Dreams and Blogathon 2014

Day before yesterday I had a dream. A kaakaa (crow – Why do I have a feeling that I write more about kaakaa in this blog than anyone else) is flying above my head, I am still sleeping,it is dark..suddenly the kaakaa does… what else a kaakaa will do when it is just above your head! that only.But just in time I roll in bed and escape.Thankfully the rolling part happened in real and the dream didnot continue.

And yesterday I had a dream in which I am solving fractions 1/2 + 3/4 + something I don’t remember now. Why brain why? Of all the problems in the world why do you choose to solve a Maths problem??


Today when I sat down for the last post of this blogathon,I kept thinking for 15 minutes.From philosophy to Garlic kulcha so many things came across my mind but then I decided to write about my blogathon experience itself.

My posts don’t follow any rules. They don’t convey any message. They are just random.They don’t even qualify as something written by an adult. But I have no regrets. I am happy to put down all my silly thoughts ,I don’t have to act matured here.  And I have fun. But even behind this there is some work.

Everyday after I reach home, after finishing dinner (stomach has to be full otherwise mind won’t work – sorry Valluvar! ) I sit in front of my laptop and start thinking. I keep my face so serious that till today both B and my amma are thinking that I am doing only office work 😉 . So they don’t disturb me at all 😀 Somedays amma will even ask me to take rest and take a break from work 😛 😛 Something will click and I will start writing about it. I save it and go to sleep. Next day after reaching office I read my post again and if I have anything new to add I add it and publish.

Once that is done the fun starts.I read all my favourite blogs ,only after that I have my breakfast and start working. This month was really fun. Though it was tiring, everyday when I hit the publish button I felt good. I have started reading many new blogs due to this blogathon. Now I know a bunch of lovely people because of this 😀 – You guys are awesome – keep writing 🙂

Another awesome part which Tharani had already mentioned was our ‘discussion’. Many days I have sent her a  message asking if she has prepared the post for next day and trouble her to give me some topics too 🙂

Ending with a good news: Those who took “Being patient” as your new year resolution, I can give you a certificate that you all have achieved it.Yes, if you read all my posts all 31 days then that would mean only one thing. You guys have more patience than you really think! So one done in your list 😀 And if you have commented also, then you have mastered it! Congratulations!


Flashback – II

Childhood and hometown always brings back happy memories.Especialyy if there are many children in neighbourhood and all of them are like family. After I published yesterday’s post lot of memories came to my mind which I wanted to share.Since this is not one single story or such I will just put it in pointers.

-> Like nungu one another famous seller on bicycle during hot summer is “Ice vandi” .They don’t have all these fancy icecreams like chocobar not even cup or cone with various flavours.All they have is shaved ice in 2-3 flavours. Some will be in the form of stick and the other variety is called “pepsi” in our area. The crushed ice will be made in the form of thin long tube with some flavour added and packed in a plastic wrap. You just cut one end of the wrap and start sucking. If eating is fun then showing off the color in your mouth is super fun.Pink,orange and violet colours are common.

-> During pongal, my thatha will get us sugarcane.First he will cut it into pieces ,each about 1-11/2 feet length.Then he will cut it open in the middle vertically.With “Paakku vetti” (a cutter used to cut betel nuts) he will make bite sized marks so that we can easily bite it without breaking our teeth :D. Once it is ready we all sit on top of our compound wall and start chewing discussing about world affairs ! Our world was anyway very different then 🙂

-> We had so many rose plants at home. The simple varieties in baby pink ,pink ,yellow and white color. The baby pink one will bloom in dozens that my amma uses needle and thread to tie them together 🙂

-> At noon when it is too hot , we go to any one person’s garden(everyone owned a huge garden then) and sit on a mango or jackfruit tree, while the bees and garden lizards are busy with their job we continue our chit chat.

-> The fences usually are made with thorny plants. Mostly it will be dry but sometimes some plants start growing in the fence itself.Investigating the fence is another timepass in summer.

