Day 16,17 -fell in love

With this little charmer zidane. He has got the most beautiful smile. Everytime he got scared of me (that is everytime he looked at my face) he would smile and climb on his mother.

Poor Tharini ,tried so much to make volt talk. But volt refused to even look at her.  Come home Tharini . In a few minutes you will see the true colours.

If she hadn’t been sleepy you wouldn’t have seen her at all. She would be running around as if it’s some Olympics track.once we had been to an exhibition. Volt was running like ussain bolt while b was chasing her. After sometime I joined too.It looked like this


Tharini was the cool and composed mom full time.

The best part of the meet was zidane taught me how an elephant roars.yes Chennai elephants roar. Thanks for coming all the way dear. It was wonderful meeting you two.

Have a great week guy! Roarrrr!


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