Monday Monster

Before I start cribbing let me tell you that I spend good amount of time watching tv,go out with B and volt,eat whatever I like, my mother helps me to take care of volt when I work. But inspite of all these last night I could not sleep. Something was bothering me.
I feel that I am not giving my 100 percent in work. On the other hand I am not doing much for volt either. I feel bad that I am not doing well on both sides. I feel guilty. Sometimes.. rarely I even feel like crying.Last night was one such night where I could not find peace. It took time to go to sleep.

To make myself feel better I have asked help from few people.

1. Cousin K

Me: Hi

K: Hello di akka

Me: I am depressed. Please send me a gift.Make sure it is gift wrapped , should also have a bow.

K: I am also sad di.

Me: Oh.. I will also send you a gift , OK?

K: OK done!

2. Amma

Me: I want gift amma.

Amma :.. o… (before she finishes)

Me: I will send you a list

Amma: Achucho (laughs and goes away)

Not sure if she took it seriously

3. B

Me: Today is a good day to buy me a present. Gift wrap must. With a card which says “You are doing good”.

Me: Ideas are fancy pen stand, colorful stick notes or Nice notebook

Now, I am just waiting for my presents to make my day better.


27 thoughts on “Monday Monster

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  1. I hope and wish the gifts come soon.
    I was actually looking forward to going to work after the break. .but due to some reason I have had to take leave for 2 weeks now..

    You take care of yourself..cheer up

  2. Hugs SS! You keep a jar of cashewnuts and raisins in your room. Whenever you feel low, munch both of them together. Remember – together is important.

    Its almost evening, did you any gifts..or did you already make one 🙂

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