Lesson Learnt

I have been to restaurants 4-5 times with volt. Twice she slept off, so I ate without any problem,other times we managed somehow. Today I had to go out to buy some stuff and one of our favourite restaurants was nearby.We decided to eat there.It is a very small restaurant and is never crowded but we love the food over there. Infact we don’t even check the menu as we know our favourite dishes.

Today the restaurant was occupied almost 50-60% and the moment we entered Volt started crying. Feeding, rhymes, singing nothing pacified her.This time also we quickly ordered our favourite without wasting time but she was OK for a moment and crying next second and we were completely clueless.We even thought of packing the food and eating it at home. But food started coming in, so we decided to eat there itself.

Me and B took turns and took her out while the other one ate.In between I had major doubts like what if they clean the table by mistake when B comes out and asks me to take my turn in eating !!!

Somehow we managed to eat We came out and in few minutes the little bum started smiling 😀 I still don’t know why she cried.But only after seeing her smile we realized that the food was delicious though it was consumed in a hurry with breaks in between.

All the time she was crying there was just one thought in my mind (Not food duh). That I will never ever judge another parent who is trying to console a crying baby. Never.

P.S. Today morning I was complaining to Maya and Tharani that I have nothing in my mind to put up in a post today. Dear God, if you are telling me now ‘see how I created an opportunity for you to post’, I appreciate you with whole heart but please no,not like this.


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  1. I took Moo to a restaurant when she was 4 month old.The ruckus she created in there made me decide never to take her out for eating until she can speak 😐

  2. Hehehe, it was not God but Volt who could sense her mom’s difficulty in coming up with a post. That’s why she smiled as soon as you came out of the restaurant and thought “Mission Accomplished! Heehoohaahaaahaaa”

    When Mantam were small, Abbas and I could never eat out as we couldn’t even take turns yaar! Once we went to a close friend’s wedding as we couldn’t skip it. The friend understood our problem and kindly packed us some food to take home and eat peacefully 😀

  3. GOd is Great 🙂 it seems … gave you an idea to write

    BUt heyyyyyyy what about readersssss he he he he 🙂

    god bless the little one , you know I am very abrupt and i say things as they are , thie episode reminded me when my sis had come to uk with here little ones and we had a similar situation.

    A couple sitting about 2 or 3 tables away made a comment and I am not a one to take it , I just got up and gave them a piece of my mind. I mean the people sitting right next to us had no problems and actually the lady started trying to help my sis in calming the little one ..

    People are WEIRD..

    BUT i think it is good to take the kids out because they will soon get used to it all. just my way of thinking 🙂 I know I am WEIRD tooooo

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