I came here many times but there were just too many thoughts in my head that I could not write a single coherent post. Then I thought – enough is enough – took deep breath, sat in silence for 17 minutes gathering all my thoughts and came here to tell you guys that how the word “coherent” (and its synonyms) have no meaning at all in Summerscript’s space.

Too early to say but since I believe you guys won’t kannu potufy ( act of sending very harmful waves through vision and thoughts) and all, I will just say it. My little bro seems to be getting really close to finding a partner. Families have started talking. Nothing is official yet. But I don’t know what got into his brain..he is asking ME for relationship advice to talk to girls n all. Since people very rarely ask my advice, the dam just burst open. Hope he doesn’t follow any of it.

Volt is good. I will write a separate post because I really want to.

When someone tells you a secret, do you have this strong urge to tell that secret to ten other people with a warning of course “sshh top secret I am telling only you because I know you buddy” making deep eye contact and all. You do πŸ˜€ ?I have a secret now. And I have already told that to few of my friends, cousins, friends’ friends, my mother. But its a secret. I can tell you guys but its a secret.. please just wait for one more week ok? exactly a week. Then the secret will be out.** Β If you are even thinking about pregnancy I will find your address and come with chappathi kattai. **

After 1 year I have started going to office and its a good change. I mean I can eat pastries, parathas, variety of chocolate stuff anytime I want. And I have a perfect company there .Feels really good you know.

These days I go into deep sleep almost immediately. No fun dreams nothing. Yesterday B came at 930PM woke me up just to ask where the dinner is as he could not find anything on the kitchen platform. I was blank for few seconds. I didnot understand a word he was saying. All I could hear was “where is food” where is food” . And after first few seconds my mind could recognise just one word food ” food food food food..rice ? rice is food..I had food” Then I think he shook my shoulders – I can’t say for sure but I came back to my senses. I picturised an over dramatic B with big eyes shaking my shoulders vigorously asking “where is my food SS? where is my food? what did you do?” Looks like I didnot come back to my senses fully. A sudden jerk and told him “Dosa..wait I will make” and ran away. Poor thing. He told me that I could have prepared and kept.I think he got pretty scared.

While we are on the topic, I feel hungry again, will just take a walk around the pantry OK? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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  1. Naalu.. ok va?? Naalu comment potachu πŸ˜‰
    Ok jokes apart now I want to know the secret ok. No no I can’t wait for a week and all. Tell me now. Like NOW and waiting for the post on Volt. Do it soon.

  2. Char. Because I yam Indhee pundit and all! πŸ˜€
    To do things for you – 1. Tell congrats to your little brother. 2. Tell sicrit. 3. Put Volt post. All this should happen in the next fifteen minutes and I will giu you one brownie and one lindt pack!

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