2014 and Books

Compared to last year, this year has been good so far when it comes to reading. The first three months since I was pregnant I was being watched – what I was reading – what was the book about and everything !!! People did not want me to have bad dreams. I read Swamy and his friends, few Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton books and I loved them(The dreams anyway were very strange).

I read Sita and then Charlotte’s web and loved it.

After delivery I read “The hunger games” series. First two books were very interesting. I could not put the book down but the last one was not upto my expectation. I really expected the heroine’s character to evolve but was slightly disappointed.

One of my friends gave me “Heat Wave” (Castle TV series) . It was just like watching the series so I dropped it half way and started watching the series itself.

While searching for free books in Amazon I found “Trouble in mudbug (A ghost in law series) and Louisiana Longshot (A Miss Fortune Series) by jana DeLeon. Both had very good reviews so I started reading and instantly fell in love with the author especially for the ‘A Miss fortune series’. I downloaded other books too in these series and loved each and every book. The ghost in law series has a ghost as a main character and she is super fun. In Miss Fortune series a CIA agent teams up with couple of old women and solves murder mysteries and the deeds they do to solve each mystery,so much fun , I really laughed a lot. My amma had to snatch the books from me so that I could get some sleep 😛

I started Love in the time of cholera but did not complete it. I will restart that now I guess. And there are couple more books waiting. Hoping to read more in second half of 2014 🙂




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  1. Hey me too read quite a few interesting and among the few rom coms and IndiReads..but didn’t count since I wanted to reach target of 60. But, I have reached some 20. One book I recommend is Ineligible Bachelors by Ruchita Mishra and totally worth. Of course, Asura was a powerful read:)

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