amma : *with a serious look* Do you have vomiting sensation?

Me : No..why do..waittttt.. Ammmmmaaaaa. I am not pregnant OK!

Amma: OK OK Don’t val val on me .

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Advice yaarukku?

On phone…

Amma :-  Listen carefully. There would be many people coming. They will keep asking you so many questions. Be careful while you answer.

Me: OK ma

Amma:- Some people are just nosey. Don’t blabber everything.

Me: Seri ma.

Amma: You are young  kanna. You don’t know these people. I only have to teach you all these.

Me: Seri ma.. Understandinggggg, old kannaaa *giggling*

Amma: Ayyo, you are too naive. Not all people are good. Be polite but at the same time be firm.

Me: 🙄 ok ok ok

Amma: Think twice before saying anything.

Me: hmmmmmmmmmmm Smiley okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Smiley

Conversation continues for 10 more minutes and we talk about all other useless stuff. Later..

Amma: ok da..I want to tell this aunt x about xyz. I want to put my message strongly but at the same time I don’t want to be rude. <Amma tells me whatever she has prepared to tell aunt x> – does this sound ok?

Me : 🙄 🙄 🙄 *I edit Amma’s dialogue little bit and tell her *

Amma: Sounds better. OK take care and REMEMBER my advice .

Me: !!!!!

Sometimes I feel that she is too innocent and somehow I have to protect her. God Bless her.

** Advice for whom?

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Kitchen Tales

My mother makes the best phulkas in the world (according to me). The first time when B had it he was so surprised that  it could be so soft. He lovvvves them and keeps asking me to learn from her. If I try to make 10 only 4-5 will puff up fully. But my MIL and FIL completely loved the phulkas I made 😀

She has to clean the stove and kitchen platform before eating. No matter how many times I tell her, she follows the same order even if she is super hungry, even if I say I will clean it. Reason- She will get lazy after eating it seems!!

Our kitchen sink will be made clean and empty before going to bed. She cannot sleep with dirty vessels in sink. Only very recently she has given up this habit.

No body can beat my MIL when it comes to proper South Indian Items. Be it softy soft idlis or cripy dosa or 1001 varieties of chutney, she is the best. She tries random combination but the chutney comes out good. Sometimes she even forgets what all she had added but the chutney would be a hit already! 😀

Both my mom and my mil never worry about how much food is left for them –  yes they server everyone and then only eat. We have to beg literally to make them sit with us. They keep serving even if there is nothing left for them. Me? Try taking from my share then you will know the consequences 👿 👿

How can I forget my MIL’s idli sambhar. Litres of sambhar will go in and I lose track of the number of idlis 😀

Ammini Kozhukattai by my amma– slurpppp , wait will go ask her to make it this week and come back.. 😛

OK.. I am back 😀 .. My mom when she puts the clothes for drying, she does it in such a way that you don’t have to iron the clothes at all. It will be dried and folded so neatly.She is an expert in that.(We dry our clothes in kitchen balcony, so this is coming under kitchen tales )

There are so many things about these two ladies that I am very proud of. Generally I don’t sit and think about all these. Thanks to blogathon for giving me a chance to appreciate their hard work and effort.

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We like to make you happy..

Having angry/sad/grumpy people around makes my mother restless. Atleast people close to her should not be angry/grumpy.

Yesterday for no reason I suddenly got all angry+grumpy, was hitting the keyboard with so much force that the letters were so scared to come up after pressing.My mom quickly understood that ss{angry+grumpy} == ss{hungry} and she quickly made paniyaram with idli batter. Now you have to appreciate her here. She did not waste any time in cutting onions or in preparing side dish,she quickly made one batch with plain batter mixed with little idli podi (with mango thokku as side dish) and gave it to me. Once few pieces went in she noticed her daughter dancing like an elephant in the hall ,only then she started all prep work of cutting onions etc. Intelligent move no? 😛

Today morning when maid came, amma noticed that she was not in good mood. I was working from home, so every 10 minutes I was getting an update from amma that how bad our maid’s mood was.How she could easily tell by looking at the way maid was washing the utensils or sweeping the floor. I told her that it is ok to be in bad mood some days and asked amma not to disturb her. Our maid on some days fills drinking water from our home . My mother found two empty bottles, filled them with water and gave it to her while she was leaving. Thankfully our maid smiled and peace returned in our little world 😀

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Of Compliments

How generous are you in giving compliments? Especially when the person involved is not someone you like that much.

