Day 3 – thoppai sundari

I am a futuristic person. I always make sure that I save enough for future. What if there is an emergency! If my requirement is 1800kcal I eat 2800kcal just in case if I don’t find food tomorrow.

Result is a well advanced tummy obviously (pun intended). They say no, ‘yanai varum pinne mani yosai varum munne’ .I shouldbe SS varum pinne aval thoppai varum munne.

But for mother and grandparents you are always a size -1 figure. Every time they see you they say that you are malnourished .

I eat more than required. But still there is often a fight with my mom.

You are a working woman,eat well.

Vayatha patni podatha πŸ™„

Naleku vela seyya mudiyathu. Enna sapadra ni.

Believe me in the last six months alone 2 ppl have congratulated me for my pregnancy, 3 ppl asked if it’s a boy or girl, 1 congratulated volt for a baby brother πŸ™„ and one ola can driver advised me not to travel by bus in this condition .

But my mom has answers for everything. Every time I complain she has an answer.

Amma I have a big thoppai.

Chey it’s nothing.

Ma I have big tummy

It’s been there since your birth. It’s called baby thoppai

Mom I have big thoppai

You just had a baby 30 months ago. It’s baby thoppai

Ma..Don’t overfeed me I have big thoppai.

Shut up. A growing child needs good food.

(Remembering all those embarrassing congratulatory questions) ammmmmmaa you too.

Thoo. I meant you. You are my growing child.. forever.

Mmkm. Only sideways!


23 thoughts on “Day 3 – thoppai sundari

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  1. Hilarious post! But, in my case even my mom has started commenting on my weight. Guess time to get the weight loss resolution from paper to gym soon!

  2. It’s been there since your birth – Nice idea. Naan idhaiye solla poren… yaar kettalum. You are far better. Naan baby A va kaila vachittu irukkum podhe oruthanga kettanga… pregnant-a nu… adhum new year annikku 😐

  3. Hilarious!! Reading what you write is as fun as listening to you πŸ™‚ Very few people can pull off making fun of themselves !

  4. Wheeeeeeeeeee! So happy that my favorite SS is back to blogging in full form ❀
    Your mommy is right, you are a growing child just like me πŸ˜‰

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