Volt at eight months

Everyone at home are on their toes as volt has started crawling.Last few weeks saw so many changes.First she started “swimming” and then she tried to sit with her hand as support, then she started lifting her bum and slowly started crawling. Now Madam goes room after room to explore things, sits often on all corners where there is very less space , tries to pull herself up if something is insteresting on the sofa like a phone or a TV remote.
And she falls so often. Even though she can sit, often her balance is not that good and she wants to look at things in all different angles.As a result she loses balance quickly and falls down. Some falls are okay, she cries a bit and goes on with her work.But sometimes she falls hard that she cries for few minutes with tears running down her cheeks.After some distraction she becomes normal. It breaks my heart to see her fall that often. My mom doesnot remember me falling so often. I think since she has just started she is falling so often.May be she will get better in balancing in a few days. Right?
It hurts to watch her fall and cry with tears and all.

Big change in her sleeping pattern. She sleeps very very less these days. And the process of putting her to sleep has gone from difficulty level 3 to difficulty level 9. First we put her inside her thooli(palna).She cries for few minutes.Then we put her favourite rhymes.She stays quiet.But one should not look at her, we should always stare at the ceiling or at some distant object. Because if you look at her, first she will start with a tiny smile at the corner of the mouth. She patiently waits for a response from us but once you give in she will start laughing aloud shaking her tiny bum and little legs. The thooli will go in all random directions as the little bum is shaking so much inside with laughter.Finally when you accept your defeat and lift her up,she will come out with such a proud look as if she has passed her IAS exam with flying colours. She will look at everyone in the room and give one big smile.I love this whole drama.

She got cold and throat infection, poor thing could not eat properly. We gave antibiotics and that caused diaper rash. Nothing works better than a plain coconut oil I tell you for diaper rash. Even during initial days when I had cracks only coconut oil helped me.None of these fancy creams helped.

We click pictures and share it in whatsapp with some close ones and her thatha paati.They love it,get excited every time we send a picture.Infact they got smart phone just for this one single purpose 🙂

For the past few days her sleep is disturbed. She cries two to three times in between and nothing works except putting her on my lap and feeding.Not sure if it is due to teething.Her bottom two teeth are coming out fast fast by the way 🙂

Mornings are the best.Volt wakes up before us and immediately she goes into her tiger mode and starts babbling.She tries to wake us up by rolling on us or by pulling her appa’s bedsheet.She has this habit of scratching/touching everything with her index finger.You go near her, she will extend her index finger first to touch you. Sometimes in the morning you will wake up to this tiny finger scratching you 🙂 🙂

I will come back with more 😀


The magical world of crawling and discovering

“Volt Volt …Careful..slow…Don’t bang your head..Volt….”


Oh God I am 15 minutes late, my mom would be standing in the street looking for me,staring at every single xyz school uniform.

There are no street lights,I will wait in main road to pick you up from tuition.

Tomorrow you are going to hostel, did you get good sleep? I could not sleep at all.

Don’t keep hugging me always, I will miss you badly when you go back to hostel.

How many people are going? Is friend X coming too?

Don’t share too much personal info in office,OK

Give me a missed call as soon as you reach office.

Ammaaaa..I was in a meeting ma, that’s why I could not call..Sorry ma.Now go eat.

Give me a missed call as soon as you reach restaurant and then after reaching home.I will be awake.

Ask B to drop you at home after the movie.

Shabbaa..now its your husband and you.I don’t have to worry.I will sit and enjoy.

Whaaat!!!! I called 9 times on your phone 4 times on B’s.You both didnot pick up.That is why I called on your MIL’s phone all worried.

Why didn’t you give me a call ?That’s why I gave missed call.

Give me a missed call as soon as B reaches Hyderabad.

You did not say GoodNight, adan blank message!


May be it all starts here !


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