Adventurous day Jan 1, 2015

I am marking it here because the whole SS family took a big risk yesterday – on  NEW YEAR’S DAY.

We watched Anjaan.

Those who follow Tamil movies will definitely know what reviews this movie got and how much fun was made of this director in FB/Twitter and the kinds.I think the major trolling was not because the movie was bad because there are so many flop movies but it was because of the “popular” statements made by the director before the release of the movie.

We were really inquisitive in knowing what was there in that movie, so took a big risk and started watching it. We even ordered food from outside so that we don’t miss any scene ( not because the movie was interesting..because it was so difficult to understand what was going on and we didnot want to miss anything, that level dedication)

The whole family assembled in hall including volt. She was given plenty of toys to play with while B and me were watching “Raju bhai” (the hero character) fully focussed.I had so many  “inception” “insterstellar” level questions and kept bombarding B with my findings. But he kept shushing me and “tuned himself” into the movie.

Too many questions too many theories were shared that at one point there was so much chaos in the house,food remained untouched, then volt had to start banging two stainless steel plates to calm us down.Finally movie got over , no one understood a thing, peace returned and we all went to bed.

We are calling each other Raju Bhai now 😦


19 thoughts on “Adventurous day Jan 1, 2015

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  1. ROFL

    I escaped with Moo into the room while the rest were glued to Anjaan yesterday 😀 when i came out to have dinner, one of the aunts commented, its nice but we have to have full concentration on tv 😀

  2. Anjaan was such a horrific experience. Adhum cinema la poi paathu, why blood? Same blood? aa thaan aachu!

    P.S. I just could not tolerate that Samantha on screen. Loosu character!

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