->I don’t remember the plant name here but there used to be tiny plants with yellow flowers. The competition will be to flick the flowers using your thumb and middle finger and see whose flower covers the maximum distance.

->How can I forget running behind thatha poochi trying to catch it.

If  I think more, I will get so many more memories to share. These were never a big thing those days but today when I sit in a place where I hardly see a thatha poochi flying and where a bee is considered as a dangerous animal 🙄 I can feel how much we are missing. How much our kids will miss!

p.s. All things I have shared are from my childhood when I never bothered to know the English names. So I used the same names which we used then. Sorry that I could not translate or write it down well. It is there so beautifully pictured in my thoughts but I really have not written it well. So Sorry.

Have you ever had nungu?

When I was in school we lived in a small town. During hot summer, people used to sell “nungu” , the sellers rode a bicycle with a bamboo basket filled with nungu. And for 10 rupees, they take out a mini basket made of palm leaf and fill it with like 20 pieces.If you are regular customer you get extra.

There are many ways to eat nungu. My appa eats with that white skin. It tastes little bitter,I can’t have it but he says the skin is very good for health. Myself and my cousins patiently remove that white skin and gulp that jelly like seed(wikipedia calls it a seed).The good ones will be really really soft that no way you can remove the skin without breaking it and spilling all the juice. The juice inside will be cold , sweet and heavenly. We used to lick our hands so that we don’t miss that juice and the jelly will be so soft that one cannot remove the skin without breaking it + we will be in a hurry to finish the whole basket.

One of my friend in college told me how they eat it at her town.Each fruit will have 3 jelly type seeds placed in 3 socket.The sellers there just cut the fruit in such a way that the sockets are exposed and she used to poke the white jelly inside with her finger and drink all the juice without spilling! Clever ! 😀

One of my cousin, since she does not like the fruit she applies it all over her face as mask. On hot days it will be so much fun to sit together and enjoy this.

When we came here we were super happy to find nungu on our street. Me and B brought for 50 RS ( now it is too costly) and happily went home and ate. It was so hard but still we didnot want to throw it away so finished the whole thing. After 2 hours we both had terrible stomach pain,we were literally rolling on bed with pain.Somehow we slept off and it went away in sometime.Only later we came to know from MIL that overripe fruits will cause stomach ache! If it is overripe you can cook it in a pressure cooker with some milk and eat it,it seems. Sounds not so interesting to me. I like it soft , broken with the cold juice spilling all over 😀

p.s It is called as “Ice-Apple” it seems.Perfect! 😀

Mix up

Dear that person,

Please read carefully. I have even added emoticons for clear representation.

HAPPY 🙂  – When the other person feels happy for something good happening to them, you too feel happy.

SAD 😦 – When the other person has a problem and feels sad , you feel sad.

JEALOUS   👿  – It is mostly bad . Better to stay away from it.

All clear ? It is not so difficult right? Do you feel sad and start crying when something GOOD happens to you? or do you feel excited and happy when you are in crisis??? NO right? Then why all this mix up when things happen to others?

Get your emotions correct!


One irritated 😡 soul.

Simple things that make you happy – III

You discuss with your mother at 8 PM on phone with dosa ladle in one hand about whether you want 2 or 3 night pants, with or without cute flowers/design on it while poor B is waiting for the next dosa.

Your mother goes to the shop and calls you 5 times within 2 minutes to discuss various things about the night pant – comparing prices/sizes/design etc

You shout on phone saying 2 No! 3 No! 2 enough! No! No! 3 please , butterfly, red, nadaa, for big thoppai and a puzzled B asks what is all this about!

You go to bed early expecting the next day to come fast so that your mom brings that super cute night pants .

You get up at 6 on a weekend and ask your mom to come home soon.

You take bath early on a weekend 😯 just to wear that pant giving lame excuses like ‘I am just checking the fitting,ok!”  (for night pants! 🙄 )

You walk /jump/skip around the house with all 32 teeth showing….

