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Potato podi(powder)

My mother always makes this podi with mor kozhambu. While everyone else mixes mor kozhambu with rice and eats I hog on this podi alone. Hot rice, one spoon ghee mixed with this podi and mor kozhambu as side dish makes me the happiest person on earth.

After marriage I made this podi at home and B too started liking it. When my mom makes it, I ask her to prepare in bulk and I eat it for breakfast,lunch and dinner.Will never get bored of this. I made it last week. Unfortunately I don’t have any pics. You know food goes from stove to photo/video and all never crosses my mind.

I will share the recipe, try it once.

1.Boil one medium sized potato in pressure cooker, peel the skin and mash it.It is ok to have small lumps that makes it even more tastier.

2. Take one tsp oil, add 4-5 tbsp of toor dal and 3-4 chillies (add more according to your spice level), add a pinch of asafoetida powder, roast till the dal turns golden.

3. Shift the contents to a plate immediately so that they don’t burn. Once it cools down ,add salt and grind it into a coarse powder.

4. Now mix the mashed potato with the above podi.

5. Take hot rice, add one spoon of ghee, add some podi mix it and eat it with papad.Yummmm. Mor kozhambu is the best jodi for this.

The beauty of this dish is even if the potato qty is too much or too less it will still taste good . If potato is too much you can always make the above powder in 2 mins and add it.

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Mayavaram Pesto Pasta

This hardly two lines recipes is being published as a new post by popular demand…ahem..

  1. Boil the pasta in salted water for 10-15 mins according to pack instructions. If you are like me , the quantity of pasta you use will be 1.5 times the actual amount required because 1/3 rd of it will go into your stomach in the name of tasting ( or just because you are bored to stand near the stove)
  2. Strain and keep it safe
  3. Take one big bunch of coriander, wash it . I removed the super thick stems but kept the soft ones and of course the leaves 😀
  4. Take one green chilli and 2-3 garlic cloves and dry roast in a pan, keep aside.
  5. Take a handful of walnut or almond or a mix of both ..lightly dry roast.
  6. Now grind coriander leaves+walnuts+salt+garlic+chilli,then slowly add 2-3  tbsp of extra virgin olive oil and run the mixie in pulse mode.
  7. Now mix this paste with cooked pasta and top it with store brought italian herbs.
  8. I don’t add cheese as B does not like it.Still it tastes great.
  9. You can fry some veggies like capsicum, zuchhini , broccoli in olive oil and add it to this pasta .
  10. And that is how we brought Italy to Mayavaram..

Nanri… Vanakkam…

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Pizzavum Pastavum

2015 was all about food. OK. 2012,1=2013,2014,2015 were all about food. 2016 is going to be about food.. but balanced food. If I eat DeathByChocolate a day I will eat good amount of fruits and veggies too the same week- is my motto ( 🙄 😆 )I want to be leeeeetle health conscious this year. That I why I decided to eat Pizza on Jan 1st!!

Homemade Pizza… 😀

When it comes to trying new food I have a good quota of beginner’s luck because in my cooking history no dish has come out as tasty as it came out first time. B knows this well. He never says lets make this dish again. But pizza..we both were little skeptical even for the first time.We didnot have high hopes.

One of my friend had come home and together we started. We followed this recipe and actually it was not that difficult. The sauce that she has mentioned I have prepared many times at home for pasta so my only challenge was getting the bread right.It came out really well that even my mom appreciated 😀

We also made coriander+walnut pesto pasta without any cheese and it was yum too. A very satisfactory attempt.

When we sat down to eat, volt very badly wanted to feed me. I think she is really angry with the way I feed her food. Because everytime she put the stainless steel fork in my mouth, it was this close to piercing my upper jaw and reaching my irreplaceable brain.After 3 spoons/forks I could not take the risk, so I gave her a spoon instead. And this rowdy with a smirk on her face kept feeding me empty spoons!! Me being me started eating with my hand and emptied the plate in no time huhaha

Some pictures 😀





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Poori Boori

Today is Karthigai Deepam. All I have known since childhood is we eat awesome pori urundai today and light Deepams. But my in-laws follow slightly a different tradition. They eat Poori during karthigai.

