Mr. Sun Sun Mr. Golden Sun

Please shine down on meeeee…

So bugged with this winter.I don’t know how people who are in REAL winter regions manage. Till last year I was totally a winter person. I love the cool breeze, morning dew, the dogs curled up in the non-scorching warm sunlight,the smoke that escapes from your mouth without actually smoking a cigaret etc,

But this year somehow I am not at all liking this weather. My skin has become so dry that 5 ml oil gets evaporated/absorbed in 5 secs. The wind seems to be causing body ache, the cold floor which is making me to walk like Kate Winslet in Titanic (walking on big toe)..I don’t even want to talk about hairfall. One thing is sure, next winter I won’t be talking about hairfall at all b’coz there won’t be any hair left to fall!!! Grrrrrrrr

Since when did I start hating winter so much 😦 when when when

May be it’s the book I am reading where winter= dark and dangerous.I think it’s the book.Why else would I hate a weather which was made just to eat hot hot bajjis and pakodas with garamo garam chai.



9 thoughts on “Mr. Sun Sun Mr. Golden Sun

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  1. I am with you on hair-fall & on the skin getting real dry 😦
    This year the winter span has reduced considerably, it has started warming up already, not a good sign 😐

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