Enga vitten – yes 91 it is

We are learning English. We are learning new words.

Word of the week is Delicious – pronounced as Dell-ish-shiousss

dosai with molaga podi – Dell-ish-shiousss

Idli with rasam – Dell-ish-shiousss

chocolates – Dell-ish-shiousss

icecreams – Dell-ish-shiousss

imaginary food – Dell-ish-shiousss

water – Dell-ish-shiousss

hot water – super Dell-ish-shiousss

so you get it right?

But one day , we heard the word and everyone stopped doing whatever they were doing for a minute…

because.. …ahem ..

Madam was in the toilet and thought that was the right place to practise her new word !

P.S. Nothing bad happened and we all recovered from shock and things started moving (pun intended)!!