Day 8 – Sunday so far

I was taking bath and singing humma humma. Volt kept knocking the door. At first I could not hear as the tap was running. Then once I stopped I heard what she was saying so urgently.

” Amma don’t sing, don’t singgg”

My mom called and asked if I went to temple as it’s vaikunta ekadesi day. I said yes. She asked if they gave laddoo. I said no

“Oh!They didn’t give laddoo”


“Oh! Really they did not give any laddoo” (her tone is changing)


Chey laddoo no?(tone totally changed)

“Po ma” (cuts the call)

Two insults and counting.. hmmpff


4 thoughts on “Day 8 – Sunday so far

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  1. Volt doesn’t like you singing eh? Mantam also used to tell me stop singing when they were younger. But now they tell me that I sing very well and that they love hearing me. So there, just think that Volt is too young to know how beautiful your voice is šŸ™‚

    Howcome you didn’t get the laddoo. That’s blasphemy!

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