Taking a short break..


Hope you all are doing fine. I am fine too. Eye infection gone. I had taken my laptop to my hometown so that I can post daily. But the network was bad. And the journey was long, frequent and continuous. I missed for two days. Now I am back but I have lot of pending tasks and new work is also piling up. My  house is occupied by a big, fat, sesame-oil-loving rat.I have to push that away now.Lot of things.

I am taking a break for few days (not too long OK, so don’t be that happy :/ ). I have more function and travel left for January. Will get everything done and start posting regularly.

RS, SnS , Deepsi, Tharini, RM Seema LF  and Ani (and others who are doing this blog marathon) – Awesome you guys are!I need to learn from you how you manage time.I still take so much time to cook one simple  sambhar, veg and rice.

It was fun. Thanks for inviting me . I am happy that I gave it a try 😀

I still have not responded to many comments. I will do that also. Thanjoo. Take care. BBye.



I love Ponniyin Selvan – II

There are few dialogues which are very very interesting in this book. For eg:

In Part – II, when an elephant tries to kill azhvarkadiyan but falls into a pit and dies, azhvarkadiyan will warn vandiyathevan to immediately leave the place or else the vultures and tigers which might come to eat the dead elephant will eat them too. I love that dialogue ” Mirugangalum paravaigalum gajendranin udalai patchippatharku vanduvidum, Naamum avatruku batchanamagi viduvom! ” .  😀 😀 I read this dialog so many times. Totally loved it.

And the conversation between azhavarkadiyan and vandiyathevan on the streets of Lanka. Azhvarkadiyan would be angry as Arula mozhi varman will be reforming Buddha temples and Vandiyathevan will make fun of him. I was laughing full time.

I think I am going to mark all my favorite dialogues somewhere but that itself will become a book I guess , hehe !

Azhvaarkadiyan and his thadi! 😆 If they ever make it as a movie they better take time and select the best person for this role! Or just never make it as a movie! 😛

And the hero has come. What an introduction! Suddenly I forgot everything about Vandiyathevan or any other characters I have read so far. In just few minutes Arul mozhi varman has become my favorite character! 😀

And again the narration is so clear that when the author explains how the food is cooked for the warriors, I was feeling hungry too 😀

Tomorrow and day after tomorrow I will be travelling. I think I will get lot of time to read. Yay Yay!

Things you should not say..

Before Marriage :-

Why aren’t you still married? Your parents have started looking right? Any problem?

On the wedding day:-

Oh! You look better in that other hairstyle. You could have done like that. That would have been better.

After marriage :-

Your husband has lost so much weight. Are you not cooking properly? hehe (for the 3rd time)

Some things are not funny. I don’t know why few people don’t understand!! Sigh!

Updates on eye infection

My eye infection is still there. Yesterday I was travelling by train and with the strong wind or I don’t know what , in the evening my eyes were heavy blood red and irritating. We went to see doctor but he was on vacation and it was already late so we came home. I slept off.

Morning it was better but I still wanted to check with the doc once as it is 1.Eyes 2. happneing second time 3. First time was a really bad experience 4. its been a week since this redness started.

When I had it last july, I went to a hospital and they said I could have some lethal disease which could cause eye infection. That eye doctor (Appaa I am getting so angry even today), she had to explain me about some dangerous disease, instead of talking to me she had a couple of people inside her consulting room along with me and was chit chatting with them. Now and then she looked at me and said ‘you might be having this this’ I asked  in tears ‘Is it confirmed, what shall I do now, any medicine?’.She was busy talking to her guests and then she turned and said ‘ Get all these tests done and consult your family doctor’. My family doctor also treats us like a guest only ok but never ever he had talked to us when there is a patient talking to him. We are not even allowed inside.

Me and my mom were terrified and next two days were hell. We ran around , got few tests done and finally showed it to our doctor and he said I am perfectly fine! And then I consulted another eye doctor and he said that I have some allergy and gave me medicines! phew!

After six months again my eyes are red, irritating and itching. I got tensed ,prayed and went to another new eye doc suggested by my FIL. One look and he said I have some allergy. What a relief! .He gave me drops. Now the biggest problem is nobody can tell me what I am allergic to. I have to find it out by myself. I used nothing new in last 6 months. I don’t know how to figure this out.My eyes are OK now. But I have to find out the source to stop it from happening again.What should I not use/do to stop this! God help me.

I am going to try these for now.

1.Not to use kajal

2. To take care that shampoo or soap does not get into my eyes.

Lets see.

Writing from a train..

I have travelled a lot in train. I love train journeys. Especially if it is in day time, it is the best.I like long journeys too where train is your home for next 22 or 36 hours.

