Day 19 – Know more – 10 secrets tag

i am searching all blogs for tags and picking things randomly.So here goes my 10 secrets (laughs like a monster) 👿 👿

  1. My stomach is very expressive. If I am happy, stomach shows all signs of happiness. Hunger, digestion , hunger everything happens on time. If my tensed, it shows the first signs of distress  and I own the restroom that day.
  2. My eyes are bigger than normal but I can never say that they are beautiful. My eyes never appeared beautiful to my.. err.. eyes.
  3.  I will be myself with you only if my brain senses some comfort. Otherwise you will find me as the most silent person on the earth.
  4.  My first impression about a person will be wrong most times.
  5. I cannot fill ink in fountain pen
  6. I feel I have a sad face. I mean if a stranger just looks at me suddenly they will think that I am sad for some reason
  7. I love receiving gift wrapped gifts. But I don’t give (m)any, so I don’t get many.
  8. I am a picky eater
  9. I can’t stand straight for a minute. My mother thinks that I was an elephant in last jenmam. Kind of explains why I eat so much this jenmam.
  10. I can eat curd rice with curd as side dish and chocolate icecream with chocolate chips  and chocolate syrup as topping with a chocolate milkshake.

8 thoughts on “Day 19 – Know more – 10 secrets tag

Add yours

  1. When someone new sees me, they think I am angry for something. At times, S asks me why am I staring at him when I look normally. Sigh. And I dont think I agree with point no.2. I have seen your eyes and they look really beautiful 🙂

  2. omg.. the secrets are out!! I think its only your eyes that doesn’t like your eyes.. all of us seems to be in love with it.. Volt is going to laugh at you when you have to fill the ink for her…

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