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Day 18 – dik dik

I used to have very unrealistic dreams often. I wake up sweating taking time to differentiate between dream and reality. But they kind of made sleeping a super fun activity. I mean come on where else can you walk in 135 degrees, play throwball with crocodile, dig a hole and park your car.

But last couple of months the dreams got so boring. No adventure stuff. So to spice things up I got couple of Stephen king’s novels in Chennai book fair.

King is my most favourite author. I never believed that books can give same effect as horror movies. I mean no visual effects, no sudden sounds. Those are the basic elements of horror movies right. But after reading the shining by king everything changed. I was so scared of bathrooms at night. After reading IT by king I was scared of drains. It may sound weird but I love reading horror novels because of him. Not the disgusting gory types. The one that can keep you in suspense waiting for the ghost to appear but scare you at the same time making your imagination run wild in all directions.

I have also read a portion of madhan’s manidhanum marmangalum which I got in last year book fair. I liked it.

Ok I started somewhere went somewhere else. Do you like reading horror books? What’s your favourite genre? Write a post about it no?

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Day 9 – The story tag

Continued from

As she waited for the door to open, pictures from her past whizzed by.

*Mosquito coil* (flashback ya)

She was just 5. It had been just 2 months since her father was posted in Rajasthan. A cold unfamiliar place and a huge house. But those were her best times in life. She was always happy. Always. Nothing could wipe that smileout of her face. Never bored. Always had company to play with. One or the other would always come to play. The backyard swing was their favourite place. The creek of the uncoiled swing and their laughter will always be in sync. It was a song. A happy song.

But she never understood her parents.why were they always sad. Why did they always talk in low voice. Why did they get angry everytime she went near the swing.why  had they stopped cooking all nice things. Why did they never smile when she told her play time stories. Why did they hate her friends. Why did they kept on saying that there is no friend. Why did they invite that uncle bhoot Rajan to their home.

She hated him instantly. Whenever he was at home her friends refused to play with her. That made her sad and angry. Then all of a sudden they left Rajasthan. Why why why

Knowing that the answers may be at the other side of the door made her impatient.

She heard footsteps…Very clumsy it sounded

Passing it to the great BM –

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Mr. Sun Sun Mr. Golden Sun

Please shine down on meeeee…

So bugged with this winter.I don’t know how people who are in REAL winter regions manage. Till last year I was totally a winter person. I love the cool breeze, morning dew, the dogs curled up in the non-scorching warm sunlight,the smoke that escapes from your mouth without actually smoking a cigaret etc,

But this year somehow I am not at all liking this weather. My skin has become so dry that 5 ml oil gets evaporated/absorbed in 5 secs. The wind seems to be causing body ache, the cold floor which is making me to walk like Kate Winslet in Titanic (walking on big toe)..I don’t even want to talk about hairfall. One thing is sure, next winter I won’t be talking about hairfall at all b’coz there won’t be any hair left to fall!!! Grrrrrrrr

Since when did I start hating winter so much 😦 when when when

May be it’s the book I am reading where winter= dark and dangerous.I think it’s the book.Why else would I hate a weather which was made just to eat hot hot bajjis and pakodas with garamo garam chai.


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Happy 2016 and Good Night

I felt like someone was moving the chairs and then realized that people are bursting crackers to welcome 2016. I was drifting back to sleep but noticed that volt was turning And twisting, basically unable to sleep .  I prepared muscle for a long night.
As expected she started crying..  First she said she was doing su su.. I told her that it was ok as she was in diapers.. Then she said the following@ in the next 5 seconds
Ammaa paal (milk)
Ammaa lala ( that she wants to sleep in her thooli)
Ammaa bbye (we will go tomorrow morning kanna)
Ammmaa caaar
Ammmaa no beep beep.. Ammmaa pom pom

Then she started crying aloud.. I asked her what she wanted she said she wanted to see photos 🙄 i showed her few and she went on commenting like aiiii amma.. Wowww appa while the real  me and b were staring at each other unable to  comprehend what was going on. We three shook hands formally and wished happy new year.
In ten minutes we reached our
destination lala and i gave her her stuffed elephant to hug.. She wanted me to sing her favourite elephant song.  Now, 1:15 AM is generally not the time when my shruthi is properly set and all.  So i didn’t want to risk it.  I told her that i will sing that in the morning and now i will just do the magical sleep inducing music..
I started doing that magical music.. 10 minutes into that, I had a major realisation..  This sound which i make closely resembles the sound that house lizards make and recently i noticed that there are more lizards in my house.. Is that possible that those lizard guys are mistaking my music to be their.. Err.. Call and increasing their population?.. I stopped immediately and modified that sound hoping that it should not match the sound of cockroach..  I  don’t t even know what noise these cockroaches make..  So many problems!!!
But the real problem was not solved.. She was still awake.. There were dogs shouting and she was telling me ammaa thotho lollol ammaa thotho lollol ammaa thotho lollol..  Then she wanted to see the moon.  I tried to explain the concept of ammavasai but she did not get it.  So i simply told her that the moon went to sleep.. We xan see sun in the morning..  1 hr 10 mins.. Now finally she started sleeping…
But i am unable to.  There is just one thought in my stomach.. Whether to start the new year with badam halwa or a nutty chocolate?? ** walks into kitchen quietly **

Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year!!!!

