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Tag: Lets cook up a story

Long back when I was only a reader not a blog writer I came across this “story tag”. I searched for it today but could not find out at all. So whoever invented this tag,if you are reading this, I am taking it.

The idea is simple.I start a story and I will tag you.You have to continue the story and tag another person and he or she will continue.

Few simple rules:

1. You cannot end the story.

2. You can introduce as many characters as you want but cannot kill a character.

3. You can change the genre anytime from romance to thriller to mystery to comedy.

4. The story-part should have 50-100 words.

5.If you don’t want to continue, feel free to tag someone else or me again.

6. Before starting your part give a link to the previous part, something like this “..Continued from here”  and attach the link.

7. If possible, add the link to your post in the comments section here.


The rain had just stopped. Apart from the occasional sound of an auto or bike wading through the stagnant water, the evening was unusually calm.Mira opened the window to let the cool air in. It was a very hectic day at the hospital.The chilly breeze stung her face but soothed her raging heart.

knock knock thud thud thud…

“I know you are in there Mira.. Now come out…


I am tagging BM.

Remember, The sooner you take up this tag the faster the story will grow.Lets see what kind of story we come up with by the end of this blogathon.

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