Day 12 – I can talk Engleesh, walk engleesh

In the terrace

Volt: Amma Have you seen a “Ladder” (Give as much stress as you can to the word ladder)

Me: No da. Can you show me one?

Volt drags me and takes me near a ladder and shows

Volt : Amma.. Idhan Ladder

Me : ohooo

Volt: Engleesh la Yeni

Me : 😯

We both were watching someone playing veenai on TV

Volt: Amma what is that they are playing (she asked in Tamil)

Me: Veenai

Volt: Illa. Adhu Piano

Me: Illa ma. Its veenai. Piano looks different. It has ..( gives boring details)

Volt: No. Engleesh la idhu Piano

Me: πŸ™„

She knows two sentencesΒ  in English is What ees your name and what ees this

Now these questions pop up often

Volt At me: What ees your name

At her father: what ees your name

At the TV: what ees your name

At the table: eiii what ees your name

basically each and every object faces this question

and also

Amma, what ees this color (pointing at a color)

Amma, what ees this pencil (pointing a pencil)

Amma, what ees this appa (pointing appa)




8 thoughts on “Day 12 – I can talk Engleesh, walk engleesh

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  1. ‘Namma unni krishnan vaasikardhu.. idhan english la sitaaru!’ πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    Best is what eees this appa?! Giu one big hug to volt kutti! πŸ™‚

  2. lol.. this reminds me of an incident when Adi was little. she used to refer boots from dora as “kulraani”. I was claiming that she is talking Spanish. And very late we realized she is saying “kulla nari”..
    nee kalakuda Volt baby..

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