Pongal o pongal

Is what people at my house asked me to say when white bubbles came out of a funny looking vessel. They all shouted in chorus staring at my face. Realizing that they are expecting me to make the same noise and not wanting to disappoint my fans I uttered a cool “yaiyy yaiyy yaa” . Everyone smiled.
I took bath early today and wore a new frock… While amma and paati were time passing in kitchen I took my appa and went down . Together we gave a tabla performance using a car as our instrument. When we came back I was too sleepy and took a nice long nap of 2 hours.
When I woke up my mom looked really happy… the glow on her face and the pot belly told me that she had an uninterrupted heavy lunch after long It’s ok . There is always a next meal.

Then in the evening I wore my new pavadai sattai that my appa got for me. People praised me. Amma kept staring at me. I know what she was thinking. She was thinking how to put a chindu on my head and fix some flowers on it. Realizing the danger,I quickly distracted her by peeing all over the hall.
I got to taste my first chakkarai pongal. Paati gave me two grains. I am yet to decide if I like it or not but my amma seemed to like it a lot . Many times I saw her with a bowl full of it.

So all in all a wonderful day. Going for another short nap now. See you guys..

Happy maatu pongal to all.


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