The one where I sing a Hindi song live

Group of aunties busy discussing their latest possessions – sarees and gold, another group checking if they can find any suitable girl/boy for their log distant relatives’ boy/girl. Another set simply asking “when is the good news”

Mapillai- my brother sitting with his daavu with a plastered smile..I can see his jaw paining ,I can feel it  .

Myself – So glad that atlast I am in a phase where no aunties can ask me any awkward questions for now. B’coz marriage -check , baby -check , second baby – there is still time now for that question. So in short I am simply having fun.

In middle of all the sounds – light music, laughter and others I hear my name. Someone calling me.Someone calling me loud now. I turn and there stands my super singer (not aitel one) cousin. He is calling me somewhere. I ask where unable to understand what he is saying in the crowd. He pulls me towards the dias. He says “SS you try please you try no. ” . Me “Whattttt, noo way, you want ppl to run?” . Him “hey I know you. I have heard you many times, plus its just S’s wedding. You will never get a chance, just try” . Me ” Ayyo but I know only few songs da” .

Him ” That and all taken care of, sing what you sung that day when we all met, the troop knows that song, so they are ready” . Me ” Dei yen da..what did I do to you” . He simply pushes me.

I am near the mic. I can see group 1 , 2 and 3 of aunties turning their heads towards me. I see a smirk in their faces. Now they have a topic to talk about for next 50 weddings or worse till light music lasts in this world. I am sweating. The musician asks if I am ready. I nod yes thinking “never”.

I start slowly , close my eyes trying to imagine that I am all alone and start singing. I lose the track of time. My eyes are wet . I am tilting 45 degrees , 90 degrees..135 degrees..I am about to fall..mmmmmm..I finish my first stanza.. I open my moist eyes wondering if the wedding is still happening, afraid that my brother will curse me his entire life. But people are there still..I spot B, he is smiling actually smiling.. my cousin that idiot clapping.. all aunties slowly starting to clap, smiles starting to form in everyones face.. slowly..slowly I am feeling high..flying actually..

In all this tension I realize that my bladder has become full..another stanza coming up..I start opening my mouth..KICKKK

Volt must have kicked real hard … I wake up from my most realistic dream ever..Its all so dark.. Time is 2:47 AM.Oh God,it was all a dream? I was not singing???oh noo..

The only thing that was “real” was that my bladder was actually full and so the kick was 10 times worse. hmmppffff


11 thoughts on “The one where I sing a Hindi song live

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  1. Hahahahaha
    Okay jokes apart, but after hearing your melodious voice in the audio clip with Volt, I am 100% confident that you sing beautifully.
    On that note how about posting an audio clip of you actually singing? I am sure, everyone will love playing it over & over 😀

  2. I suspected this was dream sequence when you said aunties had no awkward questions for you. That happens only in dreams…
    Nice post…got a Kick reading it 🙂

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