An Interview – Part 1

Interviewer : Hello Madam. First of all thanks for taking  time out of your busy schedule for us. We really appreciate.Even though this show is called “Very Frankly Shouting”  people are not that open these days. They infact come with a list of topics that we should/should not touch during the interview. Do you have any such list ?

Me: (Smiling) Thanks. And no I don’t have any such list. You can ask me anything.If I don’t want to answer I will say something which nobody can understand.So we are good to go.

Interviewer : Great.What is your day like in general?

Me: Well I wake up very early. These days around 3:30 AM and first thing I do is wake everyone up .Mornings should be active according to me.Once everyone is up we all sit together and have a nice talk. Nobody even moves for a coffee until it is 6.We talk about lot of things and at the same time I start my early morning yoga followed by “morning duties” you know.

Interviewer : Wow. In todays world where people hardly have time for family you all wake up early to have a quality family time? I am impressed. You said yoga. What all you do?

Me: Hmm.. hahah Nothing much really. First I lie down and raise both my legs and very quickly turn to my right. Then slowly I turn my waist to my right. Good for your waist! Then after few minutes I turn my tummy and upper body too.Its a complicated exercise because your whole body will be turned like you are sleeping on your tummy except the head which is still facing sideways. (Turns to look at the camera) Fans If you try this at home please do it with adult supervision because you may get stuck and need help from others to turn back to normal. After that heavy one  I do some light exercise like taking both my hands and keeping it in me mouth.It helps to calm you down , research says!!

Interviewer : Interesting! Thanks for sharing those tips with us. We all know that you have a busy day, Do you have visitors? You must be having a lot of course, but how do you manage your time?

Me: (blushes) My nap time and eating time are very important to me.I call it “Quality Time”.True that I have lot of fans visiting me at home. Initially it was very difficult.If they came during my Quality Time it spoilt my mood.I sometimes shout at the top of my voice (blushes again) But no matter how I behave my visitors have a big heart.They always give me some presents and leave my home with a smile. They never complain  (but my manager does you know, she says nobody gets her anything- Don’t know what to say. I mean I am the celebrity here right..why should she get a present is..uff.. beyond me). My manager takes good care of them. At this point I should appreciate my manager. Because of her, now, there are not many visitors who interrupt my quality time. She plans my day so well that at the end of the day both the visitor and I stay happy.

Interviewer : That’s nice. About the execrcise again. You said there is a chance of getting stuck. What do you do then?

Me: Hahahahaha…What else… I shout so loud that even people in next street will wake up and tadaa my darling manager comes to the rescue. hahahahaha…haiinnnnn

Interviewer : (Gives a confused smile) OK.What do you think is your best feature? What is that you do that attracts so many people? Can you share the secret?

Me: Yeah sure. Simple.I am adorable..hahahaha and I smile a lot. A huge wide grin that is!

Interviewer : Wow I just have to smile to attract people? Is it that simple?

Me: mmm Yes and NO. Yes you have to smile. But sometimes it is tricky.You just have to be really quick . You should flash your big smile even before they start talking. That way they forget what they were about to say but still feel that it was their joke which brought such a huge sweet smile on you.Good for both you know (winks).I do that a lot with my manager.Yeah she is really bad at cracking jokes but I anyway please her with my smiles.

Interviewer : What do you do during your free time?

Me: OK. I don’t know what that means but I like to stare at the curtains, the ceiling fan , my grandmothers’ colorful sarees and my manager’s face (especially during my quality time she is pretty I think). The graceful movement of these brought by gentle breeze calms my mind. Sometimes I forget myself and start talking to curtains and ceiling fans . Amazing stress buster. You should try it!

Interview : Eh.. umm sure I will try….umm ….talking to the curtains..uh..uh (a weak smile)

Me: I know what you think. I know. Sometimes there won’t be enough wind to move the curtains. Again my manager comes to the rescue. She dangles some colorful clothes and positions the pedestal fan. Man I love those. I can spend even an hour watching and talking to those flying clothes, you know(looks far far away)

Interview: Your manager is a very talented person I suppose. She knows you well.

Me: Not really. As I told you before , taking naps is a very important quality time for me. But I don’t like to lie down you see. No matter how sleepy I feel,I like to sit. I have been asking her to find out a way to help me take a nap in a sitting position with my eyes open. She is not at all helpful. She says I can do it only when I go to a college. She is talented and all but there is really a room for improvement.

Interviewer : True True. (Facing the audience) Thanks to all who have been watching this interview patiently. Now since Miss volt wants to spend some quality time and also taking into consideration the wellness of eardrums of neighbours, we will take a short break. We will be back soon , stay tuned!!!


10 thoughts on “An Interview – Part 1

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  1. ‘She says I can do it only when I go to a college’ – ROFL!

    Volt kutti.. You are awesome! And you manager is awesomer! **wink wink**

  2. Of course, what a kool manager she has for taking good care of her and waking up at 3.30 to keep her company. Howz the celebrity doing? She enjoy giving people sleepless nights, I bet. India wants to Know!!!

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