That was me humming a recent favourite song although eating a delicious cake would also have produced same kind of sound from me Smiley

MY Amma thinks that I am a good singer,that if I practise more I will become better. I am not a good singer and all but you know mothers!Smiley
I sing ok – ok. Considering the chances of you asking me to sing to test my voice quality are very slim, I will just say that I am a good singer SmileySmiley

When I was pregnant or even before that I used to prepare mentally , how I will sing to my baby everyday, how the baby returns a soft beautiful smile on hearing my sweet,honey dripping voice,how everyone in my house just stop what they were doing and look at me with a peaceful smile as soon as I start singing (thooliyilae aada vanda…raasathi unna kanaatha nenju…), in short how the world turns into a beautiful place as soon as my song spreads in the air…hummmmmmmmmmmmm

But but there was just one problem.I was really really bad in lyrics. Even in my mother tongue I couldnot remember the lyrics.After two lines it will all be my own lyrics (horrible lyrics) but just for my own safety I fill it with mmmmms and hmmmmmss.Anyway I kept dreaming of singing beautiful songs to my baby and the fact that I sing almost like shreya ghoshal in my dreams did not help me much to take a peek into reality. I tried hard to memorize “manikkam katti” lyrics and kept on listening to Unnikrishnan in loop, also some kannan and bharathiyar songs were memorized.

Volt arrived and the initial days went in a blur. SInce those days were blurred I don’t really know what happened but volt developed her own playlist and all my kannan and bharathi songs never feautured in that list.I surrendered and started singing only the songs which volt liked (B..I..NGO..B..I..NGO..) and it continues till date..But the lyrics problem is still there (May had a crocodile…crocodile…crocodile)

That does not stop me from dreaming.I am still a “shreya shoshal” in my dream and “if” someday volt develops interest in singing we will sing songs together, record it and send it to you all 😀 Smiley Smiley

p.s. If you get that recording and wonder which voice is mine attention to the lyrics 😉

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  1. I can never get the lyrics right for even one song. If either S or the sister are near me, they would give me one killer stare and keep correcting 😀 My amma on the other hand thinks I am a good singer too, Mothers I say! 🙂

  2. I promise to do mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm listening to you singing while i am eating a cake … 🙂

    and you know the secret you got to dream to make dreams come true .. so who knows maybe ur dream will come true all the best 🙂

    NA not all mothers.. I dont think my mom thinks i am a good singer .. she says that if i sing the whole city of sunderland will LEave the City and migrate to some other city 🙂
    i guess my mom does not love me he he he he he he

  3. Hehe, can’t wait for volt to grow up.

    By the way, I’m a sucker for lyrics. I get very irritated when people change the original lyrics of the song, which Abbas does all the time. He make the words as he songa because he can’t remember them well. Grrrr!!!

  4. smileys ss vazhga valarga… indru mudhal thangal “smileys ss” endru azhaikka paduveergal.. kiiling lyrics? have you tried singing tamil song in english? try this..

    Love rosuu
    where you where-uu
    eyesu tearsu falling
    eyes-ukul you-dhan
    tears-ukul you-dhan
    eyes closu see-u
    heart-ukul you-dhan
    what happened-u? what heppend-u? telllll meeee!!!

    try this is the original tune..

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