Sunday mornings

Suddenly there is silence, no tat tat noise of toys, no sound from TV. Mommy elephant is wondering whats happening. She is having her breakfast in the room – idly with onion chutney. Then she hears a song “dinggg donggg dinggg dong..”

In few minutes daddy elephant on all fours is slowly swaying and entering the room. The baby-daughter elephant quickly follows with a smile showing off her two brand new teeth. The father elephant leading the baby elephant keeps sweeping the floor so that baby elephant does not get distracted by small dust particles. The baby has sharp eyes.

The father elephant has to stop and turn once in a while to check on baby elephant for two reasons.. 1. The baby elephant is a rash driver.. walks too fast and falls down easily 2. Baby elephant stops to check every dust pasrticle/cracks on the floor. Mommy elephant gets up seeing the two elephants and tries to get out of the room to get more idlis. But the daddy and baby elephants knock her with their heads and block her way.Not just the room but the whole house fills with laughter.


18 thoughts on “Sunday mornings

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  1. Awesomeeee what a start to a perfect day.
    God bless the herd of elephants…
    And hey yyyy my share of idli don’t forget that.. The foreign elephant also needs some…He he he he

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