The cool Volt..

Apologies for not posting regularly.

Volt discovered something new and I wanted to share with you all.

Now and then she does this….



or this

abc (1)It is not exactly waving because she does not understand the concept yet.

She just does it randomly and it looks very funny because her tiny hands are so stiff and it looks almost like she is blessing/stopping someone/something.

Three days back when we got down from train, we met a friend in the station and when myself and B waved her a bye volt raised her hand and did her blessing pose.We all were shell shocked and before we could celebrate and she turns to a moving train and again does a blessing.It was so cute and is still in my memory πŸ˜€

Few more discoveries:-

She is holding every piece of furniture and pulls herself up and then bites it.

She stood holdingΒ the tv table and switched it off yesterday. I never knew there was a button there till yesterday.

I make her stand in a bucket and bathe her these days. She tries to drink the water from the other bucket, thankfully she has no idea how to hold the water in her hands..yet.

She laughs when I flutter my eyes fast.

She has a special mocking smile and it always happens when B makes fun of me.It is as if she understood the joke and gives me that smile.It has never once happened when I try to pull B’s legs.Daughters πŸ™„

She loves lift – old or new, bright or dark , with led display or no..she loves it. You can stand at any floor near the lift and can make out if she is inside the moving lift because she will be giggling inside πŸ˜€

OK. She woke up..bbye





12 thoughts on “The cool Volt..

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  1. SS.. as usual loved this post about Volt.

    I can flutter my eyes really fast, but Volt bayanduda kudathu when I do this infront of her – guarantee me her super cute smile ok?! πŸ˜› I loved how you compared her pose with that of Superstar’s. πŸ™‚

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