Since last month I see a hyper 30 year old running around the house screaming ‘I love poori..I love poori’ . He started giving me hints like ‘Poori is the highlight of Karthigai.”Poori is his family tradition for karthigai since 1547 B.C.’ and things like that.

I am not a poori person. No Not because its oily n all. I can eat a dozen and a half vadais even before you could say czechoslovakia. For some reason I don’t like. My mom always makes chappathi for me if its a poori day.So naturally I forgot about the great family tradition since 1547 BC and decided that the menu for today would be Idli in the morning, upma for lunch, full meal feast with vadai ,pori urundai and payasam for dinner.

Upon hearing the menu last night I could clearly see that the boy was heartbroken. So we changed the menu and decided idli for morning and poori for lunch. Today morning my mother was making poori  and I started my work on side dish. Idli was ready.

He wakes up ,  comes straightin to kitchen ” You said you can’t make poori on a working day”.

No, that’s OK. YOU asked no! That’s why eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (I hope he buys me that One plus phone next month)

“Oh ok. Morning enna”


“You know I can eat poori for morning”

“OH..Seri. So idli for lunch ah? Will that be filling?”

“No. Poori for lunch too. hehehe.. Only if you have enough pooris ok!”

🙄 🙄 “OK”

Puffy Pooris packed 😀 Breakfast AND Lunch!

Some Poori Facts:-

I started eating Poori as a full meal only after my marriage.Before, it was always chappathi for me while others ate Poori.

The word Poori always reminds me of that sundrop ad where a giant Poori comes rolling down.

The only food item in this world upon hearing its name that makes me feel ‘full’ instead of ‘crazily hungry’ is  “Pooooori”. Congratulations Poori.

Enjoy your day with Pori/Poori 😀

Coming up next: Dosai vagai vagai

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Happy 2015

Happy New Year friends 🙂

Summary of 2014 here :

Simple achievements of 2014 :-

1. Occupied most part of the bed taking up all the pillows in the name of pregnancy.

2. Ate delicious meals on time and during off time too, again thanks to pregnancy.

3. Finding time to play with my favourite toy everyday (Volt has a simple orange duck – her favourite. Mine is a yellow one which not only looks like a duck but can also walk like a duck.I don’t play with orange duck and volt not even touches mine. We are that understanding duo!)

Realistic Achievements of 2014 :-

1. Volt

2. Inspite of having a very rough start I managed to breastfeed to my heart’s content.

Unrealistic Achievement (as in not so easy to achieve given that I was either pregnant or breastfeeding actively most part of the year):-

1. Had brown bomb (loaded with brownie,vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate syrup) at corner house THREE times in two weeks .

Rajini-level Achievement of 2014:-

1. Managed NOT to take the unsolicited advice to my brain and did only the things (atleast 80% ) that I was comfortable doing. Rajini-level because these advice seem to flow at the highest rate either when you are pregnant or when you have a small baby.

Realizations of 2014 :- 

1. You cannot handle your hormones,hormones handle you.

2. Believe in yourself – helped me a lot during breastfeeding.

3. Believe in others – I have a big list of people to thank here who stood with me ,helped me when my mother fell sick .

3. The sakkarai pongal (sweet pongal) you make will have strong garlic smell if you had stored the cashew nuts in a box which had garlic cloves before.No, drying in sun did not help.

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I wanted to sleep till 8 today but got up at 6 AM feeling too hungry. Got up,made breakfast, ate and then started preparing lunch straightaway- Biriyani, aloo capsicum fry,curd rice and boondi raita.

All was going well when at 11:45 AM I checked my phone , my friends were changing the plan from lunch to dinner. At first I was so angry since the lunch was almost ready and nobody called and informed me. Since the whole thing was planned on message I should not have expected a call and should have checked my message.Realized little late. B also pacified me saying we can keep the biriyani for dinner. Then I called my friends and asked them if they can make it for lunch as it is already ready, they said they can but will be little late.

I was hungry so I ate first and B took few bites with me (te(a)sting!!). They came at around 3, had lunch, praised it ( giving super proud look – you can now see two horns on top of my head) and then the fun began. We called our  friend who is in another country now. He is getting engaged, so all teasing , pulling legs happened :D. Then we all had coffee + guava and started playing Jenga. What fun! We recorded few videos too when it was falling down.I love this game!

