Day 19 – Know more – 10 secrets tag

i am searching all blogs for tags and picking things randomly.So here goes my 10 secrets (laughs like a monster) 👿 👿

  1. My stomach is very expressive. If I am happy, stomach shows all signs of happiness. Hunger, digestion , hunger everything happens on time. If my tensed, it shows the first signs of distress  and I own the restroom that day.
  2. My eyes are bigger than normal but I can never say that they are beautiful. My eyes never appeared beautiful to my.. err.. eyes.
  3.  I will be myself with you only if my brain senses some comfort. Otherwise you will find me as the most silent person on the earth.
  4.  My first impression about a person will be wrong most times.
  5. I cannot fill ink in fountain pen
  6. I feel I have a sad face. I mean if a stranger just looks at me suddenly they will think that I am sad for some reason
  7. I love receiving gift wrapped gifts. But I don’t give (m)any, so I don’t get many.
  8. I am a picky eater
  9. I can’t stand straight for a minute. My mother thinks that I was an elephant in last jenmam. Kind of explains why I eat so much this jenmam.
  10. I can eat curd rice with curd as side dish and chocolate icecream with chocolate chips  and chocolate syrup as topping with a chocolate milkshake.

Day 16,17 -fell in love

With this little charmer zidane. He has got the most beautiful smile. Everytime he got scared of me (that is everytime he looked at my face) he would smile and climb on his mother.

Poor Tharini ,tried so much to make volt talk. But volt refused to even look at her.  Come home Tharini . In a few minutes you will see the true colours.

If she hadn’t been sleepy you wouldn’t have seen her at all. She would be running around as if it’s some Olympics track.once we had been to an exhibition. Volt was running like ussain bolt while b was chasing her. After sometime I joined too.It looked like this


Tharini was the cool and composed mom full time.

The best part of the meet was zidane taught me how an elephant roars.yes Chennai elephants roar. Thanks for coming all the way dear. It was wonderful meeting you two.

Have a great week guy! Roarrrr!

Day 12 – I can talk Engleesh, walk engleesh

In the terrace

Volt: Amma Have you seen a “Ladder” (Give as much stress as you can to the word ladder)

Me: No da. Can you show me one?

Volt drags me and takes me near a ladder and shows

Volt : Amma.. Idhan Ladder

Me : ohooo

Volt: Engleesh la Yeni

Me : 😯

We both were watching someone playing veenai on TV

Volt: Amma what is that they are playing (she asked in Tamil)

Me: Veenai

Volt: Illa. Adhu Piano

Me: Illa ma. Its veenai. Piano looks different. It has ..( gives boring details)

Volt: No. Engleesh la idhu Piano

Me: 🙄

She knows two sentences  in English is What ees your name and what ees this

Now these questions pop up often

Volt At me: What ees your name

At her father: what ees your name

At the TV: what ees your name

At the table: eiii what ees your name

basically each and every object faces this question

and also

Amma, what ees this color (pointing at a color)

Amma, what ees this pencil (pointing a pencil)

Amma, what ees this appa (pointing appa)



Day 11 – Unhappy stomach

Since midnight my stomach is doing kada muda. I feel so tired and could not eat much. I took off for sometime , tried to sleep but couldn’t. All I ate this whole day was

Thiruvadhirai Kali one cup


2 biscuits

Paruppu podi , rasam and curd rice for lunch

Omam kashayam


With pongal very close I wish my stomach to get well soon.


Day 10 – A random tag

Thanks BM!

1. What is your best friend’s name?

Brownie fudge sundae

2. Who would you throw into the Bermuda Triangle?

Lot of people.

3. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?

Since I dont change dress during sleep, I close it.

4. Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels?

Not Really

5. Do you always smile for pictures?


6. Do you ever dance even if there is no music playing?

Yes I do.

7. What is your song of the week?

Chinnanjiru Kiliye

8. Do you still watch cartoons?

Yes. Yes. Yes

9. Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?


10. Heels or flats?

Flats. Heels are not for ducks!

11. What movies could you watch over and over and still love?

Comedy movies

12. Last person you kissed?

Vendhaya dosai

13. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?

3 months back to my bank manager

14. Can you change the oil on a car?

Car. No. Jar. Yes

15. Are you lazy?

Why do you think I am taking this tag

16. How many languages can you speak?

According to twitter, Tamil, English, Hindi. Estonian and Indonesian

17. Are you stubborn?

Isn’t everyone?

18. Ever watch soap operas?


19. How old were you when you had your first kiss?

A few hours old probably.I don’t remember,have to ask my mom.

20. Does anyone know the password to your email address? Who?

Google. It finds out when I enter wrong.

