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Day 4 -of leaves and flowers

Till I was in school, we used to have a nice garden at home. Lemon, mango , banana,coconut, hibiscus, many rose plants , don’t know their English names flowering plants, jasmine, crotons, tomato, snake guard, snakes pretending to be a plant .So many we had. Garden used to e my study area.

We also had fencing with plants. Which meant you have book in one hand and a stick,stem , leaf or flowers in other. the peace those plants would bring cannot be compared.

Moved to the city and we completely lost that feeling. I tried to grow plants in pots but frequent travel spoiled everything. And believe me you get attached to your plants pretty quick that when you see them dying it hurts bad.

My mother always says that plants are a huge responsibility.

Last month , getting inspired from one of our friends we kick started our gardening project again. 4 pots. Tomato brinjal ladys finger and coriander.

After a week of singing and watering the babies came out. Then I realised that I have made a big mistake. I have planted too many seeds in a pot.

I don know how to shift the saplings without causing damage. Any experts out there, need your help please.

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Amma kaanummm*

Ammmaaaa…kaaanummmm  (Lets play hide and seek)

I will close my eyes only for 0.75 seconds and then I will start peeking.OK. Its been too long. Let me find out amma.

Ah! She is not there in that place where she hid last time. Let me check the place where she hid last to last time.Not there too.

This lady will never understand the game..ufff.Lets ask appa where she is.

Appaaaaa..Ammaa kaanummm  😯

Appa gives hint..I see Amma..But let me continue the drama a bit longer..

Paaati.. Ammmaa kaanummmm.. aah aaah  😯  😯  achucho Ammaaa kaanummm

Everyone has to play along. Paati also acts shocked.

OK.Lets end this. Finds amma with a shock on face. Ammmaaaaaaaa..

I win.

Lets play again.

Ammaaaaa Kaaanummmmmmm

*Amma missingggg

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Phase/Face full of Expressions

Two years back my niece was exactly in that phase where she would show 1000 expressions in 60 seconds, talks non-stop in full fledged mazhalai, sings , dances ,hugs and kisses without any problem. Now volt is in such phase.

Be it happiness, anger or sadness or shock, everything is shown on face . That too it is amplified and shown at jyothika level. If I drop a vessel in kitchen she will come running and shout “achucho” with full shock. When she does something naughty she has this very mischievous smile on her face. She shows that she is feeling shy when we ask her to repeat something. And she manages not to show any expression when we scold her. She maintains a plain face and when we are done she tries to change our mood by doing goofy stuffs. I don’t know where she learns all this.

Also she repeats what everyone says at our house. Mostly it will be gibberish but in the exact same tone. She sings if someone sings on TV. She dances for her favourite tunes. Yesterday she said my maid’s name and my maid became super happy on hearing that. She kept on asking in bengali but we were too shy to repeat.

She is also becoming more social these days. Before she used to cry so much when someone comes to our home. Now as long as they don’t touch her she is fine. She plays. She calls them mama if guy..akka/mami if a girl.

I am not recording any of her baby talks or expressions in my phone or camera. It all happens at unexpected times and we don’t even think about recording these. I will make use of this blogathon and try to record some atleast.


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Pizzavum Pastavum

2015 was all about food. OK. 2012,1=2013,2014,2015 were all about food. 2016 is going to be about food.. but balanced food. If I eat DeathByChocolate a day I will eat good amount of fruits and veggies too the same week- is my motto ( 🙄 😆 )I want to be leeeeetle health conscious this year. That I why I decided to eat Pizza on Jan 1st!!

Homemade Pizza… 😀

When it comes to trying new food I have a good quota of beginner’s luck because in my cooking history no dish has come out as tasty as it came out first time. B knows this well. He never says lets make this dish again. But pizza..we both were little skeptical even for the first time.We didnot have high hopes.

One of my friend had come home and together we started. We followed this recipe and actually it was not that difficult. The sauce that she has mentioned I have prepared many times at home for pasta so my only challenge was getting the bread right.It came out really well that even my mom appreciated 😀

We also made coriander+walnut pesto pasta without any cheese and it was yum too. A very satisfactory attempt.