For dinner we are ordering pizza..jenga is still going on + we are watching one super awesome Gaptun movie (Does this qualify as sarcasm?) :D. I took a break just to finish today’s post. because once the food comes Madam will be very very busy (pasi) you see !! 😀

Have a super duper week ahead… last week of blogathan.. have fun !

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Random Ranganayaki -4

** tak huhunn takhuhunn tak huhunn , tatata takhunnn..oyeyayiyeeeeeeee oho ** I was just singinf while waiting for an idea to flash for today’s blog post. Since nothing happening, random post wonly today 😀

# I love the smell of capsicum getting fried. The color + smell is awesome. Weekend morning started with that while preparing Chappathi noodles.

# Peekangai thogaiyal is one of my favourite. Both the smell and taste makes me hungry at any time.

# We are late but we are suddenly in love with Varuthapadadha Valibar sangam – both movie and songs. We watch this now to relax.

# Tomorrow I am planning to make layered Biriyani for friends. Wish me them luck. 😀

# ** tak huhunn takhuhunn tak huhunn , tatata takhunnn..oyeyayiyeeeeeeee oho ** … Na enna vechukitta illanu solren, edum thona matengudhu baa!

# I realized that being diabetic is difficult because believe me 75% of the food we eat daily has refined sugar in it. You have very few choices.

# And 80% of diabetic patients don’t follow their diet. My amma and my aunts they always give some excuse and take sugar.

# Tension affects both myself and my mom physically almost immediately (Tension = stomach upset ).

# I can never ever drive a car. My judgement is very very bad. When B drives I imagine the car to be a lorry and keep troubling him that this space won’t be enough to park the car.

# I tried to post atleast one recipe. To do that I have to take pictures no. But if the food goes from stove to stomach directly without any delay, when to take pictures and how to post a recipe !! Tell me!

# Be it Ramesh Menon’s Ramayana or Devdutt’s Sita, everytime when Hanuman makes an entry I feel very excited! When I told this to my mother, she said people read sundara kanda as it restores faith .

# I realized now that I have not given any title for my previous post 😀

Have a good relaxing weekend. See you tomorrow!

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Hunger and hormones

Before I start writing I sincerely hope that this person X never ever finds this blog.

I am very bad in judging quantity when it comes to cooking. For example Once I made sevai for breakfast, I made so much that we were forced to eat the same for lunch and dinner too and I still had more and gave some for my amma too.So you get it right?

One day one of our friend said he will come home,since it was almost dinner time I thought of preparing dinner for him too. I prepared simple upma and chutney. As usual my judgement was so wrong but I realized it too late.

It was already 730 pm and this person x said he will reach in 15 mins. Though I was already hungry I thought I can wait for few mins (virundhombal ,culture ya ya). He came at 830 pm. B asked me many times to eat if I am hungry, knowing how I turn into a monster when hungry but I was not so sure about the quantity, hence decided to wait.

X came, me being good girl n all parimarified. They both ate and that upma on that day it seems tasted very good. X kept on praising and asking for more, from my share too 😯 👿 . Every time he asked more the amount I served  kept on decreasing slowly 😈 . I was scared OK .What if there is nothing left for me. Finally (may be  he noticed my hesitation)  he declared that he was done. He thanked me so much .

Then they both kept on talking about various stuff.I was too busy thinking about my lost share of upma 😡 . When he left B searched for me all over the house only to find me sitting in room and crying. Yes right crying with real tears of ph value 7 and all. Shocked ,he asked me what had happened and my reply was I want my upma Smiley, I don’t have any upma to eat now ,who will make upma for me Smiley , with all drama. I kept on crying (Even today I don’t feel stupid about that.Just imagine some one finishes all your upma and at 9 PM  you are so hungry without any upma left at home .. just imagine OK !! Smiley)B could not control his laughter but knowing well the consequences he controlled it to his best ability.

Later fresh upma was made for me and I ate heartful. Crying stopped finally but the teasing has not yet 😀

This does not mean that when you come home I will serve food and later write a post about it.No.No.No It was just a 1 time thing (OK 3 times I cried when there was no food for me) . You are always welcome ok.

