Suspicious Summer Menu

We are at grandparent’s place and it is summer holidays. Double damaka for volt.

Its been only 2 weeks and she is already bored. Not knowing what to do, she is trying all crazy stuff. Yesterday I saw her sweeping the floor with her hair. ** Pausing for a minute here so that you can imagine the sight **

Her favourite timepass so far is to steal real stuff from kitchen and prepare some really innovative dishes.

For the curious minds, here I am sharing the recipes

Kheer :-

This kheer is unlike any other kheer . You would have never tried this one. Once you know the recipe you would never want to try this one. This kheer is made with very premium quality kitchen tissue. Soak 1-2 tissues (Premium quality is a must, otherwise it won’t dissolve properly ). Close the lid properly and occasionally keep stirring vigorously.

Mask for your face is a must.

Very Questionable Mosambi Juice :-

Take handful of urad dal, mix a glass of water. Do a vigorous stirring. Strain off the water carefully and (the most important part) keep the glass very close to Appa’s real mosambi juice. It was a lucky day for Appa, he narrowly escaped.

Other dishes which are in trial stage for now involve ingredients like groundnut shells, elaichi skin etc. We will share the recipe soon.

We are looking for volunteers who can try and taste these dishes and give their generous feedback. Free life insurance for first 10 volunteers. Hurry!!!



The wait is over – 68

So the angel heard it after all. She is two days late but given the road condition that is forgiven.. Hehe

Comfort – 72

Old faded t-shirts – bonus points if it is super loose

Airy night pants – bonus points if it has a pocket

Hair in its natural frizzy curly adavadi manner

Curd rice/aval and mor molagai

Favorite TV show/book with jollable actors/characters

A blank mind

Sometimes happiness is all about finding comfort in simplest of the things, right?

All India Radio – Day 74*

*I simply skipped the less happy days to catch up with you guys

All these events happened in a span of an hour. I am paavam.

I am not supposed to lift anything heavy and also not my kid. My daughter understood it soon enough but I was the one sulking , saying nonsense stuff around the house ” How can one mother not lift her own child boohoooo” and all those drama.

On the eventful day, I really forgot. She was standing on the cot and I lifted her. I forgot. She remembered. She was very happy. She told me ” Amma ni enna thookitta ” with a wide grin (Amma you lifted me). Before you go “Awww”, listen to the full story. She went and told everyone at home.

Too many glares and stares at me. I kept saying everyone that she misunderstood , i was only hugging her and she jumped from bed on her own , just my hands were on her (nonsense!). But she kept repeating “Illa Amma enna thookitanga” (No Amma really lifted me). phew.. Had to hide in the bathroom till the storm subsided.

After 15 minutes, I am frantically searching for my watch. I misplaced it. and I know that if my mom gets to know she will start from”How forgetful am I” to “How I am causing environmental pollution”. Daughter comes and asks and I tell her (Big mistake) She goes and tells everyone. “Amma lost her watch.. All of you form teams and search”. Now my house members form teams like Theeran adhigaram onru and everyone is searching all over India. My fil is tensed. Again lot of unwanted glares and stares. I hide in my cupboard. My mom finds the watch. My kid snatches it and puts it under sofa, goes around the house shouting “watch ah kaanum watch ah kaanum”(watch is missing two times). Then crawls under the sofa and obviously finds the watch and shouts “I got it”. Now except my mom everyone stares and glares thinking how can anyone misplace a watch under a sofa. As I said I am paavam ya.

Next I go into kitchen to fill water in my bottle and the lid is missing. I never learn OK. I go and ask my daughter is she took it. Now replace the word watch in above paragraph with bottle lid. Thankfully by this time everyone gets the hang of it and what started out as Gaptun’s chatriyan(serious cop movie)  finally ended as Gaptun’s Narasimha(seriously funny cop movie). What fun! I am paavam though.

Rainy lazy – 96

It is a picture post today. Sundays are going to be samayal Sundays for what gives happiness more than a simple home cooked food.

Mysore rasam is my favorite. Paruppu thogaiyal is one of my comfort food. It’s a rainy day today and Sunday too. So tadaa.. Mysore rasam and paruppu thogaiyal

Little things – 99

Kids teach us hell a lot of things.

One of the most important lesson is finding joy in simple things. We may buy a 100 fancy toys, but a 10 minute session of singing/dancing like crazy will bring so much laughter.

We may buy a fancy kitchen set, but fighting with Paati to use the real cooker/utensils/dal/curry leaves/kitchen cloth/turmeric powder/salt/list goes on and stealing onion from shelf gives the real kick (I found a bulb of garlic tucked deep inside my new clothes shelf- natural deodorant I guess!!)

Once we planned for a 3 day outing , we stayed at a very simple yet beautiful home stay. We were supposed to go visit some nice hills and falls. But darling volt enjoyed walking around the tiny garden in the home stay more than anything. So we cancelled all other plans and sat there in the garden all 3 days enjoying the birds and trees along with her . It was a happy trip. Very refreshing.

Slowly I am learning from her to sit and enjoy all these simple stuff and feel really happy about it instead of searching it somewhere else. The definition of peace and happiness differ from person to person but for me I think it lies in these happy little things.



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