Random Ranganayaki – 6

Sometime back in this post I had written about a strange dream

Weird dreams are continuing. Once a puppy was following me wherever I went , even to the places where it cannot enter, it followed me magically. I arrange for a meeting with a bus full of strangers to find out how to stop that puppy. Before we could make the decision I woke up.

Actually I left out the climax of this dream. Reason was , I was pregnant then and I had not announced it here plus that part was really weird so I skipped it. This is what happened after that meeting in the bus. I gave birth to a puppy. Needless to say that I woke up in a shock.



With Volt sometimes I have all the patience in the world but sometimes I feel very confused if I can handle her well . Especially when she is cranky I have like one hundred doubts. I don’t know how my parents raised me without any help from grandparents. Really I don’t know.


I wanted to write something here but decided to make it as a separate post titled “Realisations after Volt” as there are too many.


I have started to walk, these days mornings are so pleasant with birds chirping and trees so green I am loving it. I don’t listen to songs while walking as the cuckoo in our garden sings so loud and beautiful 🙂 Don’t want to miss that.

Can’t wait to take volt outside and make her hear all these songs 🙂


Now that I wake up multiple times during night I should be remembering all my dreams but I am not able to recall any of it in the morning. Hmmppff.


Volt has a brand new cousin sister now 🙂 Yep She is Akka now 😀


I am reading Ghost-in-law series and A Miss Fortune Mystery series by Jana DeLeon. Its very light and fun and I am loving it.


I wanted to write about Volt and her activities here but then dropped the idea . My chithi came today and she was telling me that we will soon forget these things which seem to be so big now and later when we see another baby we try to recall if we faced that too. That made me think and I have decided to write about Volt and her activities.


OK..That is all now. See you..Take care..


12 thoughts on “Random Ranganayaki – 6

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  1. It is true, we forget the things kids do as we keep running behind the new ones they are up to now. There a number of times I reach back to my blog to remember and then again there is so much I haven’t written due to lack of time and I am sorry I did not.

    Hope you find the time to write about Volt since you will cherish them as she grows older and so will she 🙂

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