Day 2 -Volt and kathirikkai

She is 2.8 now. She can tell where I work. But when B asks where he works, she will say “kathirikkai(brinjal) semiconductors”. What an interesting company!

She dances for only one song. Dance means that song. That song means she has to dance. And the song is …”kantha sashti kavasam” by sulamangalam sisters. Every evening at 6:05 this song is played in a channel and her dance starts. She knows when an interlude music will come and for every music she has a step. For the non artistic eyes, it will look like a kathirikkai jumping vigorously.

For scissors she can’t say kathirikol . She says kathirikkai.

Kathirikkai and brinjal are totally two different things for her.

That is all about kathirikkai except that it is my least favourite vegetable but loads to talk about little volt. I will use his blogathon to register those stuff.

Have a good week!



15 thoughts on “Day 2 -Volt and kathirikkai

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  1. Where is the dance video. I mean where? How can you be so mean. You write such cute stuffs about her and you want us to imagine. Not happening lady. I want video like now.

  2. What? Kathrikai is your least favorite a? Yuvar unselected! :/

    Send that dance video no?

    This reminds me of the time when Kuttan used to get confused between sathukudi and satramudhu!

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