21. Do you want any tattoos?


22. Any strange habits?


23. Why do you have a blog?

I am sure it is everyone’s experience, as it has been mine, that any discovery we make about ourselves or the meaning of life is never, like a scientific discovery, a coming upon something entirely new and unsuspected; it is rather, the coming to conscious recognition of something, which we really knew all the time but, because we were unwilling to formulate it correctly, we did not hitherto know we knew – W.H. Auden

24.If you were the opposite gender. What name would you like to have?

Madhana Madhusudhana Manmohana Mayura

25. How old are you? (optional)

Malayalam movie

Day 9 – The story tag

Continued from

As she waited for the door to open, pictures from her past whizzed by.

*Mosquito coil* (flashback ya)

She was just 5. It had been just 2 months since her father was posted in Rajasthan. A cold unfamiliar place and a huge house. But those were her best times in life. She was always happy. Always. Nothing could wipe that smileout of her face. Never bored. Always had company to play with. One or the other would always come to play. The backyard swing was their favourite place. The creek of the uncoiled swing and their laughter will always be in sync. It was a song. A happy song.

But she never understood her parents.why were they always sad. Why did they always talk in low voice. Why did they get angry everytime she went near the swing.why  had they stopped cooking all nice things. Why did they never smile when she told her play time stories. Why did they hate her friends. Why did they kept on saying that there is no friend. Why did they invite that uncle bhoot Rajan to their home.

She hated him instantly. Whenever he was at home her friends refused to play with her. That made her sad and angry. Then all of a sudden they left Rajasthan. Why why why

Knowing that the answers may be at the other side of the door made her impatient.

She heard footsteps…Very clumsy it sounded

Passing it to the great BM –

Day 6 – Baby talk

Volt is in that phase where kids observe each and everything and say things exactly when you least expect it.

Whatever we say, we get it back sometime later .

She will be playing with me suddenly she will say ” Ayayo, andha velaya marandhe paitene”

(Ayayo, I completely forgot that task)

Source: My Mom

” Iru iru, konjam time kudu” (give me some time)

Source : Me

“Oru meeeeesham” (One minute)

Source: Me again

“Two meeeets” (2 minutes)

Source: ME again 🙄

Most times the words come out in its crude form. There won’t be any emotion attached to it. But for us, it would be a complete shocker as in, we will be asking how can a kid talk like this!

For eg. Once my FIL asked her what she was doing. She said “Edho Panren” (I m doing some(stress a lot here)thing)

When an adult says it, often it means that he/she is bugged with that question and does not want to answer it.But Volt did not mean it that way . She simply meant she is doing just something.

Another time, again with FIL (poor FIL) he asked her to do something. She said “Panrene” (I am doing it right!). All she meant was she is doing it. No emotions attached. She was probably mimicking my tone 🙄 But again the same word and tone when an adult uses, it would mean that “why are you telling me when I am already doing it”. But she didn’t mean it that way.

During these times I had to explain the adult that she did not mean it the way we think. She is not disrespectful as it sounds. Just understand the meaning, ignore the emotion 😀 . But the shock in the adults’ face would be priceless every single time.

If she does not want to take bath, she will simply say “Ennala kulika mudiyadhu“. It just means that she does not want to take bath.That’s all. It does not mean she is protesting or waging a war against bath/you.

Actually I forgot lot of such one liners she uses which when said by an adult or teenager would invite a bomb blast at home.

“Naan enna sollirken” (What have I told you)

“Yen thiruppi thiruppi panra nee” (Why are you doing it again and again)

“Na un kuda pesa maten un pechu ka” (I wont talk to you)

“Na en friends ah rommmba miss panren” (I miss my friends so much) – I am 100% sure she has no idea about what she is talking here. She is mimicking a line from some kids show.

“Enakku idhellam pudikadhu” (I don’t like all these)





Day 5 – of Jodi no. 1 during travel

These are my most favourite Jodi s during travel . They all take no. 1 position.

Idli smeared generously with idli podi and sesame extra plain idli to balance the spice level.

Soft dosai smeared generously with idli podi and sesame oil

Soggy not crisp yes soggy pooris with aloo masala placed strategically between two pooris

Soft chappathi with spicy tangy thick tomato chutney

Vaai la pota vazhukara# curd rice tempered generously with mustard seeds and urad Dal ,with a spoonful of mango thokku on top of it. By the time you eat the essence of thokku will be all over that curd rice and gulp * gets carried away*

#put it in your mouth and it just slides into your tummy before you know it

* Returns after 5 minutes*

Puliodharai with fryums and curd

Idli with coconut thogaiyal with a small piece of banana leaf separating the Jodi

Food and myself

* Extra points if the food is packed in banana leaf. It is an art I Tell you! An Art!!

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