Random Ranganayaki 7

Since I have a lot of work but nothing seems to be working I took a break and came here. I am just going to blabber really random stuff for next few minutes.Feel free to Not ignore!! Come on..its friday!

Too many mosuitoes… hot weather .. windows open at night..too many mosquitoes. Since these doctors told us not to use any mosquito repellent creams/machines etc for baby…Every night for 30 minutes I play tennis with mosquitoes (the mosquito killer bat). The bat which we have is a very user friendly one because as soon as you switch it on it starts making “pata pata” sound before even spotting a mosquito! Customer Satisfaction- amam !!! So mostly I end up killing the mosquitoes by hitting and squeezing them with the bat.

We have this net and all but no matter what I do there is always a family of mosquitoes inside that net.Frustrated and having none of the techniques working for me I came up with this brilliant idea. I lured the mosquitoes towards me by showing off my legs. No I don’t have legs like Deepika Padukone and all.I think I just have lot of blood (And thats why I look fat , OK) and tried to attract the mosquitoes towards me instead of the baby. And it worked.Morning when I checked volt she didnot have any new red bumps..

Me? mmmm *still scratching *

OK. I am tired of typing “mosquitoes”.

After a long time I got a bizarre dream but I don’t want to talk about it because someone choked in the dream and the way she was saved was almost similar to unclogging a kitchen sink. So yeah ..lets not talk about it.

Volt is growing up so fast.. so so fast..I decide to work every night after she sleeps but so much drama happens trying to put her to sleep that I get tired and doze off sometimes before she does.

Hope you all are doing fine. Take care.. Have a good weekend.


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  1. I loved the point that “Maybe I have lot of blood that makes me look fat” <— I am so going to use it from this very minute 😉 😆
    Thank you sweetie 🙂
    Ditto on sleeping before the baby struggling to put the baby to sleep.
    Start using Odomos on your sexy legs dear, don't let the mosquitoes bite you or darling Volt.

  2. Hey , dont use the “ALL Out” s or mosquito repellants if u can. My son developed a really bad allergy from them. Again , mosquito’s spread so many diseases which can be very bad for the baby. So that makes me want to use the repellents ..
    Here is one solution that works well for me. Heat coconut oil with camphor (karpooram), you dont need to boil it or anything, we need the smell of coconut + karpooram . When cool , smear it on ur legs / all over baby s legs and hands. This kind of repels mosquitos , works for me . Use an old bed spread , i am too obsessed with mosquitos and dont worry about the oil on sheets or having to wash it regularly. Also , I dont smear it on his chest coz many advised about it having adverse effects. Anyway , do try it out. …
    Also , we keep the windows closed during dusk , thats the time when there are max mosquitoes, and then we swtich off the lights in bedroom and open the windows after its dark. Somehow we believe that mosquitos may not barge in if they do not see the light…, Silly 🙂

    1. ok..I will try that karpooram tip. Yeah we too open windows during dark but I guess my area mosquitoes have some night vision goggles or something…light or no light their moto is only to bite!!! 😦

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