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Nenje Ezhu*…

I don’t know what got into B.He was OK till last week.This week he suddenly installed an app,took out his shoes and started his morning walk!!! He even carries a water bottle. Too much I say! As if that is not enough,he along with my mom are forcing me to go for a morning walk. What is wrong with these people.

I know I loved those days when wherever I went my legs would be the first thing to enter that place instead of my stomach.But walking? in winter?Please No.

B: I have installed an app in your phone.It motivates you.

Me: It will only drain my battery.

B: You can charge it again.

Me: I can easily cheat that App.

Me: Smiley

Me: Amma you take care of volt the whole day.Atleast in the morning you should take a break.Not fair.So what if I don’t walk.I feel guilty ma.
Smiley Smiley

Amma: Its her nap time.Go away

Me: Smiley

I switch on that stupid App and play some inspirational songs like “nenje ezhu” from mariyan and vetri kodi kattu from padaiyappa.

I walk exactly like dhanush in nenje ezhu.Slow,unsteady,sad face.

After 20 minutes it starts drizzling ..what if I catch cold and die..No way.I go into the car parking area and when I am about to reach the lift B comes out (on his way to office).

B: Done? So soon?

Me: Drizzling

B: ok.ok.Good.Walk in the parking lot.

Me: Smiley

Bored I check the app which is still running and it shows 40 kcal.

First Reaction- Whatttt ONLY 40??? Come on.I walked faster that that uncle who was standing near A block.

On Second thoughts – Hmm..40? 40!No idea how to interpret this?Too much?Too less?

Suddenly my brain starts understanding everything.OK.How much does the Marie biscuit packet say for 100gms how many calories..Quick Quick Quick..OK Lindt dark chocolate..calories per serving..Ok… hmm Dove dark chocolate with almonds,,… ok ok ok ok..(A+b) the whole square…cos theta by tan theta…. OK OK OK!!!!Smiley

So if I walk one more round I can eat 1 extra lindt chocolate and two more Dove (chocolate)! Yess!!!!!!! Smiley


Moral of the story: Motivation comes in different flavours and servings.

Credits: Smileys from

* This song

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My very own Personalized alarm clock

6 AM.
It’s little cold. (Chennai can be cold in the mornings. Now close your mouth please)
I check volt as usual her blanket is nowhere to be seen. I grab it and praying all Gods slowly put it on her.
Two little legs rise by 90 degrees and a head slowly turns .
I close my eyes tight and pretend to be sleeping. Not sure how much time I have in my hands now.
Aavvavv vaavvv…yaiyyy ya
The litte devil touches my face.
Still motionless.
Slowly I can feel the kutti monkey getting up and climbing on me. She lies down on me.
When I think that she will just lie down quietly on me..
She bit my nose. Now how can someone resist this alarm clock 🙂

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Pongal o pongal

Is what people at my house asked me to say when white bubbles came out of a funny looking vessel. They all shouted in chorus staring at my face. Realizing that they are expecting me to make the same noise and not wanting to disappoint my fans I uttered a cool “yaiyy yaiyy yaa” . Everyone smiled.
I took bath early today and wore a new frock… While amma and paati were time passing in kitchen I took my appa and went down . Together we gave a tabla performance using a car as our instrument. When we came back I was too sleepy and took a nice long nap of 2 hours.
When I woke up my mom looked really happy… the glow on her face and the pot belly told me that she had an uninterrupted heavy lunch after long It’s ok . There is always a next meal.

Then in the evening I wore my new pavadai sattai that my appa got for me. People praised me. Amma kept staring at me. I know what she was thinking. She was thinking how to put a chindu on my head and fix some flowers on it. Realizing the danger,I quickly distracted her by peeing all over the hall.
I got to taste my first chakkarai pongal. Paati gave me two grains. I am yet to decide if I like it or not but my amma seemed to like it a lot . Many times I saw her with a bowl full of it.

So all in all a wonderful day. Going for another short nap now. See you guys..

Happy maatu pongal to all.

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I am thankful – 6

Everyone is tired these days .The long commute to work, the traffic, the dust, the work, the food makes everyone tired by 5 PM.Whether you are a 12 year old or 32 year old, you feel tired. Older people seem to be brisk and happy compared to us. The reason I said all this is these days very few people get up in the bus or other public places if they see any old or needy person to give their seat.

Atleast that is how I feel at the end of the day. In my route I don’t see old people often but sometimes I do see pregnant women in bus and I give my seat. When I see people with small kids many times I had continued my journey without offering my seat.Especially when I am having back pain.

When I was pregnant we boarded a volvo bus. In volvo bus I have never seen people offering their seat to others. But there was one 16-17 year old boy who immediately got up and gave me his seat. Not sure how many would do that when a ticket costs 80 rupees.We exchanged smiles and then he got lost in the crowd.

I was 8 months carrying at that time and was waiting in front of a mandapam while B was trying to talk to its manager and the gates were closed. It was early in the morning ,the security person who was watching all this, brought his chair and asked me to sit on it while things were sorted out.It was very kind of him considering his age and how tired he must be.

Two days back I was waiting in front of a medical shop with volt when B was inside buying some medicines. A watchman came from nowhere and asked me sit on his chair while B finishes his job.

These random act of kindness definitely lifts your mood up.This post is to thank such people who respond immediately and help perfect strangers.

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Tag: Lets cook up a story

Long back when I was only a reader not a blog writer I came across this “story tag”. I searched for it today but could not find out at all. So whoever invented this tag,if you are reading this, I am taking it.

The idea is simple.I start a story and I will tag you.You have to continue the story and tag another person and he or she will continue.

Few simple rules:

1. You cannot end the story.

2. You can introduce as many characters as you want but cannot kill a character.

3. You can change the genre anytime from romance to thriller to mystery to comedy.

4. The story-part should have 50-100 words.

5.If you don’t want to continue, feel free to tag someone else or me again.

6. Before starting your part give a link to the previous part, something like this “..Continued from here”  and attach the link.

7. If possible, add the link to your post in the comments section here.


The rain had just stopped. Apart from the occasional sound of an auto or bike wading through the stagnant water, the evening was unusually calm.Mira opened the window to let the cool air in. It was a very hectic day at the hospital.The chilly breeze stung her face but soothed her raging heart.

knock knock thud thud thud…

“I know you are in there Mira.. Now come out…


I am tagging BM.

Remember, The sooner you take up this tag the faster the story will grow.Lets see what kind of story we come up with by the end of this blogathon.

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An announcement

I am finding it very difficult to put up a post on weekend. I am nowhere near the laptop is one of the reasons but there are many more. So what I am going to do is post something on all weekdays and take off during weekends.
Hope you all had an awesome weekend. Meet you on Monday 🙂

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From the brightest city on earth

When all you can see outside is saree and jewellery ads…
When you remove your sweater,cap and socks and throw them away on amma’s face and shout thathathatha..
When you are finally diaper free…
When a little drop of soap produces one tub full of bubbles ( thanks to the amazing water)…
When you get down from lift you hear the music of “tudung tudung..ningal parthu kondu irupathu ungal sun tv yil thamizh maalai”…
When your hair suddenly turns into a Karr murr consistency and looks like Maggi noodles…
When a bright ray of sunshine makes you squint your eyes and brings a bright smile on your face…
You know you have landed in Chennai 😀