And she’s back..

Amma: The kitkat has changed

Me: *still looking at the computer * Yes ma. Tastes good. Bit costly but love the chocolate.Tastes rich!

Amma: I know right. Don’t look for it in the fridge OK *walks away*

Me: *stares in disbelief*


Amma: Are you giving a treat for your friends in Bangalore for Volt’s birthday?

Me: I am thinking. They are asking. Will invite them home may be. May be not. Not sure ma.

Amma: I think you should.

Me: mmhmm?

Amma: Yeah. And don’t keep it on this sunday or next to next sunday. I am out both weekends.  *walks away*

Me :  *stares in disbelief*


Amma : I want a new phone for my birthday

Me: ok ma…

Amma : Not costly though

Me: OK ma. Do you want data pack so that I can send pics n all?

Amma: No thats unnecessary.

Me: hmm..ok

Amma. But get one with hotstar so that I can watch the 7 pm serial in bus/train

Me : *just stares*


Me : * Mosquitoes..disturbed sleep..woke up in not-so-good mood *

Amma : why you val val-ling like a dog today?

Me: I don’t know ma.. I am just irritated,feeling angry for no reason.

Amma:  * comes and stands near me and in a very soft voice*  Volt is just one.

Me : * gives a puzzled look *     Einnn?

Amma : *with a serious look* Do you have vomiting sensation?

Me : No..why do..waittttt.. Ammmmmaaaaa. I am not pregnant OK!

Amma: OK OK Don’t val val on me .


11 thoughts on “And she’s back..

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  1. Your Amma is a rock-star 😀
    I bet you have taken on her for your sense of humor & timing.
    Wow…time flies, Volt is already one…sending lots of love, birthday wishes & kisses for the little darling ♥

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