Happy 2015

Happy New Year friends 🙂

Summary of 2014 here :

Simple achievements of 2014 :-

1. Occupied most part of the bed taking up all the pillows in the name of pregnancy.

2. Ate delicious meals on time and during off time too, again thanks to pregnancy.

3. Finding time to play with my favourite toy everyday (Volt has a simple orange duck – her favourite. Mine is a yellow one which not only looks like a duck but can also walk like a duck.I don’t play with orange duck and volt not even touches mine. We are that understanding duo!)

Realistic Achievements of 2014 :-

1. Volt

2. Inspite of having a very rough start I managed to breastfeed to my heart’s content.

Unrealistic Achievement (as in not so easy to achieve given that I was either pregnant or breastfeeding actively most part of the year):-

1. Had brown bomb (loaded with brownie,vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate syrup) at corner house THREE times in two weeks .

Rajini-level Achievement of 2014:-

1. Managed NOT to take the unsolicited advice to my brain and did only the things (atleast 80% ) that I was comfortable doing. Rajini-level because these advice seem to flow at the highest rate either when you are pregnant or when you have a small baby.

Realizations of 2014 :- 

1. You cannot handle your hormones,hormones handle you.

2. Believe in yourself – helped me a lot during breastfeeding.

3. Believe in others – I have a big list of people to thank here who stood with me ,helped me when my mother fell sick .

3. The sakkarai pongal (sweet pongal) you make will have strong garlic smell if you had stored the cashew nuts in a box which had garlic cloves before.No, drying in sun did not help.


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  1. Hehe love your unrealistic achievement 🙂 And to master rajini-level achievement is a great thing. Big hugs 🙂 You know you are way too cuter?! Love you and Volt 🙂

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