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what is this new technique

Read this post by GB…Same thing happened to me.

A well dressed man in bike came to me when I was walking back from office few weeks back (I was close to my home) and asked me where the nearest mechanic is. I pointed to the nearest one. Then he asked if he can lend me some petrol!!

I was walking and I don’t need petrol for that. I  agree that I sometimes call food as my petrol but never even thought of drinking/carrying actual petrol. Anyway . I stood perplexed. Then he asked where I work, where I stay. Before I could answer he said “you must be staying nearby can you get some petrol” I said no.Then he asked for money. The moment he said money I started walking. He tried calling me but I didnot turn back. After few steps I got scared.

What if he is following me, what if he finds out my home. I thought of changing route if he was still there but when I checked he was gone..with his bike which seemed to be running ON PETROL!!!

Now what GB shared sounds too similar isn’t it?

Another incident..I was walking from office to my bus stop. A gang of women and men came to me and asked if I can speak Hindi. For some reason I went ahead without answering. After few steps I stopped felt terrible for not helping. I thought of going back and helping them.It was a main road,what could happen. For some strange reason, my brain refused to go back and I had this urge to keep going and not turning back.

Two days later, again similar gang, at same place asking same question!

I am telling you today I am really scared to help people.All these are happening in broad daylight where vehicles keep moving.Though one part of my mind feels guilty for not being helpful, the other part says “Better safe than sorry”

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Random Ranganayaki 7

Since I have a lot of work but nothing seems to be working I took a break and came here. I am just going to blabber really random stuff for next few minutes.Feel free to Not ignore!! Come on..its friday!

Too many mosuitoes… hot weather .. windows open at night..too many mosquitoes. Since these doctors told us not to use any mosquito repellent creams/machines etc for baby…Every night for 30 minutes I play tennis with mosquitoes (the mosquito killer bat). The bat which we have is a very user friendly one because as soon as you switch it on it starts making “pata pata” sound before even spotting a mosquito! Customer Satisfaction- amam !!! So mostly I end up killing the mosquitoes by hitting and squeezing them with the bat.

We have this net and all but no matter what I do there is always a family of mosquitoes inside that net.Frustrated and having none of the techniques working for me I came up with this brilliant idea. I lured the mosquitoes towards me by showing off my legs. No I don’t have legs like Deepika Padukone and all.I think I just have lot of blood (And thats why I look fat , OK) and tried to attract the mosquitoes towards me instead of the baby. And it worked.Morning when I checked volt she didnot have any new red bumps..

Me? mmmm *still scratching *

OK. I am tired of typing “mosquitoes”.

After a long time I got a bizarre dream but I don’t want to talk about it because someone choked in the dream and the way she was saved was almost similar to unclogging a kitchen sink. So yeah ..lets not talk about it.

Volt is growing up so fast.. so so fast..I decide to work every night after she sleeps but so much drama happens trying to put her to sleep that I get tired and doze off sometimes before she does.

Hope you all are doing fine. Take care.. Have a good weekend.

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Tag: Lets cook up a story

Long back when I was only a reader not a blog writer I came across this “story tag”. I searched for it today but could not find out at all. So whoever invented this tag,if you are reading this, I am taking it.

The idea is simple.I start a story and I will tag you.You have to continue the story and tag another person and he or she will continue.

Few simple rules:

1. You cannot end the story.

2. You can introduce as many characters as you want but cannot kill a character.

3. You can change the genre anytime from romance to thriller to mystery to comedy.

4. The story-part should have 50-100 words.

5.If you don’t want to continue, feel free to tag someone else or me again.

6. Before starting your part give a link to the previous part, something like this “..Continued from here”  and attach the link.

7. If possible, add the link to your post in the comments section here.


The rain had just stopped. Apart from the occasional sound of an auto or bike wading through the stagnant water, the evening was unusually calm.Mira opened the window to let the cool air in. It was a very hectic day at the hospital.The chilly breeze stung her face but soothed her raging heart.

knock knock thud thud thud…

“I know you are in there Mira.. Now come out…


I am tagging BM.

