I am thankful….4

Date was decided , tickets were booked for our return to Bangalore after 6 months stay in chennai. We wanted the house to be clean as we were coming with a small baby, so I called our maid and asked her help. I have to say she did a very good job. The house looked clean when we came back.

She used to call me often when I was in chennai asking about volt and about wmy return. When we finally decided the date I called and told her . But she had plans to go to her hometown at around the same time. She was leaving exactly on the same day we were coming and she said she would be gone for 15 days. I was little worried.

Usually when she takes long leave she asks her sister to help us.This time when I asked she told me that her sister was also going with her.Though my mom and MIL would be there to help I was a bit worried about how we are going to manage everything with Volt being new to Bangalore and all.

But our maid being sweet asked one of her relatives to help us when she was gone. That new lady is very silent , comes on time everyday and finishes everything. She is of great help. My maid has not come back yet .I thank her from the bottom of my heart for making such an arrangement.It makes my day easier.

Thank you H . And thanks to the new lady too 🙂


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