The strong wind against the window seat, the cold drizzle you get during rainy season, various sounds the train makes depending on where it is going – land/bridge, the turns on train routes where you  press your face so hard against the window to see the bending train and sometimes the engine smoke , the family lunch/dinner/snacks , the awesome smell of bajji, bonda, cutlet, samosa when people from pantry car move across your bogie, the confusion regarding which one to buy! , sometimes the awesome people who are strangers yet still nice to you – everything makes me happy, calms down my mind.
What I love the most is the scenery.The vegetation around. Amma always points at various fields and tells me what type of plant it is. She has shown me paddy (which you see the most),cabbage, Avarai kai (broad beans) , manjal (turmeric) , corn , paruthi chedi (cotton plants ) , cashew trees ,sugarcane, sometimes betel leaves and grapes , flowering plants like sunflowers , kanakambaram (firecracker flower – love this name), marigold, lotus and lillies in ponds and so many more which I cannot remember now.
As a kid (as a grown up , now also ) I have seen vegetables as some item which we eat. The feeling of seeing them alive being a part of a plant used to give me so much excitement.
Amma most of the times just looks at the leaves to identify the plants. The train would be moving fast but still she would say..look look Avarai chedi.. When she was a kid she has seen many plants.This reminds me of our chotu tomato  , a lady’s finger and a brinjal plant at home when I was small. There was just 1 or max 2 veggies and then the plant died but the feeling you get when you see it, when you see your own garden’s vegetable! It is just something else!
Also, when I was small there used to be a small hut nearby, they grow keerai (some type of amaranth).When we go ask they pluck it super fresh , tie it and give it to us. When you cook, it will do skating in your throat and reaches your stomach in no time 😀
Now I am in train with baj showing him few plants I know. We just saw cotton field.It is in full bloom.It gives me so much happiness. People are collecting cotton.It is so lovely to watch 🙂 🙂
P.S. Our ancestors when they first saw the cotton plant, how did they think of ..’oh this is so soft, we should make cloth out of it and wear it in summer’.How? How? If it had been me, I am 100% sure that my thought would be “hmmmm so soft ! Boiled cotton garnished with Indian herbs? or Deep fried with a mix of Indian spices?” Definitely!

Killer Recipe !

My MIL is a great great cook. One morning she was making BRINJAL GOTHSU. The smell was so heavenly that I immediately wanted to take notes of the recipe. But we were in a hurry, I think going out somewhere or something.I did not have much time and while I was eating I managed to type the recipe on my phone. Later in the afternoon, baj read my “recipe” in the phone and there was a non stop 10 minute laughter. why? See for your yourself!

Recipe for brinjal Gothsu:-

Title:- Bridal Kothsu for dosai

Bolivia bridal in hot water till it becomes soft abduction lightly grind it.
Fry handful of dhaniya and 3-4 red chilies in little oil and make powder.
In a kadai add oil mustard onion curry leaves. Fry till onion becomes soft. Add tamarind water (lemon size). Add bridal and dhaniya powder. Add salt. Wait till smell comes. Done.
What a gory recipe?Even in hell/Naraka they would not have such type of recipe punishment!
P.S:- This was just a auto-complete problem on phone. I don’t have any intention to abduct anyone! I am a good girl! Very good girl!

Warning :- unttendended


Yesterday night I was travelling. Result -> I am too sleepy.I called my friends for dinner instead of lunch.That sleepy.

And the universe is against me.After yesterday’s post I thought I will have ideas for five days. It will be easy. Seems like it is not.

Generally the conductors refuse to give me change. Most of the mornings there will be some irritating event in bus. I thought I will write about today’s event . But but the conductor called me and gave the change though we were 15 kms away from my bus stop!!! One idea gone!

Next I thought I will take a pic of the food I cooked today morning and make it guess it post. But but the idlis came too nice, soft and fluffy.Thanks to MIL.She prepared the maavu. Another idea gone.

Wanted to take a pic of sunrise but it was a cold day today and no sun wonly!

And no interesting conversation in bus.Can you believe it!

Yesterday I had been to a Siva temple and saw some interesting paintings. Now I want to read stories about Siva. Please can you suggest some book?. This is not a cheating post. I really want to know.

I would also like to read Myth=Mithya by Devdutt. How is it ? Any idea?

Ponniyin Selvan reading is going good. Even in that sleepy state I read it in bus today.

I am again travelling tomorrow and then day after tomorrow and full next week. There are two weddings ! Hope I have fun!

I have developed eye infection again. It happened few months ago and I had to go through lot of stressful things.I will do a separate post on it. Now my right eye is red again. Pray for me! It should heal soon.

Ideas for blog marathon !

OK. I am not able to think . I get ideas but not able to write more than 2 lines. I already did 2 cheating posts (by posting just 1-2 pics). I was thinking of ideas for this blog marathon. There are still 15 16 more days . I need ideas. I am writing down all the ideas coming to my mind now.  You can pick one if you are really blocked! 😛

Guess it post :-

Hmm.. This idea is not applicable to people like Seema or GB. They cook awesome food and have food blogs. If they make a cake it looks like a cake. If they cook roti it looks like one. This is for people like me who make roti which looks like a clay made Africa map!

The idea is to post a pic of your home made food item and ask people to guess what it is. For winning entries you can promise that you will cook the same item and give it to them. There are high chances that winners may decline the prize!

Comments post:-

I already mentioned this in one of my post.

The idea is to read all your favorite blogs and create a new post and add all your comments in that ! Smart huh!

Bug Me not post:-

From morning to evening I am sure we might get bugged atleast once. May be a mosquito or someone at home or someone in office or some stranger on road.There will be atleast one. Write about them. Come on! Show your anger!

Eavesdrop post:-

If you are person travelling in public transport, you are lucky. All you have to do is sharpen your ears and listen.Listen deeply. These days people talk everything loud and clear in bus – yeah I know a person’s monthly salary, her company name and when she is planning to have a kid .

Now don’t tell me that this is bad . We have 16 days. SIXTEEN LONG DAYS. SIXTEEEEEEEN POSTS AND ZEEEROOOO IDEA.

Did I scare you enough?

Ask husband to take pictures and post it post:-

If your husband has a camera and loves taking pics, then you are all set. Ask him to take pics of hmm lets say some interesting kitchen paathrams (utensils) like cooker weight , Strainer, fork , spoon, different types of ladles and then post it. Remember they won’t agree immediately to take pics.They will give reasons like there is no sunset, no hue, not enough blue, the subject doesnot have enough emotion/expression (!) ,aperture, shutter speed blah and blah. The trick is to open your mouth like you are going to swallow one biggg Tirupathi laddoo in one go and say a loud “Wowwwwwwwwwwww” after each pic they take! 😀

Don’t worry. Be happy! We can do it!


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