..only to hear B calling you a  “BUFFOON” – ha! Who cares ! I am a happy buffoon wearing a cute white night pant with colorful butterflies on it! 😀 😀



I wanted to sleep till 8 today but got up at 6 AM feeling too hungry. Got up,made breakfast, ate and then started preparing lunch straightaway- Biriyani, aloo capsicum fry,curd rice and boondi raita.

All was going well when at 11:45 AM I checked my phone , my friends were changing the plan from lunch to dinner. At first I was so angry since the lunch was almost ready and nobody called and informed me. Since the whole thing was planned on message I should not have expected a call and should have checked my message.Realized little late. B also pacified me saying we can keep the biriyani for dinner. Then I called my friends and asked them if they can make it for lunch as it is already ready, they said they can but will be little late.

I was hungry so I ate first and B took few bites with me (te(a)sting!!). They came at around 3, had lunch, praised it ( giving super proud look – you can now see two horns on top of my head) and then the fun began. We called our  friend who is in another country now. He is getting engaged, so all teasing , pulling legs happened :D. Then we all had coffee + guava and started playing Jenga. What fun! We recorded few videos too when it was falling down.I love this game!

For dinner we are ordering pizza..jenga is still going on + we are watching one super awesome Gaptun movie (Does this qualify as sarcasm?) :D. I took a break just to finish today’s post. because once the food comes Madam will be very very busy (pasi) you see !! 😀

Have a super duper week ahead… last week of blogathan.. have fun !

Random Ranganayaki -4

** tak huhunn takhuhunn tak huhunn , tatata takhunnn..oyeyayiyeeeeeeee oho ** I was just singinf while waiting for an idea to flash for today’s blog post. Since nothing happening, random post wonly today 😀

# I love the smell of capsicum getting fried. The color + smell is awesome. Weekend morning started with that while preparing Chappathi noodles.

# Peekangai thogaiyal is one of my favourite. Both the smell and taste makes me hungry at any time.

# We are late but we are suddenly in love with Varuthapadadha Valibar sangam – both movie and songs. We watch this now to relax.

# Tomorrow I am planning to make layered Biriyani for friends. Wish me them luck. 😀

# ** tak huhunn takhuhunn tak huhunn , tatata takhunnn..oyeyayiyeeeeeeee oho ** … Na enna vechukitta illanu solren, edum thona matengudhu baa!

# I realized that being diabetic is difficult because believe me 75% of the food we eat daily has refined sugar in it. You have very few choices.

# And 80% of diabetic patients don’t follow their diet. My amma and my aunts they always give some excuse and take sugar.

# Tension affects both myself and my mom physically almost immediately (Tension = stomach upset ).

# I can never ever drive a car. My judgement is very very bad. When B drives I imagine the car to be a lorry and keep troubling him that this space won’t be enough to park the car.

# I tried to post atleast one recipe. To do that I have to take pictures no. But if the food goes from stove to stomach directly without any delay, when to take pictures and how to post a recipe !! Tell me!

# Be it Ramesh Menon’s Ramayana or Devdutt’s Sita, everytime when Hanuman makes an entry I feel very excited! When I told this to my mother, she said people read sundara kanda as it restores faith .

# I realized now that I have not given any title for my previous post 😀

Have a good relaxing weekend. See you tomorrow!

I have to do two tag posts – One from MM, another one from SnS.Today I will do MM’s tag.And before I start I have to say this “Vaazhga MM, Valarga ungal Sevai! “

1. Are you named after anyone? 

No.Nahi. Someone tried to but thankfully my parents stopped.

2. When was the last time you cried?

One week back when I was really hungry.My mother had to stuff kuzhi paniyaram in my mouth to pacify me 😀

3. Do you have kids?

Not yet.

4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?