If I find the person is already a show off , I wait for a minute. If it is something simple like a nice dress or something and if I know that the person has already started showing off I skip. If there is something big, I try to appreciate.

There are two types of people, people who give compliments genuinely and the other, when they give compliment though it will sound all nice and beautiful you and only you know that they are not actually complimenting you. Second type is dangerous because it is 100 times better if they don’t say any anything at all.Lets not talk about those boring people.

When friends or relatives compliment us, we feel happy. But what really makes me happy is when my amma or B or my cousin brothers  who are very close to me appreciate me. you know why? Because they generally don’t give compliments so easily. That too especially amma. Lets take cooking as an example. When I started cooking, all she would say is ‘yes the dish is good but you can improve there’ . If I wear a very good dress, all she will tell me is  to be careful . There is no direct appreciation like ‘oh you look nice today, Oh the pulav tasted awesome, oh you are a very <insert something nice here> person’.

But you will know that they really like and appreciate what you did.The best part is they will praise you in front of other people when you are not around.They feel proud even if you have just made a simple curd rice.They do not praise you too much in front of you to keep you balanced,level-headed. Not just my amma I have seen many parents/siblings do this. I find it very very sweet. Of course, when it is done in moderation.

Have you overheard(accidentally 😛 )  your parents admire you when you are not around?


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Writing from a train..

I have travelled a lot in train. I love train journeys. Especially if it is in day time, it is the best.I like long journeys too where train is your home for next 22 or 36 hours.

The strong wind against the window seat, the cold drizzle you get during rainy season, various sounds the train makes depending on where it is going – land/bridge, the turns on train routes where you  press your face so hard against the window to see the bending train and sometimes the engine smoke , the family lunch/dinner/snacks , the awesome smell of bajji, bonda, cutlet, samosa when people from pantry car move across your bogie, the confusion regarding which one to buy! , sometimes the awesome people who are strangers yet still nice to you – everything makes me happy, calms down my mind.
What I love the most is the scenery.The vegetation around. Amma always points at various fields and tells me what type of plant it is. She has shown me paddy (which you see the most),cabbage, Avarai kai (broad beans) , manjal (turmeric) , corn , paruthi chedi (cotton plants ) , cashew trees ,sugarcane, sometimes betel leaves and grapes , flowering plants like sunflowers , kanakambaram (firecracker flower – love this name), marigold, lotus and lillies in ponds and so many more which I cannot remember now.
As a kid (as a grown up , now also ) I have seen vegetables as some item which we eat. The feeling of seeing them alive being a part of a plant used to give me so much excitement.
Amma most of the times just looks at the leaves to identify the plants. The train would be moving fast but still she would say..look look Avarai chedi.. When she was a kid she has seen many plants.This reminds me of our chotu tomato  , a lady’s finger and a brinjal plant at home when I was small. There was just 1 or max 2 veggies and then the plant died but the feeling you get when you see it, when you see your own garden’s vegetable! It is just something else!
Also, when I was small there used to be a small hut nearby, they grow keerai (some type of amaranth).When we go ask they pluck it super fresh , tie it and give it to us. When you cook, it will do skating in your throat and reaches your stomach in no time 😀
Now I am in train with baj showing him few plants I know. We just saw cotton field.It is in full bloom.It gives me so much happiness. People are collecting cotton.It is so lovely to watch 🙂 🙂
P.S. Our ancestors when they first saw the cotton plant, how did they think of ..’oh this is so soft, we should make cloth out of it and wear it in summer’.How? How? If it had been me, I am 100% sure that my thought would be “hmmmm so soft ! Boiled cotton garnished with Indian herbs? or Deep fried with a mix of Indian spices?” Definitely!
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Random Ranganayaki Returns !


In the last 15 days of cooking I have hurt myself 3-4 times. Baj has come to a conclusion that I cannot handle knives. Instead of cutting lady’s finger I cut my finger. And my knives (all 3) act very blunt when they cut onions but when it comes to my finger they just get so excited 😡 The latest cut was yesterday’s and it was little deep. When bleeding had stopped and I was OK, baj said ” OK, now we are out of band aids please please wait till get a new batch” 😛 😛



Before marriage , amma used to shout at me often saying ‘you are not doing any work, you should learn cooking, atleast try to wash utensils, lazy donkey ,waste monkey etc etc’. Few days back, I saw  2 missed calls from her and called her . She was tensed as I didn’t pick up the call before. I said ‘ I was washing utensils ma, that is why  I did not pick up the call..tell me’. We spoke for sometime and the next day she comes and tells  me “I could not sleep last night after hearing that you were washing all the paathram , I felt so sad “. I cannot explain here how I felt on hearing this but it took me some time to cool her.


