Money tank and water bank

Yesterday volt was folding clothes. Smaller ones like towels, kerchief, pillow covers etc. She was doing a decent job. I appreciated her. She stopped whatever she was doing and told me in a matter-of-fact tone

“Amma you didnot teach me to fold clothes ok. My school teacher taught me. My SCHOOL XYZ taught me. You didnot OK. ”

I can never take credit for the good stuff I guess.


We were going by an auto and she spots a big overhead water tank. She stared at it for a minute and asked me

“Amma did you go to this tank today morning?”

With a puzzled look “Eh! NO, why”

“Did you go to THIS TANK to get money”

BANK became TANK in her head and our auto ride ended with a smile so wide which we couldn’t hide (ok I will stop before you chop) (Ok reeaalllyy stopping) πŸ˜€




Suspicious Summer Menu

We are at grandparent’s place and it is summer holidays. Double damaka for volt.

Its been only 2 weeks and she is already bored. Not knowing what to do, she is trying all crazy stuff. Yesterday I saw her sweeping the floor with her hair. ** Pausing for a minute here so that you can imagine the sight **

Her favourite timepass so far is to steal real stuff from kitchen and prepare some really innovative dishes.

For the curious minds, here I am sharing the recipes

Kheer :-

This kheer is unlike any other kheer . You would have never tried this one. Once you know the recipe you would never want to try this one. This kheer is made with very premium quality kitchen tissue. Soak 1-2 tissues (Premium quality is a must, otherwise it won’t dissolve properly ). Close the lid properly and occasionally keep stirring vigorously.

Mask for your face is a must.

Very Questionable Mosambi Juice :-

Take handful of urad dal, mix a glass of water. Do a vigorous stirring. Strain off the water carefully and (the most important part) keep the glass very close to Appa’s real mosambi juice. It was a lucky day for Appa, he narrowly escaped.

Other dishes which are in trial stage for now involve ingredients like groundnut shells, elaichi skin etc. We will share the recipe soon.

We are looking for volunteers who can try and taste these dishes and give their generous feedback. Free life insurance for first 10 volunteers. Hurry!!!


What’s your song?

Read this post really really fast OK. Like imagine you are watching a movie song where scenes move really fast as if being fast forwarded. Got it right? Like that avvai shanmukhi song in avvai shanmukhi.

I get up in the morning and as soon as I do my kid wakes up, I run behind her begging her to brush her teeth. Finally when she agrees she says ah when I ask her to say eee and vice versa. Finally we somehow manage to clean those sixteen teeth. Then run around the house for breakfast. In between I take breaks for loo, bath, dressing up and breaking the fast. Then comes the uniform wearing ceremony. Run behind her with t-shirt, then skirt, one sock, then another sock, combing her hair oh God. Combing. She turns her head like a pottery wheel. Somehow we end up at her school gate on time. Then comes the traffic.

I am in a hurry. The person behind me is in a hurry. The auto guy is in a hurry. The car who refuses to allow me to cross the road is in a hurry. The bike wala who tries to draw all the diagrams he did using his compass in his tenth standard with his bike now is in a hurry. We a push each other and enter the office campus finally.

And inside the campus I see a guy not in his best attire, riding his almost broken bicycle but singing his favorite song aloud, not caring one bit about the people who are either staring at him or in their hurry not even noticing him… He is in his own world which seems to be taking things slow, poised, which seems to be in no hurry, in which things fall in place on its own..

I stop and think which song was stuck in my head since morning… And it was ‘cement kaadu’ from aruvi. Sigh!

May God Bless You

April God Bless You

June God Bless You

March God Bless You

October God Bless You….

Someone is learning the months and super fascinated by it. πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ™„

Pocket friendly

These days when I go buy a kurta, I dont look for nice colors/designs/fit. All I check for is a pocket.

My day seems to be much more relaxed if the kurta that I am wearing that day has a pocket in it. Now some brands finally understood the need for pocket in Women’s clothing and they really do make life easy.

But there are someΒ  brands which will give you pocket but you can’t even keep a coin in it. I don’t understand the logic behind that 1 square inch piece of cloth.