P.S. Those who don’t like upma can never imagine the intensity of my pain, so think about this. You made hot yummy butter melting aloo parathas one evening and suddenly have nothing left for you. Now how do you feel,haan???


Smileys from

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The daily song

I have started my morning walk. Not much.Just 30 mins.But I am enjoying it already.Mainly because the weather in chennai is pleasant now , the local FM stations and a very good  path to walk without any disturbance.

The apartment is built in such a way that it has a very wide path running along its circumference and all the houses at ground floor have their kitchen facing that path which means things are pretty active at 7 AM around me.

I hear people asking their kids to wake up, alarm bells ringing , cooker whistling with full force spreading the aroma of freshly cooked dal , some cookers struggling to give a long whistle – just making very short whizz whizz, early morning news channel shouting and the famous milk cooker trying to beat all other sounds .

All these happen everyday in our homes too. When it happens at our home, the atmosphere is little different, no? Waking up kids with tension that they might get late for school , checking the cooker if it is letting out steam properly, alternating between cutting veggies and making coffee, getting little irritated with the high volume of news channels , checking the door anxiously expecting the maid , packing all dabbas, applying all your energy to close the dabba then realizing that you have been trying with a wrong lid, colliding with each other when sharing work in the small kitchen space and so much more. There is always a tension, a million glance at the clock , careful listening to the sound of  water running in the bathroom, counting cooker whistles , interpreting vendors’ shouts selling greens in the street all at the same time without getting confused….shabbaaa..busy time! But when you step out a little and watch it, all these sounds together make a beautiful song no ! The one makes our morning very interesting 😀


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Random Ranganayaki – 3

I noticed that the more I think about something , my mind becomes blank.

I think a lot of things are happening in my life. Not very sure . My dearest cousin S came back from UK after one year. He came to our home, met us. I invited my other cousins too. We had an awesome time. I laughed so much, so so much while playing business and carrom with them. I don’t remember why we laughed so much, that’s the best part of it I guess.

When my another dear cousin brother B visited my home first time after my wedding, I made pongal and brinjal Gosthu. He loved it and I loved the fact that my little bro liked what I cooked. The best part was when we all met in a family function weeks later,  a maami asked B if I am cooking and all 🙄 , my darling bro came inbetween and said strongly that I do cook amazingly! I felt so proud.. definitely not because I cook . I was proud of my brother!How much he has grown.. from that tiny LKG boy sitting with a running nose asking me or S to stay back with him till the prayer bell rang everyday in school.

Either my amma or my MIL was there with us for the past few weeks for festivals, functions  or just like that. That means it has been so long since I cooked a fullfledged meal . I hope I still do remember how to make not so runny sambhar! 🙂

Work side is OK. Nothing much to talk about 🙂

One of my bestest friend is expecting. We spoke after almost an year but we still spoke silly just like the same old college days. I guess time and distance does not matter in case of friendship.

I subscribed to a nice wild life conservation related magazine. This month there was a special segment for elephants , my favourite animal. But before I could get it I had to travel. Not sure if it still will e sitting in my mail box when I go back. 😦 I read somewhere that baby elephants throw themselves in the mud when they are upset it seems, so cute no? Hope these endangered animals live a free happy life!

Weird dreams are continuing. Once a puppy was following me wherever I went , even to the places where it cannot enter, it followed me magically. I arrange for a meeting with a bus full of strangers to find out how to stop that puppy. Before we could make the decision I woke up. Now I don’t know how to stop the imaginary puppy from following me. So far no bites or barking. So I think the puppy just likes me 🙂

I recently downloaded a random book without reading any review about it from Amazon and started reading it – ya ya it was free that is why 😛 .  It is “twenty eight and a half wishes” It is a romantic novel. I liked it .

I have lot of books now. I started reading Harry Potter, was into it. But suddenly I strongly felt like I wanted to read only light stuff. Roald Dahl and PG Wodehouse books in hand now. So many in shelf. Now that I work from home frequently , no bus travel so no dedicated reading time.

I want to have a nice(slurp) hot chocolate cake now… outside thin light and  crispy and inside it should be hotty hot gooey chocolate.Ahhhh.. Ahhhh 😀