Today morning in bus I was sooo into ‘ponniyin selvan’ that I forgot about blog marathon. Now I cannot think of anything. So , a random post today.

Warning:- Tomorrow if again I don’t get any topic, I will read all your posts , create a new post here and write all the comments here. Visit this space tomorrow to read my comments on your posts 😛 😛

I am loving this blog marathon. I am using my brain daily because of this 😀



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It’s all about her

This one is for Seema, who is missing my amma (hmmpff).


I don’t know who taught her this sudden good habit these days my amma ends her call with a THANK YOU!

Amma:Hello (from chennai)

Me: Hi Amma

Amma:Had lunch kanna?

Me: Yessu

Amma:What did you make?

Me: Jeera rasam

Amma: Don’t make the easy ones always.When will you learn to make sambhar, koottu and all. And please prepare some veggies too.

Me: ooookk ma

Amma: Don’t be lazy. Tomorrow when you get married you will have more responsibilities, you have to cook , work. You need strength.

Me: oooooooook ma

Amma: Did you add salt correctly?

Me: Yes ma 😀 Perfect

Amma: ok. How many times you added salt?

Me: err.. I wanted to be careful so added little first ,tasted it and added more..Like that mmm 7 times ma 😀 ehehehehe

Amma: Ayyooo.. Learn it. You should measure with your eyes and add it in one go. Only then tomorrow when you make it for 4, 8, 12 people you will be able to judge how much salt you need to add and all.

Me: ooooooook. But I am just being cautious.

Amma: No. Its the wrong way!

Me: Seri. ok. I will try.

Amma: Eat properly . Clean kitchen sink and wash basin. Keep the vessels in place.

Me: oooooooooo kayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Amma: Take care. THANK YOU. bye


Everyday after reaching office  I have to give her a missed call. And if she is out of town I have to give a missed call after reaching home too. She calculates time and waits patiently for extra ten minutes. Then panic only.

That day I reached office, saw aloo parata in canteen and forgot to give missed call ok. She was not in town.After sometime I get a missed call from her.Then only it strikes me and I give her a missed call again indicating I reached safe 😉 . But looks like she is not happy. I get another missed call from her. I call.

Me: Hello ma.. what happened why orey missed calling?

Amma: Why didn’t you give me a missed call after reaching office?

Me: Sorry ma. I forgot.

Amma: ok ok I got scared. That is why I gave you the first missed call.

Me: ok ok. Ya then I gave you one missed call no. Why did you give me another missed call?

Amma: The missed call you gave was for my missed call only na. “I reached safe” missed call you never gave.

Me: 😕 😕

Amma: ok ok. Take care. Thank You . Bye.


Sometimes she calls , says whatever she wanted to say and ‘tok’  hangs. Never waits for a response.

Amma: Hello

Me: He..

Amma: Don’t buy curd from outside. prepare it at home. Drink milk. take care. Thank you . bye,

Me: o..

Amma: “tok” beep beep beep

Me: !!


She expects me to give a missed call as soon as I reach the destination,but when I expect the same she gives awesome excuses. As soon as she sees her sister she forgets everything.

Me: Hello Amma (shouting on phone)

Amma: (hahahaha in the background) Yesss

Me: You reached?

Amma: haaha…long back, train reached early you know!

Me: Oho. Where is the missed call madam?

Amma: oh.. I gave you a missed call. You didn’t get it.

Me: !!!!


I am coming back from office

Amma: Hello

Me: Enna ma?

Amma: You had good lunch today?What time will you reach home?

Me: Will reach in 15 mins

Amma: oh ok. Are you hungry?

Me: No ma.

Amma: Are you very hungry? You sound hungry.

Me: mm.. yes a little

Amma: You must be very hungry kanna. Buy two samosas and kachoris from our fav shop ok. We will have a late dinner 😀 😀 😀

Me: 😀 ok ma

Have a good weekend !! 🙂







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My amma has one younger sister and two brothers. Whenever we go to my chithi’s (amma’s sister) house, these two ladies just grab every chance they get and go out and talk about all possible things in this world. I know all sisters are like that. My amma and chithi are two different personalities . My chithi is very brave. Amma is scared of everything but sometimes she comes out of her shell with so much strength you can’t even imagine!! But generally she is very paavam type.