When we sat down to eat, volt very badly wanted to feed me. I think she is really angry with the way I feed her food. Because everytime she put the stainless steel fork in my mouth, it was this close to piercing my upper jaw and reaching my irreplaceable brain.After 3 spoons/forks I could not take the risk, so I gave her a spoon instead. And this rowdy with a smirk on her face kept feeding me empty spoons!! Me being me started eating with my hand and emptied the plate in no time huhaha

Some pictures 😀





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Tamizh Pulavi Volt*

Note: When you read the words in bold, give one jerk and stress the last letter/syllable as much as you can!

Paa  -> Paattu ..meaning play songs/rhymes

Paapi -> Kaapi .. ypou are drinking coffee

Paal -> Milk which I will ask but won’t even touch it

Paai -> Mat

Achaaaa.. Achaaa <screaming> -> I did su-su. Somebody help! or I will start patting/splashing

Nanni -> thanni..meaning water

Inneee -> Feed me amma..NOW

phooo -> Poova poonum sollalam.. pushpam nu sollalam.. neenga solra mariyum sollalam.. Meaning Flower

shfoo -> Shoe..meaning I want to go out NOW

aan aan aanaahn aaahn -> small talk

aaahn <pause> aaahn <pause> aaahn <pause> aahn -> I am praying. Be ready, next second I will snatch the krishna photo and run away.

paatti, thatha -> grandma..grandpa

Ammaaa -> First time calling you

mummeee -> I did something wrong..trying to distract you now

Ammmaaaaaaaa -> Second time calling

mummeeyov -> what is so important to you amma.. Will you come here or not!

Bujappa -> My appa

Munimmaaa -> When I need my mother’s attention immediately

lollee -> Lorry

There is more. Mazhalai** mazhai*** will continue ….

* Tamil poet volt

** Baby talk

*** rain

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My very own Personalized alarm clock

6 AM.
It’s little cold. (Chennai can be cold in the mornings. Now close your mouth please)
I check volt as usual her blanket is nowhere to be seen. I grab it and praying all Gods slowly put it on her.
Two little legs rise by 90 degrees and a head slowly turns .
I close my eyes tight and pretend to be sleeping. Not sure how much time I have in my hands now.
Aavvavv vaavvv…yaiyyy ya
The litte devil touches my face.
Still motionless.
Slowly I can feel the kutti monkey getting up and climbing on me. She lies down on me.
When I think that she will just lie down quietly on me..
She bit my nose. Now how can someone resist this alarm clock 🙂

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From the brightest city on earth

When all you can see outside is saree and jewellery ads…
When you remove your sweater,cap and socks and throw them away on amma’s face and shout thathathatha..
When you are finally diaper free…
When a little drop of soap produces one tub full of bubbles ( thanks to the amazing water)…
When you get down from lift you hear the music of “tudung tudung..ningal parthu kondu irupathu ungal sun tv yil thamizh maalai”…
When your hair suddenly turns into a Karr murr consistency and looks like Maggi noodles…
When a bright ray of sunshine makes you squint your eyes and brings a bright smile on your face…
You know you have landed in Chennai 😀

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Sunday mornings

Suddenly there is silence, no tat tat noise of toys, no sound from TV. Mommy elephant is wondering whats happening. She is having her breakfast in the room – idly with onion chutney. Then she hears a song “dinggg donggg dinggg dong..”

In few minutes daddy elephant on all fours is slowly swaying and entering the room. The baby-daughter elephant quickly follows with a smile showing off her two brand new teeth. The father elephant leading the baby elephant keeps sweeping the floor so that baby elephant does not get distracted by small dust particles. The baby has sharp eyes.

The father elephant has to stop and turn once in a while to check on baby elephant for two reasons.. 1. The baby elephant is a rash driver.. walks too fast and falls down easily 2. Baby elephant stops to check every dust pasrticle/cracks on the floor. Mommy elephant gets up seeing the two elephants and tries to get out of the room to get more idlis. But the daddy and baby elephants knock her with their heads and block her way.Not just the room but the whole house fills with laughter.