Tamizh Pulavi Volt*

Note: When you read the words in bold, give one jerk and stress the last letter/syllable as much as you can!

Paa ย -> Paattu ..meaning play songs/rhymes

Paapi -> Kaapi .. ypou are drinking coffee

Paal -> Milk which I will ask but won’t even touch it

Paai -> Mat

Achaaaa.. Achaaa <screaming> -> I did su-su. Somebody help! or I will start patting/splashing

Nanni -> thanni..meaning water

Inneee -> Feed me amma..NOW

phooo -> Poova poonum sollalam.. pushpam nu sollalam.. neenga solra mariyum sollalam.. Meaning Flower

shfoo -> Shoe..meaning I want to go out NOW

aan aan aanaahn aaahn -> small talk

aaahn <pause> aaahn <pause> aaahn <pause> aahn -> I am praying. Be ready, next second I will snatch the krishna photo and run away.

paatti, thatha -> grandma..grandpa

Ammaaa -> First time calling you

mummeee -> I did something wrong..trying to distract you now

Ammmaaaaaaaa -> Second time calling

mummeeyov -> what is so important to you amma.. Will you come here or not!

Bujappa -> My appa

Munimmaaa -> When I need my mother’s attention immediately

lollee -> Lorry

There is more. Mazhalai** mazhai*** will continue ….

* Tamil poet volt

** Baby talk

*** rain


12 thoughts on “Tamizh Pulavi Volt*

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  1. Keep them coming…loving Volts dictionary โค

    Moo points and grunts and gets things done..maybe I should note the grunt sounds hehehhe

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