Of course, yes. As it is easy to befriend  her(err me). All I have to do is buy a hot molten choco lava cake for her.

5. Do you use sarcasm a lot?

No. I think I cannot mainly because I can’t understand sarcasm first of all.

6. Will you ever bungee-jump?

Yes. I will.

7. What’s your favorite cereal?

None. They look so small compared to idli/dosa, so no interest.Plus they never seem to fill my stomach as much as idli/dosa/upma does!!

8. What’s the first thing you notice about people? 

May be hair? I don’t know. Actually it takes me a while to remember a face.So more than physical features, I concentrate on how they talk, easy or show off.That is what stays in my mind. #one _urupudiyana_answer

9. What is your eye colour?

It has white, some brown and black, sometimes red when I am hungry.

10. Scary movie or happy endings?

Happy Endings.

11. Favorite smells? 

hehe.. petrol, kerosene, marudhani, paint, nail polish, freshly baked anything , chocolate , tea, new clothes…right now it is arisi upma (getting ready in kitchen)

12. Summer or winter? 

Can I say Rain??? But not in the city where all kinds of water gets mixed up. May be where there is no garbage on roads and nobody spits on road, drainage does not mix with rain water.There!

13. Computer or television? 


14. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? 

I went to a land where you can walk at 45 degrees inclination once in my dream. Scientists are still finding it out and yet to name it. Till then we will call it as SSPuram,ok.

15. Do you have any special talents?

I am a fire fighter who can carry 3 adults in one go from a burning house,  I can dig big huge holes underground  with bare hands just to park my vehicles if the talents revealed while dreaming counts!

16. Where were you born?

*read slowly* The lush green town on the banks of river Cauvery was bustling with activity.The sun was rising slowly showing all its thirty two teeth, women and children got up, took bath, wore their best dresses ,people were running around to decorate that small town. At the center of that town was a small building which was busy like never before.The nurses and doctors were running around. A beautiful young woman with nice curly hair and cute button nose  bearing all the pain was waiting for that biggest event…was waiting for the little angel to arive… then..exactly at 7:35 AM the miracle happened. kuvaa! kuvaa! SS – the little one- arrived at the hospital !!

I thought little bit of drama is OK!

17. What are your hobbies? 

Annoying B mostly.

18. Do you have any pets?  

No. But my long time wish is to befriend an elephant. I will name him as Gaja may be.

19. Favorite movie? 

Can’t say one.Depends on my mood too.

20. Do you have any siblings? 

No. But all Indians are my brothers and sisters .

21. What do you want to be when you grow up?

To not worry about calories/diet and eat happily.

About reading

GB mentioned in this post about how she missed reading books during childhood. I can relate to her post very well. I had almost the same reasons and have never read anything other than academic books and some magazines.I actually started reading a lot ( according to my standards) only after I started blogging. Reading reviews from my favourite bloggers made it easy for me to select books and start reading. And I think I actually did a very good job in 2012. But last year it reduced.

I read books only during my bus travel to work and while coming back home. Its almost an hour long journey so I get good time to read. Once I come back home, I will be busy with dinner, office calls if any and once I am in bed even if I try to read after some 5 mins I would be off.

In 2013 I read few books like Hitchkiker’s guide to galaxy series , parthiban kanavu, Twenty eight and a half wishes, The witches, GodPlayer, completed ponniyin selvan and few others. I started using my company cab service and that is when my reading time got reduced. This cab driver drives such a big huge bus like a two wheeler changing lanes so quickly.I cannot handle rash driving I mean my brain will start doing imaginary stuff like if the driver is going fast and is about to apply brakes whether he does it or not I press my foot so hard as if that is going to stop the bus  .

I could not read at all in my office cab  as I had to keep an eye on road and apply my imaginary brake whenever required 🙄 . At night I would be tired and doze off as soon as I hit the bed.

This year I have collected lot of books based on reviews from blog friends. I hope I do a good job this year. If you read good books, let me know OK! 😀

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