Remember, The sooner you take up this tag the faster the story will grow.Lets see what kind of story we come up with by the end of this blogathon.

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Random Ranganayaki – 7

Out of ideas today,hence random ranganayaki returns..

Separation Anxiety is showing off a lot these days in Volt. She refuses to leave me and hugs me tight when people try to take her away from me. I am enjoying all the attention .


I got my gift.It was a very pretty shiny green colored gift wrapper with hearts all over it (Hoping that it was selected by B and not the shop keeper). Best part was it had an “I Love You” note. Considering both me and B are not good in giving presents or writing all romantic messages, it sure made me a very happy child 😀


Now since I work from home I am always in my pyjamas and I simply use one aloe vera gel for moisturizing.That’s all. No kajal , no earring nothing.


I don’t know why I said the above thing.


I bought a quilling kit and with one of my friends I am planning to create some nice earrings.

Caution: Expect a picture post


I stopped a book I was reading and suddenly took Sherlock Holmes (The hound of the Baskervilles)and finished it in one go. Thoroughly enjoyed it.


I desperately searched Google to find some cool tags/awards which we can all take up in this blogathon but I didnot find anything new.

Caution: I might come up with some seriously silly tag in near future.


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Monday Monster

Before I start cribbing let me tell you that I spend good amount of time watching tv,go out with B and volt,eat whatever I like, my mother helps me to take care of volt when I work. But inspite of all these last night I could not sleep. Something was bothering me.
I feel that I am not giving my 100 percent in work. On the other hand I am not doing much for volt either. I feel bad that I am not doing well on both sides. I feel guilty. Sometimes.. rarely I even feel like crying.Last night was one such night where I could not find peace. It took time to go to sleep.

To make myself feel better I have asked help from few people.

1. Cousin K

Me: Hi

K: Hello di akka

Me: I am depressed. Please send me a gift.Make sure it is gift wrapped , should also have a bow.

K: I am also sad di.

Me: Oh.. I will also send you a gift , OK?

K: OK done!

2. Amma

Me: I want gift amma.

Amma :.. o… (before she finishes)

Me: I will send you a list

Amma: Achucho (laughs and goes away)

Not sure if she took it seriously

3. B

Me: Today is a good day to buy me a present. Gift wrap must. With a card which says “You are doing good”.

Me: Ideas are fancy pen stand, colorful stick notes or Nice notebook

Now, I am just waiting for my presents to make my day better.

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Dreams and Blogathon 2014

Day before yesterday I had a dream. A kaakaa (crow – Why do I have a feeling that I write more about kaakaa in this blog than anyone else) is flying above my head, I am still sleeping,it is dark..suddenly the kaakaa does… what else a kaakaa will do when it is just above your head! that only.But just in time I roll in bed and escape.Thankfully the rolling part happened in real and the dream didnot continue.

And yesterday I had a dream in which I am solving fractions 1/2 + 3/4 + something I don’t remember now. Why brain why? Of all the problems in the world why do you choose to solve a Maths problem??


Today when I sat down for the last post of this blogathon,I kept thinking for 15 minutes.From philosophy to Garlic kulcha so many things came across my mind but then I decided to write about my blogathon experience itself.

My posts don’t follow any rules. They don’t convey any message. They are just random.They don’t even qualify as something written by an adult. But I have no regrets. I am happy to put down all my silly thoughts ,I don’t have to act matured here.  And I have fun. But even behind this there is some work.

Everyday after I reach home, after finishing dinner (stomach has to be full otherwise mind won’t work – sorry Valluvar! ) I sit in front of my laptop and start thinking. I keep my face so serious that till today both B and my amma are thinking that I am doing only office work 😉 . So they don’t disturb me at all 😀 Somedays amma will even ask me to take rest and take a break from work 😛 😛 Something will click and I will start writing about it. I save it and go to sleep. Next day after reaching office I read my post again and if I have anything new to add I add it and publish.

Once that is done the fun starts.I read all my favourite blogs ,only after that I have my breakfast and start working. This month was really fun. Though it was tiring, everyday when I hit the publish button I felt good. I have started reading many new blogs due to this blogathon. Now I know a bunch of lovely people because of this 😀 – You guys are awesome – keep writing 🙂

Another awesome part which Tharani had already mentioned was our ‘discussion’. Many days I have sent her a  message asking if she has prepared the post for next day and trouble her to give me some topics too 🙂

Ending with a good news: Those who took “Being patient” as your new year resolution, I can give you a certificate that you all have achieved it.Yes, if you read all my posts all 31 days then that would mean only one thing. You guys have more patience than you really think! So one done in your list 😀 And if you have commented also, then you have mastered it! Congratulations!