When guests (not all but if some high profile people visit us) come to our home, my amma will welcome them, make them feel comfortable and then next thing she will do is run into the kitchen and prepare food for them. She gets little nervous and shy and will find it slightly difficult to start casual talk. My chithi is just the opposite, she will pull a chair sit with them and talk about all possible things, laugh and have fun.They both are cute in their own ways.

Once one of my office friend’s parents had come to stay in our house.They are from Hyderabad so language problem was there. My amma took good care but when it comes to talking there was a block. She was not very confident about her English and they din’t know hindi. First day they managed with their Telugu-Tamil milk shake but I found amma most of the times inside the kitchen only. She was shy . The first and foremost hurdle she faces when it comes to talking to new people is “what if I say something wrong”. Anyway first day went with amma fully in kitchen. Later that day when the guests had gone out for some shopping I gave amma “Boost is the secret of my energy”  talk. Next day to my surprise instead of using me as a pigeon/postman she directly went and asked the guests what they wanted. “Sir you want tea or coffee,  tiffin you want?, Hot water ok? Shopping over? ” I was doing some office work ,when I heard her talking I dropped everything and came running. The smile on her face – just like a kid who had  accomplished reciting all the rhymes you taught him without any mistake in front of a huge crowd – was chanceless (OK,All of you run and grab the cubicle partition or restroom door and knock vigorously shouting touchwood touchwood )

My chithi is a rockstar. We had just shifted to Pune. Amma knows broken Hindi. Chithi  has never spoken hindi before.We went for shopping bought some utensils there and Guess who did the bargaining!! My darling chithi ! “Price evalo(how much) hai”,Price jaasthi hai” 😛 😛 😛 . And guess who ran and  answered the door every single time? My one and only chithi. She is like- Language what language I will keep talking, one day you will just get a hang of it and will start following me!!! Till then Nanri(thanks) hai for listening!! 😀 (Run again pls)  😉

When my amma sends me in a bike and prays to God till I return home safe, my chithi kicks my cousin out asking her to learn bike by herself, its ok to fall while learning.

Both my chithi and amma have seen lot of things, bad things in life.They have suffered a lot. When amma has problem, my chithi would pep her up and similarly when chithi has something bothering her mind, she has to talk to amma(Break that restroon door I say) .

Amma is slowly trying to act brave. She needs someone to boost her confidence. I know she is trying hard. Few days back Amma was travelling alone in train.She said a 50 something man was sitting opposite to her and kept staring. It made her very uncomfortable. But you know what she did?When her station came she took her bag and “accidentally” 😛 dropped it on his foot. When she told me this, she was so proud ,she said ‘you know it was atleast 3-5 kgs.I dropped it on purpose and best part is I din’t even say sorry!’ She sounded very childish but she never mentioned that she was scared, all she said was she felt uncomfortable and angry and in her own way she punished him! 🙂

Brave or childish, shy or straightforward these sisters have one thing in common. They love their daughters endlessly. They can handle any problem coming against them, but they will never let anyone hurt their daughters.Their biggest weak point is seeing their daughters cry!They want their daughters to be brave. They want their daughters to face the problems with courage and solve them!




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Frog story..true story

In the previous post I had mentioned ‘meeting’ a frog after a long time is the full story

I went to my hometown, stayed at my relative’s place. It is a very calm place with houses here and there. So frogs, snakes , cows, goats, dogs , rats, lizards are regular visitors !!During the 4 days stay, my mother had to go to her hometown for some work. I did not go as my youngest cousin had come.

One evening, I took some biscuits and kara sev from the kitchen. When I turned back I noticed a frog staring at me . It was giving a “huh I can jump on you any moment, Run for your life!! 1! 2! 3!..” look. I froze for a moment and called my aunt for rescue. She took a broom and slowly moved the frog out of the kitchen. When the frog tried to enter the room, I ran ,came to the hall and did ‘stand up on the bench’ . At that moment I thought the bench in the hall is the safest place on this planet 🙄 . Now if I think about it I was so stupid. Any frog could easily jump and reach that bench . Anyway I think the frog was equally stupid and went out without checking the bench. I escaped !!(I didnot allow my aunt to open the front door till next day fearing that it would come back)

My mother came back from her hometownthe next day and I explained the whole story with so much hype and drama. For few minutes she did not show any reaction. Then slowly she tells me this

“Yesterday when folding one of the clothes , I saw something falling on the floor.But because of all the things going on at home  and also I was in a hurry na to catch a bus to hometown I failed to notice it. I think I think it was a frogqqq”

Now tell me …tell me who is irresponsible!!!!

We both looked at each other for few seconds without uttering a word and started laughing!!!!