I am thankful for .. 5

There may be 1000 relatives.. 100 friends but when it comes to asking for help only a few people come into your mind. One such person is my chithi – Amma’s younger sister.

Focussing only on the positives…..

Few days back amma fell ill. This time it was a bit serious , we had to rush into emergency room. It involved too much pain,a surgery, 10 days stay in hospital, lot of tension, a bit of crying and finally she reached home on Diwali. I called her as our “Diwali Release”. She is getting better now.

When we were in emergency, as usual I dialled the first person I knew would surely help – my chithi. She arrived the next day , stayed all 10 days , she didnot leave even when her husband fell ill.

My mother’s surgery was scheduled a day before diwali. I could not stay in hospital with a baby. I did not want to make chithi stay and miss her family during festival time. But I got a call from chithappa and my cousins saying that it is ok and that they will celebrate diwali when my mother gets discharged. I was so guilty and so relieved at the same time.God bless her and her family.

My cousin ‘s’ came and stayed with us for few days. He was the one who stayed with amma in hospital during daytime , talked to all the doctors running here and there, basically he was my pillar of support. He is 3 years younger to me. We grew up together, I did not realize that he has grown up so much until last week. I am so proud of him. So so proud of him.

Thanks to my uncle who left his wife who was very sick alone at home to take of my mom. My sincere prayers for him and his family.

My mother just before going for surgery called me and asked me to book tickets for chithi. She said it is not fair to ask her to sit with us on diwali. She said it was just few hours and that she would manage alone in hospital and then anyway I am going to come in the morning. When did she grow so strong? She tells me “I will be unconscious for long time after surgery and she(chithi) needs to leave tonight to reach on time for diwali, so please book the ticket now” And as soon as she regained consciousness, she didnot ask for me or “Na enga iruken” (Where am I). She asked “Are the tickets booked?” Proud of her .

Next, my another cousin who is 1000 miles away called me and gave me the much needed confidence when I was so stressed out. Thanks to her.

Thanks to my dear friends Maya, Tharani and BM for being supportive when I could not control my tears.

Thanks to Volt who ‘adjusted’ to everything I put through her. Random sleep timings , new places, new people. It was during this period, for the first time, I left her alone with my inlaws and went to hospital for 4 long hours. I was brimming with multiple emotions at that time,will write a whole new post about that. But she managed well.

Thanks to B and thanks to my in laws who were there and took care of home and food and me.

Thanks to everyone who prayed for my mother.


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  1. Hope Amma is recovering now. I missed out on a whole lot of updates specially from your blog SS. Got to read up on Volt. Firstly, please pass on a tight kiss from me to her okay? Mmmmmmuaaaah

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