Sleepless, Speechless

I could not sleep last night.

First of all in the morning itself I was disturbed after seeing some pictures from Gaza. Innocent Children, Innocent people getting killed brutally.

Then in the afternoon heard the Bangalore news , it was very very disturbing. 6 year olds can fall from a tree and get hurt or ride a bicycle and get hurt but this?? I am so so…arrrrrrrr.If a child is not safe inside a school during school hours then what do we do?who do we trust? Where do we all go?

And before I went to bed saw the news about Malaysian Airlines. Why? Looks like this world has more number of weapons than trees!




8 thoughts on “Sleepless, Speechless

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  1. It’s very disturbing and such things haunt us. It keeps me wondering how are making the world a bad place, what we need is a bit of humanity and respect. It looks some people lack it and indulge in violent act to foster their false ego and disgusting mentality.

  2. not sure what the world is coming to .. such a shame I think we humans should just lower our heads in SHAME.. for this is what we have done to our world


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