The days I wear clothes with nice “useful” pocket in it I feel that I have got extra pair of hands to do things. Like you can travel in bus properly holding the railings, you can keep the change you need for bus in your packet and you don’t have to hold the huge purse in hand,you can drink tea with biscuits, you can go to the washroom without leaving your phone at desk (most often, when you are in washroom and your phone is at desk, that is the exact time you get a call from your mom , and you know what happens when you MISS a call from your MOM, panic attack, more washroom visits πŸ™„ )

Advantages are many. But since not all kurtas are “pocket friendly”, I am not that used to having a pocket. Sometimes I keep my phone in my pocket and I forget. I would be searching for it all over the place drawing timelines and marking ‘places I visited’ while my phone will be simply lying in my pocket, singing “Athai madi meththai adi….”


In love with Flo

I am reading this series called lady Hardcastle mysteries by T E Kinsey and I am totally loving it. It is set in the turn of the nineteenth century. It is about Lady Hardcastle and her lady’s maid Flo Armstrong. I have a major girl crush on Flo.

It is not a typical fast paced, nail biting thriller. It is a relaxed one. It takes you through the relationship that the lady and her maid share. And you will fall in love with them. They are absolutely adorable. They are more of friends than a lady and maid.

And it’s not just them. Almost all characters in the series are really very sweet. I started the series on the last week of December and I am half way into the third book already.

My favorite is dear Flo. She is smart and witty. Mess with her and she will take you down even before you realize what’s happening.

I wish I was half witty as she is. Do read if you like this genre. OK. It is available on Amazon as Kindle book for 129.

Overreacting olfactory nerves

Morning from my office bus stop to office it’s an easy ten minutes walk.

First four minutes are extremely boring. Then comes a small bakery shop. When I cross it daily, there will be a small truck unloading the goodies. Those 30 seconds to cross the truck is heaven. The sweet smell of sugar and cream, the freshly baked breads’ intoxicating smell and the fresh, warm, sweet smell from the coconut fillings in the buns.. Ahaa.. Just the smell tells you how warm and soft those buns are. It takes all my will power to cross the truck without asking the guy for one of those heavenly buns.

Next 200 meters goes in that dazed state.

As if your will power was not tested enough, now comes the attack from nearby tea shop. The boastful boiler will be spreading the aroma of its contents all over the place, messing with the brains of the poor passersby.

Every morning, by the time I reach my desk, my poor stomach will be growling.

Not so quick, not so quick

I had gone out and B was at home. I came back and asked if the floor was mopped today and he said no. He said that our maid said she will mop it tomorrow. I thought about how easily she skips work.

I took my mom to our doctor in his clinic. He is always always late. And I always make fun of his punctuality.

I got into a bus with my mom. We had to get down in the next stop. Conductor took the change from me and didn’t give ticket, but moved forward . I was scolding him in my head.

After one full minute my husband said that it was very late when our maid came. It was getting dark, that is why she told him that she would do mopping the next day. I was ashamed of my quick judging.

We went to his clinic on Saturday, the day when he is off from his big hospital work. He was on time. Life of a surgeon is difficult. Their time is not in their hands. I was ashamed of my quick judgment.

After 45 seconds, conductor came back and gave me the tickets. I took back all the words I had uttered in those 45 seconds in my head.

Among the 150+ resolutions I take every year, not judging someone holds its grand seat every year. But the brain is complicated. Even before I realize what I am doing, I finish judging. But

But I am happy that I have the capability to rethink my judgements, and feel ashamed of my act. Hope that counts as an improvement. Seriously hope.

Random ranganayaki – 10

Volt’s English

‘Amma this is twoth floor’

‘Amma this is fiveth floor’

So we teach her that it is first second third and after that it goes like fourth fifth. She nods.

Lift stops at a different floor

She shouts ‘oh no Amma this is Vera th floor’ (Vera means different in tamil)


My mother keeps everything clean. I am not like her. That irritates her to no end. I am old and I have a three year old kid but still I am getting death threats for not keeping home clean.

One day she was making dosa and there were few drops of batter spilt on the kitchen platform. Volt sees that and runs and gets a cloth.

She starts wiping the platform muttering little aloud ‘ Ayyo, what is this paati, you should keep it clean, not spill like this’

While my mom stood frozen I was laughing so hard.

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