Day 6 – Baby talk

Volt is in that phase where kids observe each and everything and say things exactly when you least expect it.

Whatever we say, we get it back sometime later .

She will be playing with me suddenly she will say ” Ayayo, andha velaya marandhe paitene”

(Ayayo, I completely forgot that task)

Source: My Mom

” Iru iru, konjam time kudu” (give me some time)

Source : Me

“Oru meeeeesham” (One minute)

Source: Me again

“Two meeeets” (2 minutes)

Source: ME again 🙄

Most times the words come out in its crude form. There won’t be any emotion attached to it. But for us, it would be a complete shocker as in, we will be asking how can a kid talk like this!

For eg. Once my FIL asked her what she was doing. She said “Edho Panren” (I m doing some(stress a lot here)thing)

When an adult says it, often it means that he/she is bugged with that question and does not want to answer it.But Volt did not mean it that way . She simply meant she is doing just something.

Another time, again with FIL (poor FIL) he asked her to do something. She said “Panrene” (I am doing it right!). All she meant was she is doing it. No emotions attached. She was probably mimicking my tone 🙄 But again the same word and tone when an adult uses, it would mean that “why are you telling me when I am already doing it”. But she didn’t mean it that way.

During these times I had to explain the adult that she did not mean it the way we think. She is not disrespectful as it sounds. Just understand the meaning, ignore the emotion 😀 . But the shock in the adults’ face would be priceless every single time.

If she does not want to take bath, she will simply say “Ennala kulika mudiyadhu“. It just means that she does not want to take bath.That’s all. It does not mean she is protesting or waging a war against bath/you.

Actually I forgot lot of such one liners she uses which when said by an adult or teenager would invite a bomb blast at home.

“Naan enna sollirken” (What have I told you)

“Yen thiruppi thiruppi panra nee” (Why are you doing it again and again)

“Na un kuda pesa maten un pechu ka” (I wont talk to you)

“Na en friends ah rommmba miss panren” (I miss my friends so much) – I am 100% sure she has no idea about what she is talking here. She is mimicking a line from some kids show.

“Enakku idhellam pudikadhu” (I don’t like all these)






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  1. Yes…yes…yes Volt is uber cute ❤
    And indeed it is very important to remember that kids mimic us without any emotions or reason for doing so 🙂

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