New Born..New World

Not just for the baby or for the mother, when I look around the house it is clear that everyone’s world has changed.

Grandparents. Volt has become their master now . She is carried around, entertained , kept busy all through the day.My FIL started carrying her around way before he started carrying B when he was small. Of course he was young then and was afraid to carry such a small baby fearing he might hurt the baby in some way. Every time he carries her and she flashes a smile, the proud look on his face is priceless. I love their bonding.

My mother always always has a long nail on her thumb.She calls it onion/garlic peeling nail.I have asked her a million times to cut that one but she never did. After Volt’s entry I just told her once that the nail might hurt her accidentally and asked her to be careful. I didnot even ask her to cut it knowing her “sentiment” . And the next day its all gone. No nail . Shock of my life I say!

Without realizing , cooking is planned in such a way that the pressure cooker whistles and mixie vrooms are done only when Madamji is awake.
TV Β is always on mute – Thank God there are subtitles.
Instead of alarm sounds we wake up to ooohs and aaahs of the little one.
Our Good mornings are returned/replaces with a wide toothless grin.
We spend 10 minutes on our dress and rest (till she gets cranky) on her shopping.
Online offers are looked upon only for diapers and baby stuff.
And there are are some really sweet changes in our household.
Many times I have caught B singing rhymes or humming/soothing the baby in his sleep. I check volt and she would be sound asleep. It is so sweet to watch.
The pet names we use on Volt gets confused/mixed up with other people. One day my MIL called B with Volt’s petname. Other day B called me with her pet name Β and I called Volt with B’s pet name. You see the confusion?
The baby talks continue even when the baby is not in that room , sometimes, by mistake πŸ™‚
Poos and pees are absolutely normal, so what if someone is eating in the same room.
And babies teach so many things to us.
One day by mistake I almost dropped her from my lap. She cried and after 10 mins she came running to me. How easily they forgive.
And the Unconditional love- is there anything else to compare that with. They love us wholeheartedly.Everyday around 830 PM when I finish the call and peek out from my room, the smile on her face is priceless. During every break the way she comes to me asking me to lift her, the way she plays peekaboo trying so hard to find me out , the way she touches my face/mouth/eyes/retina and cornea when breastfeeding, she makes me feel special, feel loved. I cannot even express in words. I don’t think anybody can love another person like a baby does.
I just love it when the father and daughter plays together. The look on his face everytime she smiles at him, everytime she searches him, everytime she jumps to him , everytime she bites him ,scratches him, grabs his hair ,pats him is worth watching.
And So many changes in me.. one day I had to leave her at home for few hours. She managed well but I was going through some crazy emotions. First I was worried about her – like how she will manage alone as if she is literally alone at home, will she cry for me, will she be ok – then knowing that she is managing well I was worried that she does not need me anymore. I almost cried. Then I almost laughed seeing me almost crying.. I felt very silly later. πŸ˜€
I get upset/cry more, in other words it affects me more when I see children suffering these days.
I can go on and on but due to lack of time I will stop here. Thanks for reading this long post. I wanted to share these beautiful moments πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “New Born..New World

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  1. What?! You call this long post, here I am waiting to read more πŸ™‚

    Always love your posts, now when its about Volt – how can it be resistible?! I am going to read this post one more time πŸ™‚

  2. Such a lovely post, couldn’t stop reading it in the middle πŸ™‚ Yes, the changes they bring in our lives are so many and so sweet and the love they shower upon us is incomparable !

  3. Such a beautiful post SS. I got transported back to the days when Mantam were small. So happy to see that Volt is growing up surrounded by so much love. Love and kisses πŸ™‚

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