Day 4 -of leaves and flowers

Till I was in school, we used to have a nice garden at home. Lemon, mango , banana,coconut, hibiscus, many rose plants , don’t know their English names flowering plants, jasmine, crotons, tomato, snake guard, snakes pretending to be a plant .So many we had. Garden used to e my study area.

We also had fencing with plants. Which meant you have book in one hand and a stick,stem , leaf or flowers in other. the peace those plants would bring cannot be compared.

Moved to the city and we completely lost that feeling. I tried to grow plants in pots but frequent travel spoiled everything. And believe me you get attached to your plants pretty quick that when you see them dying it hurts bad.

My mother always says that plants are a huge responsibility.

Last month , getting inspired from one of our friends we kick started our gardening project again. 4 pots. Tomato brinjal ladys finger and coriander.

After a week of singing and watering the babies came out. Then I realised that I have made a big mistake. I have planted too many seeds in a pot.

I don know how to shift the saplings without causing damage. Any experts out there, need your help please.


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  1. Book in one hand and flower stem leaf in other hand.. sorgam adu. SS, reg the plants in pots, let it grow little big and then transplant them. When they are saplings root will be very fragile… I did the same mistake with my radish. Root veggie nala I could not transplant. Some died but others survived.

  2. Gardens are great stress busters.
    Regarding saplings, you can transplant tomato & brinjal once you have got two or four new leaves, apart from the first shoot. Lady’s finger won’t survive after transplant. You should discard the least healthy ones. In a pot of 2 feet diameter, you can have two lady’s finger plants.

  3. Aaaaah… Having so many plants around must be like a paradise.
    We started growing some flowering plants very recently after a very big break , hope to start some vegetables soon !

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